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Shisa Shisa

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This is a Shisa/シーサー.

I got it as a CNY present for a friend of mine. Cute huh?

A Shisa looks a cross between a lion and a dog.

A Shisa looks a cross between a lion and a dog.

Its a Japanese version of the Chinese Foo Dogs 福獅 or the imperial guardian lions.

They always come in pairs, its a  yin and yang concept.

Usually seen on gates of temples and the house gate of the wealthy. People put it on their home gate or on the roof to prevent the unfortunate/vicious thing from coming into their place. Meant to ward off evil spirits.  They are adapted by the Japanese and calls them komainu”, although in Okinawa it is still calledShisa“,  Korea, Tibet and Myanmar also has them too .

Although what I have is the small version, I think it could also “guard” the table of its owner, or maybe just look cute to act as a stress reliever.


Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

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