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Slather on the sunblock

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Tropical living. 

(photos taken from pinterest)

(photos taken from pinterest)

Tropical living: equates to sunny skies, beach, watery fruits, chilled drinks, a nice evenly tanned skin and basically everything that could consist of  paradise. That is the fantasy…

The reality is:  sweaty bodies, airconditioned everything, light clothing, shorts and sandals everywhere…

Since I live in hot and humid Philippines, particularly  in the busy city of Manila that not a day goes by that I am not exposed to the smoke of the city… I dislike using sunblock since I don’t like the sticky feeling  associated with it, that plus the hot weather equals sticky and sweaty me with the added sprinkling of the city dust.

To add that list of gross-ness I also have sensitive skin, that being said I am very cautious on what I place on my skin… lest I breakout with pimples and clog my pores.

What  killer combinations. wtf.

I also have a problem with skin pigmentation. since I am fair, I have freckles. I think it is sort of weird for an Asian to get freckles, but I have them, a lot of them.

and I don’t want them to multiply!!! (I would look like a dalmatian…. no,no, no.)

For this my dermatologist advised to wear sunblock and stay away from the sun… which I reluctantly did.

Till I got used to it.

I have spf 60 sunblock for my face and spf 30 for my body so I don’t burn my skin.

I cannot leave home without applying sunblock.

The lowdown on sunblocks:

1. EVERYONE needs  sunscreen. No matter what age and skin color.

2. Avoid direct sunlight from 11am -3pm. Stay indoors or if it cannot be avoided make sure you wear protective clothing like a hat, long sleeved shirts or bring an umbrella with you.

3. Wear sunscreen daily even if you’re not in the beach. –this will prevent premature skin aging, wrinkles and sunspots

  • -SPF measures the amount of time your skin burn when exposed to the sun (before your skin starts to darken). You also usually see UVA & UVB on the label of your sunblock. what are they? (Both are sun rays but they have a different level of wavelengths.  UVA are the longer wavelength from the sun and it penetrates deeper into the skin. This wavelength is the number one enemy of our skin and is the culprit behind aging. UVB  on the other hand are the shorter wavelength and is the cause of sun burn and skin cancer.)
  • No need for sunblock if its a cloudy day? -Wrong! Eighty percent of UV rays can still pass through even on a cloudy day. On the beach,  Sand and water increases the sun’s reflection by 25 percent.

4. Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the body. The amount? 1 shot glass is the ideal amount to cover all the exposed parts of the body.  Using less will still puts you at risk for skin cancer.

5. Allow the sunscreen to dry (about 15 minutes before heading out.)

6. Re-apply sunscreen (on the beach/outdoors: every 2 hours, and sunscreen is NOT and will never be waterproof.)

7. Know what type of sunscreen works for you.

  • Creams for face and lotion type for skin.  Sprays are ideal and easier to apply on children, and hairy areas. (eg. men’s chest)

8. look at the expiration date. A sunsblock is only good for  3years.  



Got it all covered?

-There are still other hidden causes of UV radiation damage. (ie, cooking can cause melasma)

-Bright lights, even the ones used for reading, are enough to harm the skin.

-Some sunblocks tend to leave a white cast on the skin. this is normal and sort of okay. But stay away from camera flash! white cast plus the camera flash would make you look like a white lady! (I am a constant victim of this. but oh well, at least I will not get premature wrinkles. )
-Wear your sunblock to keep the wrinkles/skin discoloration away.

-Your skin will thank you once you start using sunblock.

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One thought on “Slather on the sunblock

  1. Protecting your skin from the sun is so important!

    – KW

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