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Another day and it will be Mother’s Day. I still don’t have anything to give my Mum.

I haven’t been able to go out and buy her stuff since our house-help is on an indefinite vacation (again), and I go straight home after work to accompany my siblings. Our Mum is a working Mum and when she comes home at night, she will still be the one that cooks dinner for us. then we all go to sleep. This has become our daily routine for this week.

I will never know how my Mum does it. Its as if she has unlimited supply of energy. She goes to work, comes home and does housework. Chat us up over dinner and remind us to drink our medicines/water. She is the first up in the morning and the last to sleep at night.

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

I want something nice for my Mum.

I suppose I can go buy something for her tomorrow. Or better yet, get her to rest tomorrow by cooking dinner. While I am not exactly good in the kitchen, I could probably give it a try. If it fails, there is always take-out.



May God bless you always as you have blessed me with life, lessons and love. May your troubles be few and your joys be many.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you! -Psalm 129:8

Happy Mother’s Day!

Much Love,


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I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

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