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berry smitten

A lot have been raving about Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain. I looked it up on Google.

It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood. -from Revlon’s website

Revlon is an American cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care company founded in 1932, and is now based in New York. The brand was founded in the midst of the Great Depression, and went on to become one of America’s top five cosmetic houses after the war.  The brand is well known all over the world. (the brand is now 81 years old)

What Revlon says about the product:

  • Retractable chubby crayon, no sharpener required.
  • Lightweight Lip stain + Moisturizing Balm in one.
  • 12 shades to choose from

I think I want one.

Being curious, I looked for them in the beauty counters, they cost 575php each.

I really thought if I am willing to shell out 500+ for a “drugstore brand” tube of lip balm.  But since, swatching on the beauty counters is free, I swatched at the back of my hand to my hearts content! I really liked the shade smitten.

But I went home without buying it.

Then I saw it on my friend’s page at facebook! Arrrgh! I want one!

So I then placed an order for one, got it after a few days, for a cheaper price.

Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Smitten

Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Smitten

Smitten is one of the darker shades from this range, a berry/fuchsia pink color, that reminds me of raspberries. Sort of a cross between plum and fuschia that turns into a deep pink stain.  It comes in a jumbo crayon shape with a silver band at the bottom that you twist to get more product. It feels/applies smoothly like a lip balm, with a touch of sheer color that is buildable.

Do they live up to the hype?

I find the product to be worth every peso I paid for! I love this product. I find it bothersome to re-apply balms or lipstick, but it stays on for a good 3-4 hours on me…which is great when I am out and do not have time to re-apply! Upon application balm also doesn’t stain right away, but after a while the balm gets absorbed, only the color is left behind. Being a stain/balm, it doesn’t look overwhelming or too bold, I also like that I can control the intensity of the color, and it also does a wonderful job at making your teeth look whiter in photos!

The formula is not that moisturizing for me. The product sometimes only stays the edges of my lips and leaving the center of my lips a lighter shade. I compensate by applying more product to the center of my lips. It lasts for about 3-4 hours on me.

*Price? I got this for 400++php at Cosmetic Alley 

*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket. 

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right back at you

For better or for worse, the dynamics of credit and blame are at the heart of every team and organization and make or break every career. Unfortunately, credit and blame are rarely assigned in an objective or fair manner, and individual psychology, team dynamics, and corporate culture all influence, and are influenced by, how credit and blame are given and received. Too often, people and organizations get caught up in “the blame game” and the wrong people get blamed for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. The result can be that people are demotivated and demoralized, focus more on organizational politics than on getting the job done, and are too afraid to speak up or experiment with new approaches.The Blame Game


I just got back at the office. Forgive me but I really need to get this off my chest. See the past few days has been a real pain for me.

Last Friday (Aug. 16,2013), was like a normal work day. Went to the office and worked overtime (even if I was the only one left) till 8:00 pm and on my way home I got mugged.

Saturday (Aug. 17,2013), still a normal half day – work day. Went to the office, finished my Physical Exam and waited for the editing team to get their job done. 12:00 came and Too bad they are still not done nitpicking with it, and the nerve they sort of expected me to wait for them. Sorry, but no. I left. I got soaked from the sudden downpour.

Sunday (Aug 18,2013) was a normal Sunday for me. Went to church and all. but I got home to this sight, our house now has a wading pool. apparently the drain is not working and instead of water going in the drain, the drain gurgles water to our home.

useless drain

useless drain

Monday (Aug. 19,2013), The Philippines encountered typhoon “Maring”. I did not go to work. Our house was flooded. Tire deep waters outside, Inside is a bit higher than gutter deep. Classes, Government offices are closed due to severe weather.

taken Aug 19 outside our home

taken Aug 19 outside our home

I tried to get to the jeepney stop. But no jeep stopped for me. Manila City Hall is not passable.

jeepney stop

jeepney stop

A speeding jeep, I did not get to ride.

lone jeep that passed me by after 30 mins of waiting.

lone jeep that passed me by after 30 mins of waiting.

Tuesday (Aug. 20,2013), The storm is still raging. Still flooded in my house. I cannot get to work. with the whole Metro Manila paralyzed, how the hell is some one going to work?! ( I have been looking at the news on the television, still looks pretty bad.)

When the first thing I saw outside is this still smoking motorcycle that the flood has freshly claimed.  I dare not go to work.

One of the many motorcycles that broke down in front of our home.

One of the many motorcycles that broke down in front of our home.

At exactly 8:40 am I got a text from my editor.

Editor: Hi! I know you didn’t close the issue last Saturday & the work area is flooded since yesterday. What are we going to do about this?

Me: I have been trying to call you using Viber since I am low on prepaid credits. I think it is best if you can talk to my supervisor.

**I was already trying to contact my Supervisor**

**I am under Graphics Department, not exactly a “staff” of her magazine. I am not in the office. My Supervisor is in the office that is why I am telling her to talk to him. **

Editor: It is YOUR responsibility. I think YOU should talk to your supervisor. Or talk to your Art Director on what you are supposed to do now.

**My Art Director is out of town since Friday. He knows nothing about what happened. 

Me: My Supervisor will be the one to assign who will layout the fashion section of the newspaper, since he is the one in the office. It is better if you talk to him to coordinate.

**Supervisor is in the office, Though He cannot do anything about the situation He is planning on assigning my task to anyone in the office.**

Editor: I am not talking about the newspaper. I am talking about the magazine, Did you get to close it? did you send it to press? is it being printed? I have no issue for this Friday.

Me: The final copies are not with me. Since they (her magazine staff) is still editing it last Saturday.

Editor: So where are they? aren’t you supposed to wait for them to submit to press? Its not my staff’s responsibility to send it to press, they don’t know how to do that.

***I was biting my tongue to keep myself from saying isn’t it your staff’s responsibility to give it to me on time? knowing they don’t know how to send it to press?***

Me: Agreed. But they should have given it to me on time. All the files are till in your department’s PC. If the flood subsides, I will personally head over to the office and send your magazine to the press.

Editor: Of course copy should always be submitted on time but there will always be times where there will be delays. You have to learn to be a team player and not abandon ship just because it is 12 noon and it is time for you to go. (She was pertaining to Saturday’s half day.)

***by this time, my prepaid load has run out.*** My blood is boiling! I was mugged last Friday because I stayed late to finish the task. while She and her staff headed out. Then you are asking me to extend my time that Saturday?! I didn’t even bother you with the detail that I got mugged and had a jack knife in front of my face last night because I thought it would be like I was being overly dramatic that I went home late. WTF.  Team player my ass!  Being team player means being concerned with the whole team not just your staff!  FYI: IT TAKES TIME(HOURS) TO LAYOUT AND SEND TO PRESS. I AM NOT A MIRACLE WORKER THAT WHEN YOU (EDITOR) SAY SEND, IT IS DONE. IT TAKES 3 OR MORE HOURS TO SEND YOUR MAGAZINE IN TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS!!!  FYI (again since you and your staff loves to use the word FYI so much): IT IS YOU AND YOUR STAFF’s RESPONSIBILITY TO MIND THE DEADLINE. IS IT BETTER IF YOU HAVE NO ERRORS ON THE MAGAZINE BUT YOU HAVE A LATE OR WORSE, NO MAGAZINE? OR A MAGAZINE ON TIME WITH FORGIVABLE GRAMMATICAL ERRORS?! OFFICE HOURS NOT ENOUGH?! ADJUST! I WONT GET RICH FROM OVERTIME PAY! I ALSO DO NOT ENJOY OVERTIME! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I then got a call from my assistant supervisor. They will send a truck to fetch me from home to get me to the office.  Off I go.

On the way. Take note that the person with the umbrella is walking on the sidewalk. the street flood is waist deep in this area and homeless kids are now happily swimming as the truck passed by.

On the way. Take note that the person with the umbrella is walking on the sidewalk. the street flood is waist deep in this area and homeless kids are now swimming as the truck passed by.

Riding the truck. On my way to get to the office.

Riding the truck. On my way to get to the office. This is on the higher side of the road.  To the right=deeper waters.

I had to pass through a lot of murky waters and hold my breath/pray that the truck wont stall and I be left stranded in the flood.

I also had help from a fellow office mate who happened to be on his way out to find prepaid credits. I asked him to also buy me some. Then sent this really long message with a lot of “suppression” of speech.

Me: Noted Ma’am. however I did everything I can to push for the deadline. I agree that there will be delays and certain sacrifices will have to be laid w/c is why I did everything in my own capacity to deliver my responsibilities on time. How do I send a magazine with no articles inside?! Under normal circumstances, work can be completed on Mondays, as noted on all previous issues. It is regrettable that we were not able to come to work due to severe weather. Similar to today. I want to come to work but circumstances are preventing me.

Ma’am I beg to disagree with your comment on being a team player and sacrifice. I stayed Overtime last Friday to finish the task required of me, despite people from the team including you heading out. I stayed to finish my task w/c resulted to me coming home late and unfortunately being mugged. Please understand that I understand being a team player and sacrifice. As for completing the mission, I just hope that in the future, other members of the team you and your staff would also think that I have a life/family to get home to. And unlike you who drives around, and can go anytime you want just send your articles thru email, I have to be in the office to do my job, and to top it all off I have to commute to and from work would also understand the same thing.

After a while she answered.

Editor: I understand. I’m so sorry to hear you were mugged, I hope you were not hurt. I have spoken to my staff that we have to adjust our schedule and make sure the magazine is closed by Friday. Saturday will be for minor corrections & sending to press. because come Monday, editorial has to start work on the next issue. It is also a lesson for me and my team that deadlines need to be strictly met. Lets continue to work on this.

***Even before, this was supposed to be the deal right? Deadlines are called that way because they are important!!!***

I then messaged the editor back that I am in the office. and has already sent the magazine, and is waiting for the Friday newspaper materials.

Then her editorial assistant miraculously was still alive messaged me that I still need to get the corrections and final copies from their department. I shot back at this one. minion, the nerve of you, NO ONE IS AT THE OFFICE! YOUR DEPARTMENT IS LOCKED! I DONT HAVE A KEY! DO I SMASH THE GLASS DOOR TO GET THE MATERIALS?

Me: Do you understand the situation?! Do you want me to send the magazine or lets just call it a day and I will go home.

Editorial Assistant: I was merely suggesting.

***Maybe you should think for a while before you speak!!!***

Apparently, the editor and her minion editorial assistant talked to one of my office mates to help them out with the newspaper.

Both of them are in the comfort of their home. 

I then have to get my materials from my office mate, who happily gave them to me as he is pressed for time for his own deadline. With his own editor at his side. 

after doing the layouts for some time… I got this from my own editor:

My Internet is down and it’s taking a long time to download the attachment. My editorial assistants can view the layout? Please. check  if you can. thanks.

Wow. I am speechless.  after telling me the values of being a team player, sacrifice and responsibility…

After I braved the storm/rains and flood waters to get to the office, to take one for the “team”. It is just that easy?

***I should have said sorry dear editor, I cannot make it to work. k thanks bye. ***

Well, no wonder your “team” cannot meet the deadline. You being a boss have set a very good example for us to follow.


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why like this?

So, there, done with my deadline. I am trying so hard to draw something for my yearly calendar/datebook planner.

While I enjoy drawing my characters, I sometimes run out of ideas on what to draw next.  The next few minutes will be spent googling, then get sidetracked and end up reading blogs. Till I decide not to draw anymore and leave it to tomorrow. Then worry about finishing the said task (on top of my daily/weekly tasks) before November. *facepalm*

Ah, why am I like this?

I am just one restless/curious little bit.

curious bunny

curious bunny

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hello I’m better than you

Yesterday I took the LRT to visit my cousin who just recently give birth to a baby girl. While on the train, I saw a old grandma on the other segment  huddled together with the throng of commuters. Standing on the middle with no handrail to hold. I sort of felt sad that no one gave a seat to her or  helped her to a handrail at least.


Then while walking to the hospital, I encountered a car that angrily honked his loud car horn too many times behind my back, even when I hurried to step out of the way. ( I was really near the side walk, and the road is wide) I don’t know why the driver did that. Is he flaunting his Fortuner? Oh please. 


At times, I cannot really fathom how people think. I grew up in the time where being considerate and helpful to others to others is the norm but now, I think it is really rare to find people who are considerate to others. I suddenly think, why do you people do that? Didn’t your parents teach you values? Or for a person older than me. I think waaah, you are older than me yet still behave like that? What you better than everyone in the room? Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better?  You are the boss of (insert big-time company here), can treat others like dirt? Have the latest expensive car model, can act like you own the road? shame on you.


Hello! Everyone has problems. Its not only you who are pressed for time, who have duties to attend to, is important.

Let me stress the underlined words. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT.


You can be the prettiest, handsomest, smartest, richest and most educated person in the world, but without values. You are just an empty shell. And may I add Educated people know better so they behave better. Call yourself educated but treat others badly, how does that reflect on you?

Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better? sadly the youth this generation thinks like this. Being rich is not and will never be the most important thing. Bestowed riches is not a license to treat others like dirt. It is a privilege given to you, you have more than others have, cant you be more understanding on the plight of the less fortunate ones? Besides, the real rich people who earned their riches the hard way don’t act like they are the most important person. They are all very humble, thrifty and industrious.

You can be the boss of the big company, but without your workers, who can you be the boss of?! Treat your workers badly, expect them to like you, and motivate them to work better? Lead by example. Being a Boss and being a Leader are two very different things. Boss can get obedience, but never respect. Leaders get both respect and obedience plus earn his worker’s trust. (For a better explanation of the difference of a leader and a boss see this blog.)

Wow a nice shiny Porsche. Flaunt it all you want for all I care. It may be millions of dollars worth but that piece of metal is still subject to deteriorate in itself and value. Bottom line is its still a car. That shares the road with all the other inferior cars out there. Unless you go build yourself your own road because you are that filthy rich. Subject yourself to the same rules as everybody else.

Stop the I’m better than you attitude. 


“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ― J.K. Rowling


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i want a new pair of shoes

I love shoes. Shoes doesn’t judge. Shoes don’t care whether you are a size XS or size L.

Personally, I like to buy shoes and keep them, stored in their boxes. I will be happy looking at them and trying them on from time to time. I choose the occasion where I wear my shoes. I do however have shoes that are worn for daily abuse, for weekends, and those shoes that I keep for special occasions.

For a female, I have a few shoes. too few at times when I think of it.

The shoes I own are: 2 pairs of DC rubber shoes for daily work wear (we wear casual clothes in the office), 4 pairs of Fitflop sandals for my weekend feet comfort (thanks to my best friend), 1 Qupid nude suede wedge (for parties), 1 Charles and Keith white heels (used for my cousin’s wedding), 1 Charles and Keith black step in (corporate days), 1 Charles and Keith grey/wooden platforms (when I am feeling short), 1 Celine peach cork summer wedge (for my I am feeling girly days), 1 metallic pewter step in ( I forgot the brand, for parties) and the 1 Rusty Lopez black strappy sandals (used for my college PE dancing days, eons ago)

A total of 13 pairs of shoes. I only use the half on normal days. (Rubber shoes and Fitflops) the rest are properly tucked in their boxes, waiting for a special day.

I want a new pair of shoes. (Because 13 is not a good number I really have to add another one. -the lame excuse)

Bunny in a shoe -Photo from

Bunny in a shoe -Photo from

I want in on the sneaker wedge craze. The chunky, rubber shoe looking with height adding bonus. Been staring at them for over two months now.

If after a month the “fashion want” doesn’t go away, I start saving for it. I have my eyes on a black sneaker wedge from Skechers. I want it to add variety to my weekend shoes. And also to hide my huge scar of a blister in the middle of my left foot (ironically, from a shoe).



“It’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes — that’s why you sometimes need really special shoes!” -Carrie on Sex and The City

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guiltily overfed

skinny eating

skinny eating

This past weekend was glorious. Mainly because of the glorious food.

I was craving for Shakey’s mojos last Saturday after work, I headed straight to meet Kei for a  hearty lunch. As expected, we ate a lot . We had a platter of mojos, a whole pizza, soda and carbonara. It was bliss.

Till the clouds turned to rain and it flooded the entire Metro Manila.  That we had to wade through flood waters to bring me home. Icky stuff. By dinner, Mum and Dad brought home take-outs. It is saturday and it is takeout day at home.  Dig in to a huge plate of fried rice, barbecue and noodles and a glass of soda.

Next morning, after church and baptismal class. Kei and I celebrated our 23rd month. (one month to go and we are already 2 years together!) We thought it would be nice to eat crabs at The Red Crab for lunch. A king crab it was, we barely even touched our rice. That crab maritess was good.

Come dinner time, I am off to meet my mother’s side cousins as it was my Grandma’s birthday. We went to IMC Kavino at Jupiter Makati for a Cantonese dinner. The food was so good and Chef Kavino is very friendly! Again I ate a lot till I cannot eat anymore. A weekend of eats. I feel guilty.

I talked to my cousins, they are really slim. (I am the odd/fatty one) and they actually recommended a diet for me.

As of the moment, I have just started reading the book they gave me. It is the Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia.

I am really curious to try this out.

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I maybe a rabbit

Is it possible for a human to be like a rabbit? I think I am a rabbit.

Despite my dislike for vegetables. I can safely say I share a lot of similarities with a rabbit. I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive when given treats. I rarely show my appreciation to my master. I do things just to get special treats. I rarely pay attention to anything my master says, to me its all a gibberish language I cannot understand. I am indifferent when my master walks by and I tend to hurt,  bite/scratch my master, lots of times. What can my master get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional hug, some licks when I feel like it. Other than that no more. Master has to give me food and water daily and clean my cage, protect me from possible predators, take me to the vet to keep me healthy.


You see my master is God.  Let’s change the perspective a bit:

Even with God, I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive to God  when given favors. I rarely show my appreciation to God. I do things just to get my prayers granted. I rarely pay attention to anything God says. I am indifferent when God makes His presence felt and I tend to complain,  underestimate, ignore God, lots of times. What can God get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional prayer, some praise when I feel like it. Other than that no more. God gives me food and water daily and give me life, protect me from possible danger, and keep me healthy.

Everything is for me, God gets nothing.  I am God’s useless pet.


last week, I got bitten by one of my pet rabbits. It drew blood and it was a pretty deep wound for something that looks totally harmless.

rabbit bite

rabbit bite

I would be lying if I say it doesn’t hurt. It did hurt. A lot if I may add.

Should I stop taking care of my rabbit? maybe. But that Rabbit is my responsibility, it is my pet, Even if it hurts me, I will still care for it. I will still love it no matter how many times it scratches and ignores me.

God feels the same way about me. But on that part I am the rabbit and He is the master.


But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. -Psalm 86:15




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waiting for the fish to bite

Placed a bait and sat back. I am waiting for my fish to bite.

Then, I wait.

I got a small one. I cast out my line again to try for a bigger fish.

Then I wait again, and scan my eyes on the water trying to locate a fish worth the catch.

Bait was out, this time more lines are placed. I waited with batted breath for the “bite” only there is none.

Only ripples in the water. and for every tug in the line, my stomach lurches, bile rises up and I dread the next.

But again, there is none. Only a ripple.

This sums up how I feel these days.


Imagine how this guy does it daily for work. I really admire him so much. He is Jeremy Wade of River Monsters.

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters - Animal Planet

Jeremy Wade from River Monsters on Animal Planet

He patiently waits for the fish to bite, waiting for hours at times at late night hours and even for days just to get a fish. Hard work, hard to earn a living these days.

At times, I can almost feel his pain as the caught fish, breaks free and escapes. Or worse, the fish injures him.

Just how bad can his fishing injuries get?

Jeremy sustained a machete accident. (hacking his thumb to the bone, then had to perform surgery with super glue); in water he narrowly escaped from a sinking boat in the Amazon and in the air he survived a plane crash in the Amazon and escaped uninjured. He has also caught malaria in the Congo, where the locals thought he might die; was rammed in the chest by a 6-foot Arapaima, a South American fresh water fish in the Amazon; had a gun pulled on him in the Amazon interior; and also was detained and interrogated as a suspected spy while fishing at the Mekong River. – this is from River Monster Jeremy Wade Interview.  (see the full interview

Jaw dropping. Wow.

I have been watching River Monsters since its first season and still waiting for the next. I am actually guilty of watching the past episodes over and over again that I actually memorized Jeremy Wade’s mini-biography every opening of the show. I am awestruck by how patient and passionate he is in what he is doing. He is an inspiration to me.


*No, I don’t fish. Never even touched a fishing rod, or even hold a live, squirming fish for that matter. I am a city girl born and bred. I get jelly knees thinking about holding a live fish and having to gut it out. (I don’t even know how to gut a fish, I p[refer my fish in a can, shredded and boneless.)


The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. -John Buchan