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the irony of my pale skin


I am still having bouts of breakouts. So my dermatologist treated me with SSpeel or yellow peel, then after a week back to cleaning/pricking… and was told to take Afaxin 25000 iu.

So far I have been successful in taking one every night, save for yesterday.  (I’m still sticking to the clindamycin toner and erythromycin gel routine, day and night.)

So far so good. The “seeds” of the pimples are removed now but, I still have those pesky red marks on my skin though. The dermatologist said it was because I have a pale skin that makes all the redness obvious. *sigh* While most of the people here in the Philippines would kill to get fair-er, I want to get a bit darker (to hide my blemishes). Oh, the irony.

Anyway, I found this on the internet and thought this is a nice to share.

vitamins chart by

vitamins chart by

Looking at the chart, I believe I am seriously lacking in vitamin C, K and Folate.

*must remember to take Ascorbic acid too…*

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2 thoughts on “the irony of my pale skin

  1. Hi! i know this is an old article but i just came across this because i was also looking for a “cure”. I read a few that Vitamin A really helps with battling acne. In your experience did it really helped?
    Btw im also a filipina, fair skinned, and ive been taking vitamin d and e consistently for 20 days. My skin is better but i still have acne and acne scars. I also dont like going to the derma because they dont seem getting into the real cause of acne, they are just focused on the surface, which is the skin (giving me creams, soaps, ointments that only works for awhile but when my monthly period comes the acne gets its revenge).
    (p.s. i have all types of acne –whitehead,cystic,hormonal,back acne…
    surprisingly i dont have on my forehead, only around my cheeks)
    …i would highly appreciate it if you reply to my comment 😊

    • Hello to you Chu!

      Oh my, you do have quite a lot of questions… so I will try to answer all of them as much as I can.
      With regards to your question regarding vitamin A, I believe that it could probably be of some help. Although not as good as taking a medicine that is specifically made for acne. As I have shared on my acne journey experience (sharing the link so you can read the very long story of my battle with acne and my experience)

      I used Roaccutane for my acne. it is a retinoid that means it is related to vitamin A but the drug itself is a isomer (different arrangement of molecules) of retinoid that makes it into isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is the one used to combat acne. So, I hope my explanation clears that out.

      Regarding you taking supplements, vitamin E is generally used for the skin and vitamin D is for calcium absorption. How they are going to work for you is dependent on your body’s needs.

      I still strongly suggest you got to a Dermatologist. They are there to help the poor souls like us. Sure they prick our skin that hurt like hell, make us buy all those stuff but it is because they need to know how your skin is going to react to certain chemicals, routines… etc. They will keep track of all those to help you determine the do’s and dont’s of your skin care regimen. And also do not go changing and changing products on your routine. Find what works for you and stick to it. Sometimes when we change products our skin reacts by having breakouts.

      Lastly to address the last part of your query that you have all types of acne that keeps recurring on your cheeks… do you smoke? if so, quit it immediately. avoid using pillowcases over and over, change it everyday if you can. Do not touch your face constantly, and make sure to clean your mobile phone daily. And get your thyroid checked. -sometimes acne is an indication of thyroid problems.
      Best of luck.


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