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My acne journey: the products I used throughout the years, and my continuous battle


I was asked by my classmate way back in third year high, I envy you; how do you keep your clear skin?  I told her, nothing. I don’t have any secret to it. Deep inside, I really thought I was blessed with good skin genes.

How wrong was I to assume? I am stupid enough to assume.

I had the pimple/acne problem later than my friends. I had it right after high school. The summer I left my high school to start a new life in college, the pimples also started.

My mom was a bit worried, she had pimples too when she was my age she told me. She then advised me to use Johnson’s baby shampoo. I did what I was told, even if baby shampoo made my hair more stringy and greasy. I also used Johnson’s baby soap, for my face. I also got myself Eskinol overnight pimple gel, that I always see at TV commercials. That seemed to work for a while but, time progressed and I was getting oilier and the pimples are growing too. They are growing in size. (I was about 15-16 years old this time)

I was also prescribed a huge bottle of Cetaphil facial wash, along with a tube of Pan Oxyl acnegel, by a derma (Family derma) who happily said child, you are now a dalaga (Filipino word for a lady). How was I to be happy and excited to be a lady if I have a growing pimple problem?  I have clear days and put-a-paper-bag on my head days.

acne journey-1 copy

Oh, I also loved the blue Ponds powder that they discontinued. Why pond’s? why?! It effectively hides the redness of my skin.

At seventeen years old. Second year in college. Semester break. I had rashes on my tummy that I paid no attention to. After a day, I have a huge boil in my forehead. A trip to the family doctor confirmed, I got the dreaded CHICKENPOX.

I was in denial! My mum told me that I was vaccinated against the pox! So, why do I have it?!

I can’t bathe, I was itchy all over, I have scars all over. I was a polka dotted mess, with oilier face and bigger persistent pimples.

It was hell.

I applied Sebo de macho to my scars, like my life depended on it. I wanted to get back to normal ASAP!

I felt very itchy and there are now red patches on my skin, it actually made my condition worse. Went to the derma (near my mum’s office) to get it checked. The picky skin I have got irritated from the Sebo de macho. Stupid skin. Was given tubs of Kojic acid. (at that time Kojic acid was not that mainstream and was very pricey. 500php for a small tub of cream. A tub of cream lasts about 5 days max on me.)

The little self confidence I had shattered. My friends are afraid to see me for fear that they get chickenpox. I was segregated when I returned to class, I was asked to stay at the corner of the classroom, with two rows of seats apart. My classmates stayed away from me. I went to hiding in my denim jacket and refused to remove it even if it was sweltering outside. I stayed at the library during free time to hide from people and also for the air conditioner to soothe my itchy scab infested skin.

I got more pimples than before, this time bigger than before. I have brown scars all over, I was a pathetic polka dotted person. If only I could die now. I was depressed as hell. I envy everyone who has clear skin. I prayed every night for speedy healing.

I spent every peso I have buying products that I thought could help me get back my previous skin. Even if I don’t eat lunch, as long as I get products to get my skin back….desperate much.

acne journey-2 after chicken pox copy

I have Likas papaya soap as my body soap, Eskinol calamansi toner for my whole body, a pumice stone, St Ives Apricot scrub for my face and body. Nivea whitening lotion for the body, and Nivea whitening cream for the face, and a oil regulating toner. My skin is starting to heal, in a painfully slow manner. And with the limited amount of money I have, I can’t keep up buying the brands I was using. I switched to Ponds detox white, and Skin white lotion.

The scars are now a pale pink/reddish brown dots on my skin.

It was pure torture. Mental/psychological torture.

Slowly I healed. It took me about a year to fade all the scars the pox left me with.

By this time I was very much into sun protection as I am afraid the brown scar spots would come back when I am exposed to the sun. I spent all of my money on Nivea sunblock. In the highest spf concentration I could find. I still have my pimples/acne, it never went back to being small.

I graduated college. Found a job. (I was 20 years old then)

Squirreled some pesos to get more skin care products. I shopped at Rustan’s essences as they have the “latest” skin care items, I got Akin Hypoallergenic Shampoo (goodbye Johnson’s Baby shampoo) , Used Murad moisturizer and sunblock, and invested on Kose Junkisui a Japanese serum for acne prone skin. Also got the pricey Mario Badescu drying lotion, that did nothing to help my skin.

acne journey-3 road to recovery copy

The pimples stayed but my skin is definitely better than before.

My aunt recommended I use Burt’s bees as she uses the brand for my acne prone cousin too. So, off to beauty bar I went and got the Burt’s bees garden tomato soap, toner and shampoo. Brought Olay moisturizer for day and night. Using VMV armada as my sunblock and Nivea hypoallergenic powder to counter the stickiness of the sunblock.

acne journey-4 stablize copy

Then Burt’s bees garden tomato soap got discontinued. Disaster struck. (I was 21-22 years old by this time)

My skin went on a full rage mode. My pimples are now bigger than the norm, and they are painful. Without a “head”, it’s just painful bumps of red that lasts for weeks. I hated Burt’s bees for discontinuing the soap, I went to all the Beauty bar stores I know and came up empty. Defeated. I headed to the derma (Family derma) again.

This time, the acne/pimples has evolved. Cystic Acne.

I have to take a isotretinoin, a powerful drug. That has a lot of complications/side effects.

That I have to subject myself to monthly blood tests. I have to take ROACCUTANE.

acne journey-5 steroid copy

A box is good for a month. A box costs a little below 3k, plus monthly waiver/consultation from the derma that sets me back another 600php. Plus facial treatment from the derma that adds another 1k to the mix. I am bleeding out almost 5k a month. Almost my whole salary is spent on my skin. On the first two boxes, I get aggravated breakouts, but that was expected said the derma.

I see my derma once a month.

After 3-4 boxes, my skin is significantly clearer. And my wallet is significantly thinner too.

I am also used to getting my blood test every month that I can assist the med tech on how to locate my veins. I can laugh and carry a conversation while they are getting a syringe full of my blood, and look forward to getting the results to get another waiver and buy roaccutane.

By this time, I am using only derma brought medicines. And a cherry Chapstick to counter the dryness brought about using the isotretinoin. My eyes are also dry that I have to place eye drops from time to time.

After 13 boxes. I stopped Roaccutane. Because it has huge drawbacks. See the list of its side effects here.

But, I’m thankful for the drug. It cured me.

Or so I thought. It was just a break for my heavy derma expenditures.

I continued using Derma brought medicines for another 2 and a half years when the pimples slowly crept back up. The derma medicines are not working anymore. I panicked. (I’m already 25-26 years old!)

Went to see another derma (this time a derma from St. Luke’s Hospital) who also prescribed Roaccutane.

Again I took the drug. For the second instance. This still entails the monthly blood tests and facials/medicines.

This time around I consumed 7 boxes and then was told to stop. I still see my derma once a month, for treatments. But the price of the treatments has grown significantly. I was shelling out 4k a month for her facials. With no more money to go back, I searched for a new derma.

I found one near my old high school. This time around my derma is male. That doesn’t charge much. (less than 1k! this is like a bargain for me!) Good for me, but he requires me to go see him for facial treatment at least every other week (that’s twice a month). I go see him three times a month just to be sure. I also get my medicines from him.

I also go see a female Medicard derma also near my old school, at a hospital clinic, when I have the time. This Derma told me to use the classic Colgate, Pantene nature care shampoo, stop taking vitamin B. Take vitamin A instead.

Technically, I have two Dermatologists. And I still have acne. I still envy people who are blessed with good skin.

To others who also suffer from acne, you are not alone. It’s ok to be depressed and all but, take the fight. Keep on searching for the “cure”. We are all different and my cure may not be the cure your skin needs but we have to patiently look for our own solution. Just think of it this way, we will not age as quickly as those who have good skin on their youth!


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket.

**I am currently 27 years old and I still have the burden called acne/pimples. I am way past the teen-age hormone years and close to the big 30, but my skin still thinks it is a teen-ager. This is a rather personal topic for me. I won’t post pictures as I hate letting people see my bad skin.

***I can’t wear skin make-up (foundation). Only eye and lip make-up are ok with me.

Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

59 thoughts on “My acne journey: the products I used throughout the years, and my continuous battle

  1. I agree I like the ponds powder… I like the blush and the darker one. Then one day I just can’t find them in the market. If I saw that oil control powder too, I might have tried it. True ba yung part na ang pumice stone eh nagflofloat?

    Wow grabe that’s a torture. Hinayaan ko lang sa akin, naiiritate din minsan because they’re advicing a lot of products. Mom said hayaan ko daw but 8 years has paassed and I still have pimples. Hinayaan ko nga pero dumagdag sa pagiging mahiyain ko. Ay grabeh, akong nagbabasa lang napagod how much more ikaw na mismong nakaexperience nyan.

    Bakit hindi ka nila inadvisan ng pills?
    Or kaya naman yung ginagamit ng iba na eskinol and dalacin C with your own risk, atleast yun eh antibiotic sa labas lang ng muka gagamitin, not orally.

    I have a different skin problem, worst than this (that I don’t really mind the pimples) and I remember the depression came to the point I want to end everything… I learned to be tough….

    So far Kojie san lang yung effective sa akin sa pimples. Sometimes, may mga murang mas effective 🙂

    • The pumice stone I use, does not float…
      I never took pills. Eskinol and Dalacin C? I also did that! did not work. same with erythromycin.
      My cousin also loves Kojie San! It works for him too. Too bad picky yung balat ko… >_<

      • try to research about pantothenic acid food supplement. it actually regulates too much secretion of our oil glands that cause us to pimple/acne and balance our hormones. but you have to take super high dosage for the first few days, weeks or months depending on individuals. for me I took 4caps 4 x a day. once I observed my oil secretion reduced to normal, then slowly I also reduced the intake to 3, then 2, but when the you observed that the oil comes back at 2caps 4 x a day, you can always go back to 3caps. then 2, den 1 then once a day. its a water soluble so kahit ilang dosage nito ang inumin mo it will just flash off s body. I used the brand swansons mas mura. try nyo it works on me.

  2. Did you ever try clearasil? I am using it right now and my face looks much worse.

  3. Hay so that means wala na din pag asa face ko 😦 grabe I tried everything too, from homemade to expensive products, in the end ayun may pimples padin at acne marks.

    • go to a dermatologist Krimie.
      Sometimes acne is caused by stress, reactions to a certain product you are using, or the environment you are in. On our own, it would be difficult to treat, but with the help of a health professional our chances to improve our skin condition will be better. Do not lose hope. May karamay ka. =)

  4. You have have PCOS/polycystic ovaries syndrome or other female reproductive health issues such hormonal imbalance. Better visit an OB gynecologist as well if the pimples still persist.

  5. You *might have…

  6. Try Oxy. Its really effective. I got bigger acne and look like boils and Oxy cured them.

    • Hello Cel! =)
      By oxy, you mean pan oxyl? Not really familiar with the brand.
      Thanks for the suggestion!
      I am currently using stuff from my derma along with acne aid plus epiduo and is working on my skin.

  7. What happened to your chicken pox scars? Did they fade? What did u use?

  8. I have clear skin for 35 years. After giving birth 3 years ago, cystic acne starting to come out on my face. I tried many products to combat my cystic acne. I found no topical treatments, soaps or creams for it but the IL treatment I’m getting from skin101. It’s only 50 pesos per pimple. Try it! It’s worth it.

    And also, I think I have found the best products for me. I’m now into more gentle products on my face. I’m using cetaphil cleanser on my face in the morning or when taking a bath. I let it sit on my face and it’s the last thing I rinse off. I’ll follow it up with Dickinson’s witch hazel astringent. At night, I use dilluted ACV and follow it up with Dickinson’s. I’m on my 2nd week and I think it’s working on me.

  9. Thanks for the suggestion Bel!
    The IL sounds promising. =)

  10. Before I use Kojic Soap, rejuvinating sets, safeguard dermasense, safeguard white, toner with dalacin c and many more to cure my acne.
    Before Toner with dalacin c is my holly grail but suddenly one day its not working anymore, maybe my face is become immune to anibiotic.I use kojic san regularly at night and morning and my face is super kinis but in the long run it damage my skin. It become sensitive.

    Now im using Asian Secret 2in1 anti pimple soap and taking Conzace with Vitamin A,E,C and Zinc which needed by acne sufferer. This work for me.I only use the soap no toner and moisturizer.
    I see a lot of good reviews about Conzace in forums,try to make research about it.
    Now im waiting my skin to heal this pimple marks and scars on its own.Im afraid using acne fading product because it may cause my skin to be irritated.

    Thanks to Asian secret 2in1 soap and conzace


  12. beauche ate try mo baka umepek … 2 yrs ko ng gamit to eh …. pero may rest dpat ang paggamit ng full set ….. pag rest weeks mo ung soap at green na lalagyan sa gabi tas pink sa umaga …. basta super ganda

  13. The best solution is to use Dr. Kaufmann Sulfur Soap which is very effective and cheaper to other products and 97 percent of reviews are very good.

  14. hi ate pammy. i am 18 yrs old, stressed out in college. i have acne since first year high school. i got used to classmates teasing me or making fun of me since i was the only person in the class who had acne back then. now that i am in college, the stress doubled, and of course, my acne got worse. other than the pimples, what worries me more is the acne scars. they have been marked on my face for years and i have tried various products but they just won’t disappear! i tried facials and stuff, but i think they just contributed to my pothole-like scars. i really don’t know what to do anymore. like you, i have been trying different products, both organic and inorganic, for years, but nothing has helped in putting an end to my acne. my confidence totally declined and i stopped going out and hanging out with my friends since people kept on looking at me whenever we are in malls. i spent thousand of pesos all for waste. i think the right thing to do now is just accept my skin’s fate and just go on with my life. i lost hope of having clear skin years ago.

    • Hello there Camille!
      You are still on your teen years at eighteen I have really bad skin too! (I got the chicken pox (when I was 17 years old) and the acne problem is still there at that time.)
      Do not, I repeat do not get facials from salons and other beauty stations at the mall and look for a dermatologist, because dermatologists know how to “prick the pimple” without leaving scars. And usually they give out medicines for your skin type as well as Kojic acid or bleaching cream to lighten the scars. Stress and lack of sleep can also affect your skin- Try going to bed by 10pm and see if your skin will clear up a bit, as well as a dirty environment (smoke from the streets, dirty pillowcase, dirty towels…etc), check your shampoo and conditioner too! – they must be paraben free so that it will be mild on your skin.
      Also do not continuously touch your face (this prevents bacteria spreading) or wash your face more than 3x a day- washing too much will dry out/irritate the skin making it produce more oil leading to more pimples. Stop using makeup, let your skin breathe. Do not lose hope, I only experienced a rather “clear” face when I was on my late twenties (28+)!
      So, the damage control we can do for the meantime is to minimize the scarring it leaves.

  15. Did you have acne scars like tiny holes on your face??

  16. Did you have acne scars like tiny holes on your face?

    • I have two or three of them and they were the result of me popping the pimple out.
      So, no popping. =) I also have indented marks caused by the chickenpox.
      Most of my scars are post acne red spots -also known as acne marks.

  17. I think it will be worthwhile to check the food that you eat. My recollection was when I was starting to have all these problem with the skin, I was told not to eat cheese, fatty food, anything with nuts and chocolate. These days, people have become more health conscious. If you can do these for a certain duration of time, say a month or 2 in addition to your skin regimen, you might see a remarkable difference. There is also a likelihood that you are eating something that triggers your skin problem.

  18. Try Garnier. facial wash, toner and cream

    ito lang naghelp makatanggal ng pimps ko. lage din ako inaasa ng mga pinsan ko dati. eversince grade 6 may pimples ako. then nung nagcollege naku. 3rdyear summer that time .bigla ku lang nakta yun garnier Tpos nremember ku yung patalastas na dog nila na dotted. then yun bumli ako. yung lang gngmt ku sa face ko alang ibang soap. tas ayun na.notice ng mga prof ko, classmates, friends, pati kaptd at m0ther nila na kuminis ang face ko at glowing. nag-ask sila ng gnagamit ko. ayos lahat na kami nka.garnier. pati mga pinsan ko dati na inaasar ako. nagkapimples, garnier na din ang gamit.

    sana magwork sayo 🙂

    Im 21 na 🙂 at pag nkapimps ako dahl lang mlapt naku magkamens

  19. Hi kakabasa ko lang nito sis. I’ve been battling acne too for my entire high school years and then I discovered Beauche Bar Soap. It cleared my skin tapos ang glowy pa. Sensitive din ang skin ko and super hirap maghanap ng hiyang na product. Try mo to girl. I highly recommend it kasi super effective sya and affordable. Something I’ve been using for two years na. Everytime na nag-iiba ako ng soap, nagrarage din yung pimples ko sa face kaya I stick with it talaga.

    Be patient lang sis kasi at first talagang magrereact ang skin mo pero nagaadjust lang naman yan. Trust me. I’ve been there. But after a week, makikita mo na yung improvements.

    It’s something to lean on talaga hahaha. As for me, I’ve had smooth glowy skin na medyo may rosy cheeks.

    I have a problem with back acne nga lang and I want to try the Likas Papaya kasi its old but gold daw.

    Anyway, goodluck sayo. Sana mahiyang mo sya. 🙂

  20. I’m 25 when acne started on show. Just this year, and I don’t know what to do, I never had a pimple before! My friends are all concerned, I just tolde them not to worry, but deep inside I hate my face right now 😦

    • Hello Summer!
      Treat the pimple with anti pimple medication to dry it out.
      And try not to stress too much about it, stress is known to cause breakouts.
      This too shall pass. =)

  21. Have you tried drinking ginger tea ? Uh. I don’t if it works on you … But it magically heals me 😉 I’m still drinking it twice a day 🙂 give it a try !

  22. Hello sis. Please try apple cider vinegar.

  23. One thing that doctors dont tell us is that our food intake also affects our skin. It is one way of telling us that there’s something wrong in our body. Have you ever wondered maybe you have food allergy? Maybe you’re consuming too much oil and fats? Maybe you are lactose intolerant? Or maybe you have gluten allergy? There’s a thing called “wheat allergy cystic acne”, I think that’s my condition too.
    I came up to that research when I told my mom that my pimples were itchy, and she told me that it is some kind of allergy. My mom is no doctor or derma but she had the same condition as mine when she was young and until now, and visited lots and lots of dermas for ages. (But doctors never told her the root cause of allergy and just gave her oral antibiotics just like you).

    According to my research, the top 2 food allergen related to acne is Dairy and Wheat.
    I’m already vegan, doesnt consume any animal products including dairy, and still having acne! Ive tried not consuming any oil including nuts for weeks. Ive also tried products that were expensive for senstive skin and also eskinol with dalacin c, but still doesnt work. I DONT KNOW what’s wrong! I’ve been depressed, hopeless and almost giving up. It rung the bell, the only thing that I havent ditched is wheat!! I can see that my acne started to heal in just a week. It is not deprivation, the challenge now is to find gluten free products.

    You should avoid using too many products for it will disturb your skin even more. I know exactly what you feel, you’re aching to get rid of your acne! It’s normal.

    Continue to research and experiment in your diet! Dairy, meat and wheat products causes acne in some people like me! I was hopeless too, but it’s not yet the end of it. Hope you will still read this even if it’s two years late 😊

  24. Hi. Nag-clear na po ba face niyo? I’m 27yo, nagstart pimples ko 3rd year highschool. Nag-try ako sa ilang facial clinic (bioessence, let’s face it- naclear ang pisngi ko kaso ang T-zone ganon pa rin). Nakaka-relate ako sa ilang experiences niyo. Yung frustration at hiya na lumabas o magpakita sa ibang tao. Nagkakaron din kasi ako ng malalaking pimples na grabe, bukol talaga. Nagpapa-facial ako sa Belo Alabang kaso 4years na and still di pa rin siya nawawala totally. Hormonal imbalance daw kasi, nagtry din ako pills (Diane 35) kaso wala nangyari. Gusto ng derma mag-try ako nung accutane kaso mahal plus yung lab test pa. Been searching for other cheaper ways/medicines (Myra E, Snow Cap l-gluta though around P1500 box niya then yung soap nila, Conzace na nireseta rin ng cardio as vitamins). Then napunta ko sa page mo so eto.

  25. Hi Ms. Pammy. Not sure kung na-post yung comment ko. Ahm pede po makuha email address niyo or pede makikimessage ako sa regarding your acne journey. Salamat po. Godbless.

  26. Hello! Nafefeel ko lahat ng sinasabi niyo..stressful days, yung feeling na ayaw mo ng lumabas ng bahay dahil ayaw mong mkita ng ibng tao ang itsura mo, (hindi aq nkpasok ng 3 days dahil dto huhu) yung magppray ka sa gabi n sna paggising mo clear n yung skin mo, ugh! Feeeeels so much! Im battling on my worse breakout right now, Im 26 and so far eto n yung worse ko, although nagstart din ako magkapimple way back on highschool pa, but thats very mild lng tlga as in paisa isa lng, ,pro ngaun ang dami niya, all over my mouth even in my philtrum meron (na sobrang hard to treat coz dats spot is so sensitive). May bonggng bongga sa laki and soooo many whiteheads that create tiny bumps on my chin plus yung blackheads that transform into a monster. And I think its hormonal imbalance cause 2 months before clear p nman skin ko, (im on pill for a month den i stopped and i think yun ung nagtrigger sa mga pimples ko which is called post pill acne) Does any one here knows how long does it last? Kase ngaun 2 months na akong nagssuffer sa acne ko around my mouth. Im using Human Nature Acne Defense facial wash which is very mild lang pero ndi ko alm kung umeeffect ba, pro its good s skin since its organic and has tea tree oil, plus i used Bellic peel and glow soap for acne marks plus it has salicylic far ok nman xa, but im planning to try Belo acne facial wash. And then i used eskinol with dalacin c okay din xa dati ko p xa gngmit so far ok nman. And i use Belo pimple gel, it dries up pimple fast (smaller one) and helps pimple form a head, but in big one its kinda matagal yung pagddry nia, but it stings a lot, minsan ndi ko matolerate yung pain, plus it dries my skin like prng nagbburn xa na may ntitiklap kang skin sa ibabaw, (painful) then im using also BL cream it does wonder on my zits, although medyo scary xa kase ndi mo alm yung ingredients plus its a chinese product, but so far soooobrang galing nia coz it dries my pimple so fast. I also put ice on my zits coz its soothes those painful zits and bnbwasn nia yung redness. And lastly im planning to buy Celeteque acne concelear to cover my pimple and pimple marks, sna mkatulong mahide yung mga monster ko sa face. Any insights guys? Thanks a lot

    • Hello Madell!
      From the story you shared there can be two possible causes- hormonal imbalance or the products you use on your skin may be causing it to breakout. Since nagpapalit ka ng nagpapalit ng products, mahirap to determine what works and what does not-kasi baka nagaajust pa lang si skin tapos nagpalit ka na, it would aggravate the condition. Stick to what works.
      Also give your skin time to rest-go makeup free because it can also contribute to the problem na mahirap i-pinpoint kung alin yung cause. (Ex. pwedeng di ka hiyang sa foundation, or blush pero paano mo malalaman di ba?) Also do not dry out your skin too much-Yung mayat mayang hugas ng mukha… naku, breakout waiting to happen yun. from my experience, akala ko i was doing my skin a favor washing my face ng madalas pero lumala kas nag dry yung balat ko at lalaong na-stimulate yung oil glands resulting to more oil at more pimple.
      Given the situation consider getting yourself to a dermatologist and ob-gyn to look as possible causes (baka nga naman dahil nga sa pill or something else). better be sure di ba?

  27. hi! try niyo po yung benzac AC start at5% , effective for drying pimples out, at night po pwede rin ang potato wedges sa face nakaka light siya ng dark spots and surprisingly dries out pimples too.

  28. you might have food allergies you don’t know that you should avoid. you should go for a prick test to an allergologist.

  29. hello.. i hope by now ok na ang skin mo. halos pinagdaanan ko din lahat yan although im a man and magkaiba ang skin type natin. i am using iwhite korea and it helps lot. nawawala na mga pimples ko. i started from the facial wash, then moisturizer until binili ko na lahat ng product ng iwhite.. korean brand sya and i so love it. sana magbwork din sayo..

    gustong gusto ko din nga pala ang ponds na powder lalo na yung kulay pink na nakakapink talaga ng kutis. hahaha

    • Hello Dencio! Thanks for the recommendation. My skin is doing a lot better now, although di pa din talaga maiwasan ang breakouts from time to time. Have a nice day! =)

  30. Same here. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to make acne leave my face alone! I hate it so much. And I’m surrounded by people who are blessed to have clear skin, even when they don’t sleep all night, drink soda, wear make-up, and just wash their face. Meanwhile, even though I wear sunscreen, change my pillowcases everynight, drink water, not wear make-up and basically apply everything that was advertised to be beneficial to the skin (hel-lo, Vitamin E, honey, tomato slices and egg whites), I still get a lot of acne! Seriously frustrating.

    My go-to acne treatment was Benzac, which is priced for almost 400 when its such a small tube (15g), but I stopped it because it was keratolytic and my face seems to be red often (I’ve used this since high school, and I’m okay taking a break from it for a while because I don’t want my skin to develop tolerance from it). But now that I’m not using it, I’m bloody desperate as my pimples decided the coast was clear and attacked. What the hell am I supposed to do, face?! Give me a break ;-;

    • Hello Fustrated!
      I feel your pain. I am now 31 and I still get breakouts from time to time, my skin is still oily its annoying.
      Keep on with your regimen. All the work will pay off later. -Oily skinned people are less prone to wrinkles.
      Talk to your dermatologist about the redness. I was given a concealer type moisturizer before that my dermatologist made – till now i did not know what that concoction was but it did help.

  31. If you are still experiencing this until now… Try Moringa-O toner (the green bottle) add 1 capsule of clindamycin 300 mg and 1 capsule of myra 300 and dissolve it. Use it twice a day.. Morning and night. It did help my breakouts stop and fade the scars away and clear the skin.

  32. Hello! I also have the same situation. But my acne started when i moved here in the US, i was 24 back then. I tried a lot of skin products. I got tired because there is no improvement. So i decided to go to a dermatologist. I was prescribed tretinoin cream 0.025% once a day at bedtime and doxycycline antibiotic oral pill for 2months. Also prescribed to start cetaphil daily facial cleanser and moisturizer because tretinoin will really dry your skin. At first i had breakout but my derma said its normal because that is how tretinoin work it will remove the skin cells to eliminate the cause of acne. After 2months i saw significant improvement and just use tretinoin every other day. I really recommend tretinoin cream for acne. Sometimes i feel like other derma just want the customers money for you to go back to them every month as you can see most dermatologist has their own facial services.

  33. Hi is your skin better now? im still battling wth acne and im using products my derma gave me for almost a year now but they havent really made my skin clear so he suggested me epiduo, have you tried that? i wanna know if it worked with your skin. thanks!

  34. Hello! Any updates about your pimples? I thought I was alone and depressed because of this persistent pimples. It really affects my self esteem. I don’t want to go to work or hang out with my friends because of this. Before, I only have mild pimples. But everything changed the moment I turned 25 y.o.

    Break out!

    And sometimes I hate those people who are very insensitive. They always ask about my pimples and etc. Now, I’m just hoping that this will be over.

    • Hello Melancholy!

      You do have company, and you are not alone in the fight for clearer skin. I also get self conscious and sensitive about the topic. That being said, its not really a good intro that you just said hello and jumped the gun to ask me for updates on my pimples like that. (IMHO) Be mindful of others as well. You know better since we walk the same path.

      So to answer your question. I do post updates on my skin condition through the products I use from time to time. *The last post I posted was the products I am currently using. -I swapped out my moisturizer/suncreen.

      I also try my best to make it to the derma at least once a month, twice if I have the time and budget allows.

      As for having adult acne. I can understand where you are coming from. You must pinpoint the issue that is causing your skin to break out. Is it hereditary? Maybe it could be a reaction: Did you change your soap? moisturizer? shampoo or toothpaste? Even makeup could also be the culprit in break outs. -Try to keep a monthly list of the products you use and record if you do switch products. This can help you pinpoint what products are ok with your skin and what your skin reacts to.

      I have to say that you also need to see a dermatologist to treat the issue. because sometimes, hormones/thyroid problems also play a part in getting pimples.
      Best of luck.


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