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real neat!

I got my first ever blog award nomination! Woot! See, Cara nominated me for  Dear Kitty’s Real Neat Blog Award.

I modified the award picture to better suit the theme of my blog.

Dear Kitty, I modified the award picture to better suit the theme of my blog. 

I feel happy (and sort of significant lols) to get a nomination even if my blog is just a jumble of my thoughts and experiences. I honestly thought that no one ever stumbles on my site let alone read its contents enough to merit a nomination! Never could have thought. its just wow! Thanks so much Cara!  So, here are the rules that a nominee should follow: THE RULES 1) Put the award logo on your blog. 2) Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 3) Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs. 4) Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs. 5) Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.) Here are the questions given to me by Cara. (And my answers.)  The questions:

  1. Your thoughts on RIP OPM: Anne Curtis, Daniel Padilla, Alex Gonzaga, Kim Chiu, Kathryn Bernardo, Enchong Dee and their gold or platinum awards?

-And this is why I dont really like listening to the “new” OPM songs. Honestly love the old OPM songs they had meaning and melody. They had substance. OPM nowadays are mostly a bunch of random words sung by a singer(?) or the beautiful people that goes on to the airwaves on replay that becomes popular because the masses are pardon my term, worshiping their popular icon. As of the moment IMHO, OPM is going on a downhill slope. 

  1. Your thoughts on the next Filipino president? Who? Why?

-I voted for someone who I believe has a good plan and capable of restoring the country to its glory. But sadly lost to the popular one. Sadly, this time will be no different. Just like in high school, the popular one will always wins. Even if they did not do anything to better the country. Sad truth. *Where did the taxes go? Healthcare? And what the hell are you thinking?!-equal wages for the educated graduate and uneducated worker? (the parents would not let their child go to school and just let them go straight to work to help with the family finances, resulting in an fast deterioration of the future of our country.

  1. Your thoughts on Philippine FM Radio specifically midnight shows (Language and Theme: Should it be censored?)

-They should be censored or made as a podcast. Available only to those who are age appropriate. *and we wonder why there are a lot of teenage pregnancies in the country….

  1. Your thoughts on K-12 Education system?

-I disagree with this one. The parents are already burdened with the huge tuition fee and extending the years of education will make them suffer more. To those who are earning just enough to get by per day, this could be a reason they will not let their kids continue with schooling. Extending the schooling is not the answer. Quality education is key. 

  1. Your thoughts on #fandoms? Kathniels (KN), One Direction (Directioners?), etc. OR B. Your thoughts on the public transportation system in the Philippines?

-I choose B. So, thoughts on the public transportation system. Please for the life of your citizens you so claim to love and serve. Give the public some dignity. Going to work on a packed train like a school of sardines in a can is not a nice sight or experience. More so in hot and humid tropical country like ours. And let us not get started on the hellish traffic.

  1. Your thoughts on Right to Speech / Freedom of Speech: Is there a limitation?

-I will just use a quote for this one: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” ― Voltaire

  1. Your thoughts on the role of social media or social networking sites in our society? (Overly trending topics? Too much use of #hashtags? Twitter Wars / instagram Wars / Facebook Wars? Anything else?)

-We are one of the most heavy users of social sites… Let us make it positive. Stop cyberbully-ing and cyber wars.  So, it is now my turn to pass it forward. And here are the nominees for The Real Neat Blog Award:To my friend Matti from like reading on trains. I get to ask seven questions as well!  1. If you could eat only one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? 2.What do you think of the current administration? 3.Most loathsome trait of a co-worker? explain. 4.Are the taxes we pay fair? 5.You are stranded on an island, and can only bring three things. What are those? 6.If we are under attack (lets say a war broke out), where would you go? 7.How would you describe me to a person you just met?

Curious to see Matti’s answers? here is a link to his blog entry. 


curious question: how many lipsticks do you own?

Using lipstick makes me pretty? No.

Using it makes me happy! And they say happy girls are pretty girls right?!


My Mum thinks I have way too much (She has two) , but even by just looking at my small collection (really) makes me happy. I think in total I have only 6 lipstick shades and three of them are pink. I wear them alternately.

my macs

What better color for a girl than pink?

Recently I love playing piling on my lippies. (ex: blood red topped with iridescent gold shimmer) I also tend to pick out blue based shades as they make my teeth look whiter!

I also keep some lip gloss, lip balms and lip stains. I have 4.

Is that too much? For one set of lips!

What about you? How many tubes of lipstick do you own? And how many do you have in regular use? Lastly, how many is too many?

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two brides in the family

the actual message sent to me

the actual message sent to me

Yesterday (March 15, 2015), I got this text message from my cousin (that is also my bridesmaid) that she was proposed to within the week. And she will not be able to fulfill her duties as my bridesmaid-as she has her own wedding to plan.

Her date is Jan 24, 2016 (so close to our date-Dec 19 and it is also right after my birthday!) We would be on a Sukob- a (Filipino) belief that misfortunes will befall the couple if they decided to get married during the same year a sibling also got married. or a chiong xi-clash of luck a (Chinese) superstition that if a couple’s wedding falls within less than 30 days of the wedding day of one of their close relatives (cousins included), then the couples cannot attend each another’s wedding or there may be a ‘collision’ of good fortune. I was like are are you freaking kidding me?

You didn’t even have a decent Facebook post or announcement or anything??? What now?

Do not get me wrong. I love my cousin. For my whole existence, she was one of my Atchie/s (big sister) –one I look up to. One of the family. I love her dearly that is why I picked her to be by my side on my wedding day.

But then again. What guy proposes to a girl that already has picked out a wedding date that fast?! (Chinese usually gets a geomancer to pick out a good day.) I informed you guys, a year ago of my date! I was aghast. I mean yeah, I am happy for you. But the news also stirs up my thoughts….Why did you have to set the date so soon? Why so sudden? Why the rush?

I got engaged July 20, 2014. My wedding is at December 19, 2015. That December 19 date was picked by our geomancer!

A year in the making, We even sent out bridesmaid kits for the entourage (Feb 2015)! She even accepted! It was all planned, she knew! Just why?

Then I am blindsided with this. After knowing our story, our date, our colors and location of our wedding. I was like why? Why you do this? The only good thing right now is at least we still haven’t had her measurements taken for her dress.

So, yeah maybe that was out of her control. But looking again at her message, there is this 100 days before and after that she wrote down… that means she and her family cannot attend my wedding, Same goes for us.

So yeah whatever. If that makes them feel better so be it. What I hate about the situation is the awkwardness and the comparison it brings, let us also not forget the casting of entourage… kind of like a ugly power struggle. We are all supposed to be happy for one another! A family must be united on a happy occasion right? You guys know how I hate family drama. Sucks. All this because they set their date so close and so sudden.

Anyway, what is done is done. I’m just praying that everything goes well for everyone.

I may be bewildered now, but I am ok. I bear no ill or bitterness. All the best Atchie C.

I love you and is truly happy for you! Happy preps! Our family is truly blessed to have two happy occasions to look forward to! Double the bride, double the love! God bless!

xoxo, Pam


embarrassing things I like

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

1.) Young Adult Novels – I like to read but I don’t really like reading heavy serious stuff. I want something light, imaginative and fun/funny. I like Y.A. novels. They are my breather from the serious mundane reality of life. Truth is, at times I think I am still a teen.

bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

the bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

2.) Rose champagne – While rose champagne is usually more expensive but tastes like the regular champagne or worse, I like it. Even if rose champagne has a reputation of being a drink for dbags and pretentious people. I still like it. Because I like the color and it makes me feel girly and fancy! Bourgeois, I know. But sorry, I love the pink bubbly. And one of my tea time fantasy is to pair it with French macaron.

photofrom the internet

photo from the internet

3.) French Macaron – here in the Philippines, these little round things can cost quite a bit. But biting into one makes me feel so luxurious. I cannot just eat one. I must have three or five…. again, bourgeois.

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

4.) Gossip girl – The show ended but I am still watching them over and over. Must be my dream of being the queen bee of a clique, I am always the loner growing up. I never had a barkada. I am a Jenny Humphrey/Nelly Yuki wanting to be Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen . Whatever you say about it, I love it. Plus Ed Westwick is just perfect!

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

5.) Cartoons – I am still a child at heart. I still smile and feel happy at the sight of colorful happy cartoons for kids. They make me believe that good will always triumph, and that everybody can be a friend, and a happily ever after.

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I don’t get it

I never cared for bags. I usually borrow my bags from my younger sister who loves them or my fashion forward bestie Jo. Sometimes I get bags as gifts or hand me downs and that’s pretty much what I use. I don’t even care for brands, I just think of bags as bags. I even use “generic” and “freebie” (without a brand or label/promotional item) bags. Give me a backpack and I am good to go.

Then came something I was not really prepared for. My trusty Jansport (this one is original, a gift from Jo) backpack totally gave up on me. I was using one of my other bag/s, for everyday use. It was a beige longchamp that was a gift from my aunt. She got it for cheap in Baclaran and bought a lot of those bags to give last two Christmases ago. I got one. Of course I know that my new bag was a fake one. But I am still happy and thankful.

photos from the internet

photos from the internet

After weeks of using my replacement bag  an acquaintance came to tell me: Um, your bag is a fake. I never would have thought that you brought a fake bag. You should get an authentic one.

I was too stunned to speak. I kept silent.

After that incident, I was starting to look and be more aware of bags. I still use the fake one. It is still functional, and still a bag. But,  I started looking at the internet for bags.

Apparently, the bag I am using is a fake longchamp le pliage medium long handle in beige. Thanks internet. Next, I wanted to know how much the real one cost. It is $125 converted to peso it is 5,536.88php. Pricey.

Next I looked for the “newer” longchamp bags. I kind of like this: longchamp neo medium short handle.


photo from the internet


So looked for its price again on lyst. It is $158 or 6,998.61php. On local online resellers on Facebook however it costs 2,800.00 to 4,500.00php. Why such differing price? How do I know if the item is authentic or not? How do I tell the difference?

The colors they sell also differs from the longchamp site, they even have different names like cuir, neo, fantasie,heritage…etc. I am so confused.

More so here in our country where everything is labeled authentic and everything is not quite what they seem. That alone is enough to drive me nuts.

Maybe this is why I don’t understand the fascination behind bags. Sigh. 

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the shoe looks familiar…

I love shoes, you know that right? And this time I am looking for heels.

Specifically a nude colored shoe and one in black. Because I can’t wear my Fitflops for prenup. 

So, I have been looking at this Figliarina shoe for quite some time. I like it very much.

Feminine and simple/practical to mix and match. But sadly they don’t have it in my size. I have cute size 5 feet. 

Figliarina Beige PT heel sandal

Figliarina Beige PT heel sandal

So, I eventually got these meshed beauties from Charles and Keith.

Charles and Keith 2014-L5-CK1

Charles and Keith 2014-L5-CK1

While I was pleased with my nude shoe, I still need a black one.

Again, I scoured the shoe section of the department stores to no avail. The I saw something familiar…it is the Figliarina shoe again. I still like it. So, again I asked for one in my size. They don’t have size 5. Figures…. but they have size 5 in black! I was like woooh! for real? I want them!

The shoe I liked, in my size, in black.

The shoe I liked, in my size, in black.

So I got the Figliarina in black. With the black color the look they project looks quite different from the beige one. This looks feminine but edgy and sexy at the same time. Just what I need nice. 

And another plus! It is on sale! (till the end of March) I got it for 1,199.00php from its original price of 1,999.00php. Woot! 

I also found something I am really happy about. I like Kate Middleton’s style. That I sometimes look at to look at her outfits. It is no secret that she likes wearing LK Bennett shoes.

 I scored big time!I scored big time!

Well,  something looks familiar! Not really an exact look alike but still,  I believe I really scored big time!
Yes, I am “mababaw” (tagalog term for: shallow) that way.
How is that for shoe therapy?


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on recovery

As expected. It turns out that it is not eye infection this time. A blocked duct, or a stye caused my eye issues this time. The eye drops plus antibiotics just couldn’t make it go away.

not my eye, got this photo from the net as this looks a lot like my conditon

not my eye, got this photo from the net to illustrate as this looks a lot like my condition. 

Even if my antibiotics is already Co-Amoxiclav. Bummer. 

Apparently, the right term for my condition was Chalazion. and I am a candidate for incision and curettage.

So last Thursday, I got a minor eye surgery as per the advice of my doctor and is on recovery phase right now.

My incision was done from the inside so no visible scars. Just a bit of swelling can be seen.

Have to keep on wearing my dorky glasses. sigh.

Still on C0-Amoxiclav as well. 

Can’t wait to finally wear contact lenses again! Arrrgggghhh!