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devoid of color: painting the walls is not allowed

Kei and I finally got the keys to our starter home!

Along with it came a bunch of paper called the lease contract. Absolutely thrilled with our new place but not too thrilled about the contract. Because one of its rules is the color of the walls cannot be changed.

And we already broke that rule. We had all the green walls painted white. (as a base in preparation to painting it with color) As agreed upon with the building admin, so we thought it was okay. Aparrently the lessor was not happy. He got the whole place fengshui-ed before and the place must be green. Since we already had the place painted white, we were asked to keep it the same way.

photos from the internet

photos from the internet

After all the hours staring at paint swatches? throws them like confetti! White?!

But we have to make it work. So, I go look for inspirations.

Our living room will probably look a bit like this. Only tiny-er. 

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

*If you know the back story of the PRADA Marfa print. It actually fits what I feel right now. 

Taken from Wikipedia: PRADA Marfa is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, situated 1.4 miles (2.3 km) northwest of Valentine, Texas, just off U.S. Highway 90(US 90), and about 26 miles (42 km) northwest of the city of Marfa. The sculpture is still there. 

The Prada Marfa poster is the road sign that tells you the store is 1837 miles ahead.

Keyword: NOWHERE (creating something in the middle of nowhere.)

photo from the internet

photo from the internet


And this black version looks stylish. I might consider getting that one, provided that Kei approves. Or maybe place a photo collage just like the one in the photo?

For the kitchen this looks neat. We also have a tiny kitchen window like this one, the only difference is the range is the one near the window. Again ours is a smaller than the photo we are looking at. 

photos from the internet

photos from the internet

But our shelves and cabinets are not that sleek. We also have dark colored kitchen counters…

So maybe a combination of these can be of use?

photos form the internet

photos form the internet

And for the dining area, the challenge we face is that we have no windows there.

photos from the internet

photos from the internet

Most of what I found on the internet uses mirrors to create the illusion of a window. This could be an option for us. 

What makes everything better is the tiny somewhat enclosed balcony/patio in our starter home. Right now it has a lot of not so friendly poop machine pigeons. So, we plan to get the space enclosed with a roof to keep the pigeons away.

The area must house a tiny vertical garden, hopefully a bench and my pet bunny.

These inspirations are lovely.

photos from the internet

photos from the internet

Just add the bunny cage and it will be ok.

As for the yucky green bathroom, I would have to leave it be. As if I can do anything about it?! Will just place lots of happy accent pieces to distract myself.

The really tiny laundry room behind the kitchen could be utilized into something compact and organized like this.

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

The space we have looks a lot like the extreme left photo, as it has a window on the side. Middle and right photo is what I am aiming for in the space.

As for the bedroom, we still have to look for a bed.

After all the hassle/s we have been through to get a space and call it our own. I found this (quote) to be true.

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.” ― Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss

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Keeping my strands: L’oreal Fall Resist 3x and Extraordinary Oil review

You can always find strands of hair in my comb.

Same goes for my towels, pillows, bags, scrunchie and many more on the floor. I shed hair like crazy. Even more so now, that I am growing my hair to below-the-shoulder-close-to-waist length.

I never paid much attention to it but I have decided to make a hair experiment. I collected my hair fall for a day. And actually counted each strand of hair!

Mine was a total of 75pcs of hair. (It’s normal to shed between 50 – 100 hairs a day.)

Here I am showing you a picture of my hair fall after combing my hair.

really sorry about the picture quality. I tried my darn best.

really sorry about the picture quality. I tried my darn best.

Take a look at my fallen hair. Yikes.

Intentionally took a picture of them against white background so that I can show you guys just how much hair fall I am talking about. Again I have long hair. And I wear my scrunchie daily-it is almost glued to my head.

So, I used this as my cue to go and try the new and improved L’oreal Fall Resist 3x anti hair fall shampoo & conditioner. Really loving the sleek packaging.

shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo smells yummy fruity! Lathers nicely and I love that the fragrance stays on the hair for a few hours and keeps my hair smelling fresh. –This is a huge plus for a city dweller dealing with the heat of tropical weather!

Along with the shampoo I also used L’oreal Fall Resist 3x Conditioner. It helps make my hair smooth and tangle free.

*If  you can remember I rarely use conditioner because of my skin (breakout)  issues, I used a very tiny amount of conditioner every other day.  So example I used shampoo and conditioner today, tomorrow, I will be using shampoo only. The next day it is back to shampoo and conditioner.

Also I believe that excessive conditioner would result in greasy/limp/heavy hair. So I take care to use the conditioner on the lower half of my hair and not from the roots. (That means from the middle of my hair to the ends.)

Both products promise to combat hair fall. Powered with Arginine, an amino-acid essential to hair growth, Fall resist 3x helps deliver triple action:

  1. Nourishes from the roots
  2. Strengthens the fiber to reduce breakage
  3. Hair grows stronger

So I gave it a try. After a week, let us check on my hair fall count after combing my hair again.

Look at the difference.


Again, I took a photo so that I can show you guys my hair fall clearly. I don’t even need to count. Photo is proof that it does work!

Reduction in hair-fall after using L’oreal Fall Resist 3x shampoo & conditioner! May I also add that my comb glides through smoothly on my hair now?! No tangles!

*I also tried not washing my hair. Yes I did. The effect on my hair lasts for 2 days! (shampoo today, tomorrow no shampoo?! No problem. No greasy hair!)

Did they live up to their promise? Yes! Noticeable reduction in hair fall after a few washes. I definitely recommend this shampoo to those dealing with hair fall and dry hair. The only con is it has silicone and SLS. 

Now that I got my falling strands covered. I also have to deal with my dry and frizzy ends.

frizzy ends

frizzy ends

Yep, the look of my dry brittle and usually tangled ends. Again I tried my best to photograph it in white to show the strands clearly.

just look at that. T_T

just look at that. =(

This time, it is L’oreal Extraordinary Oil sublime hair enhancer to step up to the challenge.

  1. For normal or dry hair
  2.  Has 6 precious extracts of flowers.  (namely lotus, tiare, rose, flax, chamomile and sunflower)
  3. 3in1 use- Apply 3 or four drops before shampoo, before drying or on dry hair as a finishing touch.

Six flower extracts, I bet this smells good. Hopefully it works on me… 

But what really got my attention is the bottle itself. (I am a sucker for packaging.) Just look at the classy gold glass pump bottle!

L’oreal Extraordinary Oil

love love love the packaging!

A pretty addition to any dresser. The pump on the bottle comes with a “lock” system that makes it easy for me to carry around on my bag without worry of product spillage. Real smart. 

I have colored hair but still never bothered to look for product/s to maintain and nourish my hair. *I use my Grandmum’s home made coconut oil as a hair mask since I tried coloring my hair eons ago. (slather the coconut oil on my hair, massage and wear shower cap, before going to sleep then wake up to wash it all off. While this works. It is messy. And you smell like coconut the next day. Lols)

I tried this hair oil thinking that this is just some fancy hair shine, but I am happy to report that it worked really well with my dry and damaged hair. It added nourishment/moisture, reduced the frizziness and as expected, added shine. It also has a very nice elegant scent!

The pump is really easy to use. I used 4 pumps and that’s it. I use it after I toweled dry my hair. 

it does seem to help the frizziness on the ends of my hair

it does wonders to help the frizziness on the ends of my hair!

Did the product work? A big fat YES! It tamed my “buhag-hag” hair (disheveled) caused by dryness.

the photo does not do it justice.

the photo does not do it justice.  But my hair definitely feels better. 

I’d say it works nicely for colored hair and also all types of hair. It gave my hair a naturally healthy look that did not look greasy! I also got compliments from people about my “new scent”, they thought I sprayed on perfume! Worth buying? YES! This product is holy grail status. I also love its scent very much.

side by side comparison.

side by side comparison both taken in a day.

On the Before photo: early morning I did my usual morning routine, towel dry my hair, wait for it to dry and use my scrunchie to tie it up into a ponytail (so, please disregard the bent caused by my scrunchie). My hair looks like that on a normal day.

On the After photo: Afternoon before going out I used the extraordinary oil on my hair and blow dried it. Result? looked like I had my hair rebonded. =)

A-akalain mo bang buhag-hag yan kanina?! (would you believe that just a while ago it looked disheveled?!

A really sleek and polished look! Hello Good hair day! 

Sleek and shiny!

loreal extraordinary oil+blow dry =  Sleek and shiny!

buhag-hag (disheveled) hair no more!

I am confident enough to let my hair down now.

pretty hair achieved!

pretty sleek hair achieved! I love this oil! =)

Good hair day guaranteed with these three products! Without going to the salon!


*Price? L’oreal Fall Resist 3x shampoo & conditioner goes for 219php.  L’oreal Extraordinary Oil is priced at 550php.

**All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. The product was given to me by L’OrealParisPhilippines for trial.


metal mouth no more

I waited patiently as the dentist plucked each bracket on my teeth. After what feels like 30 mins (its only 5 mins in real life) my braces are gone – for the second time around! I had a relapse so I got braces twice.

After three long years of being a metal mouth (the second time around braces)… ahhh this feels divine!

Can smile my Cheshire cat grin* now.

*smiling with all of my teeth showing.

I run my tongue over the smooth surface of my teeth. And again, and again.

Till it is time to get the cast* of my teeth.

*Those plaster replicas that are meant to be of help in creating the retainers.

So, because I am so proud and euphoric of my new found freedom… I am posting a before and after cast of my teeth.

spot the difference

spot the difference

The ochre is the before, the green is the after. The front tooth was chipped when the cast was given to me, must have been dropped or something… but looking at it gives you the idea of the improvement my teeth had.

Now that I am free from braces. Let the prenup shoot begin!


fall-ing rain

It is officially Christmas! Here in the Philippines (of course) as the “ber” month are here again.

I hate you traffic season! I also hate the sudden downpours!

And because of the impending Christmas season I am officially one stressed out cray-cray gal.  I STILL HAVE A LOT TO DO W/REGARDS TO MY WEDDING PREPS. Fretting about my permits for the prenup shoot. Still have my fittings and my entourage (kids) to monitor. Creating a home. Add the cleaning of our soon to be home, and its contents. Plus Feng Shui issues. (I still cannot understand Feng Shui!-Maybe I am not supposed to be Chinese?!) Or my problem with the existing bathroom tiles?-It is green and I dislike green. But, I have to find a way to live with it and work around that green bathroom. I spend every weekend of the last month at every home depot. Looking at paints, lights, tiles, sinks, fixtures and all those home stuff I never thought existed.

I now get excited at paint swatches. Go figure.

yes! paints

some of the paint colors I picked out. 

Plus, I have to fill the house with appliances too. So yeah. All the weekends has come to alternating home depot, our home, and appliance stores. Then I have to double up my workload to get by the holiday season without a hitch. Looking haggard and more haggard if that is possible by the second.

Oh and with the drop in temperature, I now have dry eyes that means I have to say bye to wearing contact lenses. Old auntie land here I come. Hah.

Leighton wears glasses too! I got new tortoisehells to rock daily.

Leighton wears glasses too! I got new tortoisehells to rock daily.

Now, if only I can add two to five hours on everyday to get all everything done…