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fall-ing rain


It is officially Christmas! Here in the Philippines (of course) as the “ber” month are here again.

I hate you traffic season! I also hate the sudden downpours!

And because of the impending Christmas season I am officially one stressed out cray-cray gal.  I STILL HAVE A LOT TO DO W/REGARDS TO MY WEDDING PREPS. Fretting about my permits for the prenup shoot. Still have my fittings and my entourage (kids) to monitor. Creating a home. Add the cleaning of our soon to be home, and its contents. Plus Feng Shui issues. (I still cannot understand Feng Shui!-Maybe I am not supposed to be Chinese?!) Or my problem with the existing bathroom tiles?-It is green and I dislike green. But, I have to find a way to live with it and work around that green bathroom. I spend every weekend of the last month at every home depot. Looking at paints, lights, tiles, sinks, fixtures and all those home stuff I never thought existed.

I now get excited at paint swatches. Go figure.

yes! paints

some of the paint colors I picked out. 

Plus, I have to fill the house with appliances too. So yeah. All the weekends has come to alternating home depot, our home, and appliance stores. Then I have to double up my workload to get by the holiday season without a hitch. Looking haggard and more haggard if that is possible by the second.

Oh and with the drop in temperature, I now have dry eyes that means I have to say bye to wearing contact lenses. Old auntie land here I come. Hah.

Leighton wears glasses too! I got new tortoisehells to rock daily.

Leighton wears glasses too! I got new tortoisehells to rock daily.

Now, if only I can add two to five hours on everyday to get all everything done…

Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

4 thoughts on “fall-ing rain

  1. I was listening to an old TMR podcast and they were discussing what makes the likes of adults different from children. And looking at swatches and furniture was mentioned. 🙂

    Maybe most bathrooms are green so the mold wouldn’t be so out of place? IDK.

    If no has said this, let me be the first: Welcome to adulthood. 😀

    • hahahaha! I am a #legit adult now.

      We really think alike. I blurted the same line when I saw the color of the bath. =)
      Apparently green is considered as a good color by FengShui standards, that is why green is usually used at homes.

  2. Matti! That is gold!

    I laughed out loud.
    See, this is why I am not meant to be Chinese. I always seem to muddle up every tradition/culture/practices.

    The color green is = to growth. So a home painted in green = progressive.
    At least that is what I understand.

    The green bathroom is there because the previous owners thought that they needed to match with the rest of the house.
    et viola, hello to the green bathroom. eeek.

    *I can always count on you to blurt out stuff like that no?!

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