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So I got sick, that explains my silence. -I do however have replied to most of the private messages sent my way.

It was a series! *Asthma, UTI, Flu and the usual back problem all throughout* There were days I feel ok then by the afternoon I am feeling not so super. That prompted Kei to get a vacuum cleaner and clean every inch of our home. Also stocked up on buko (coconut) and cranberry juice. Plus sort of force me to take vitamins and more water. –I have issues with vitamins and I dislike going to the bathroom often. 

But I got myself some beauty stuff in attempt to look alive. Lols.

make me look not so pale

make me look not so pale

It’s all good, I am all good now.

And because cleaning the home means I have to wash my hands more often, I have been rather fond of these soap/hand soap and (the cute pink owl) hand cream combination lately. They keep my hands from getting rough.

currently using these

currently using these – owl hand cream and bath and body hand soap was a gift from my cousin

I have also ditched drinking sodas and is now into drinking these vitamin infused juice to cool down. They look colorful and pretty!

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

The ones with the bunnies are the ones I usually buy. My favorite of them all would be the pink bottle that is kiwi-strawberry flavored with lutein – for better eye health. 

That’s about all that is colorful in my (admittedly boring) life now.

Be healthy and happy y’all – till the next post!


Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

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