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I was so happy to see this in my potted garden today.  I thought this plant is dying. Keep reading to know the full story. 

I see three tiny sprouts!

I see three tiny sprouts!

The plant seen above is what they commonly call airplant or tillandsia/s. What I have is the tillandsia stricta variety, a fairly common airplant.

I first saw it in our office, where there seems to be a gardening bug going on. It looks pretty so, I thought why not give it a try.

So, I brought myself one. Not from the office but through a garden center. 

When I first got it, it looks like this.

spiky beauty

spiky beauty

I opted to get a “mature” plant so the chances of me killing the plant will be significantly less. I cared for it by giving it two “baths” per day and hanging it where air circulation is good. And sometimes give it a mist of water when the weather is hot.

This is my airplant getting a bath. -The spacing of these photos are rather lengthy. This was a few weeks after the first photo. You can see the pink bulb has grown taller!

just taking a good soak

just taking a good soak – those zigzag lines you see are its roots!

Its usual silvery leaves turns into a vibrant green when it gets submerged in water. I leave it for a good 10-15 mins every bath.

It became a daily routine.

Then it bloomed!

first bloom

first bloom

I was very much excited to see what it looked like when its in full bloom! After a few days, it looked like this.

more blooms

more blooms

Still not in full bloom….

the lower layer of the bulb has bloomed

the lower layer of the bulb has bloomed

Looking more beautiful than before with its bright pink and purple coloring. But the top part of the bulb have not opened yet!

By the time the top part bloomed, the lower layer of blooms have already withered.

a close up

a close up

The top part of it still has no blooms, but it shows that it is about to open. After a few days the top opened up to reveal buds. By this time the lower part of the bulb is already dried up, same goes for its blooms.

about to bloom

the top part is about to bloom!

The lower part turned yellowish green. Even so, it still looks beautiful.

A few days after.

not so vibrant anymore

not so vibrant anymore

It looked like the colors are fading. Then it dried up. Fast.

All I can see was the dried up bulb. I still carried on the daily routine. But, I cant deny that it looks really sad.

all dried out

all dried out – I did not notice the baby sprouts or “pups” when I snapped this photo

I thought it would just go all brown and die. Till I looked at it closely this morning.

The plant had a surprise for me!

baby airplant

baby airplant

There were three tiny airplant sprouts or what gardeners call “pups”! I was so happy to know that my plant has been doing well and it is not dying, instead it has brought new life.

I am excited to see the three little ones grow!

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