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can we talk about moisturizer?

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I have given up on moisturizers and skincare stuff for a year now.

My skin condition stayed the same. Meaning: I still have the oily/sensitive skin and I still get pimples from time to time. My freckles are still there, maybe darkened up a bit. *It has been a while since I last used sunblock!

However the dermatologist approved/made toners and soap, stayed in my daily routine. No change on those.

looking for the tub of youth -photo from the internet

looking for the tub of youth -photo from the internet

But lately, I got to thinking that I cannot be too lazy for skincare anymore since I am not getting any younger and if I wanted to age gracefully I must get back on a skin care routine. So, I am going back to keeping a wash, tone, moisturize, protect regimen.

For my wash it is still the non negotiable acne-aid bar, toning for me is split into two parts clarifying and acne control, I am now on the lookout for moisturizer with a good spf. Plus a good non sticky body lotion also with a good amount of spf thrown in. While I want some sun protection, I am not really too keen on whitening. Hopefully the product is compatible with my skin, because if a product makes me breakout, I stop using it immediately and toss it in the dump.

  • Care to share your current moisturizer?

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