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A quick hello! I miss writing here.

Sorry for the lack of new posts/updates. There are just too much happening right now and I cannot find the time to write a decent post so I’m going to be silent for a while.

live and let go

live and let go


I have been busy with work and helping out friends and family with their businesses because the BER-months (in the Philippines, once it hits September it’s already Christmas season) is here!  Also the weather caused health issues-Kei is at home, recuperating from a bacterial infection as I type this. The Patio war with the pigeons is still going on! Mad hate them! This time around, I am sacrificing our home’s aesthetic and will screen off the whole patio with green plastic screen. –To deter the pigeons. Hopefully I can find a way to make it look acceptable but for now the pigeons really have to go. I am tired of cleaning up after them daily.

Hopefully within a couple of weeks or less I will be back to blogging.

Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

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