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WE got featured & covered

Finally got the time to write! As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I will be writing about the magazine feature.

Way before I got engaged, one of my favorite pastimes would be looking at bridal/wedding magazines or websites. I am just drawn to all the dreamy gowns, beautiful flowers and all that glamour. I feel happy reading love stories of other people, kind of like getting to them better even if I did not know them and I was just reading a magazine.

So after the wedding and right after the photos were sent to us by our photographer, I knew I wanted to submit our story for a chance to get featured at Wedding Essentials Magazine. (This was the magazine that I usually look at.) 

Submit I did and I waited, and waited. Then I got a email telling me that we got picked to be featured! (yey!) A few more emails confirmed that we are really in! An anniversary issue at that! (more yey!) Then we got invited to a their event. -It is  a posh bridal fair complete with fashion show. Held at Manila Hotel.

Off we go.


Kei and me at the Wedding Essentials (Tadhana) Bridal fair –I got glammed up and is  wearing custom separeates from Aoui Regala. 

We enjoyed watching the (bridal) fashion show, getting to mingle with people, the food… the celebration but nothing compares to this!


getting our own cover! – taken at the event 

Seeing our face on the cover! I can check off being a magazine cover on my bucket list in life. hahaha!

And of course here is the feature.


Happy and grateful to have been one of the couples picked by Wedding Essentials to share our story on their magazine.

We managed to haul quite a few magazines to give to family/friends and our sponsors.


thankful and grateful for this opportunity. 



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It has been a while… I am slowly getting back on my schedule. While away from blogging, I managed to do quite a lot really. I helped friends and relatives with their businesses for the upcoming Christmas season. – Made some promotional materials and some packaging stuff. I also had a post nuptial shoot that I have wanted to do for a long time now. It was lucky because it was the day the storm/rain cleared up. –Finally I can have nice outdoor pictures wearing my wedding gown. Once I get the photos I will get them printed to hang at home!!! Mad happy!  I also submitted an article and photos for Wedding Essentials magazine hoping that we could get our wedding featured. –Fast forward to a now… we got featured and also got a cover of our own!  Squee! Will blog about this soon.

I can check off being a magazine cover on my bucket list in life. Hahaha!

On the home front, I won the war with pigeons using tacky useful green plastic netting. No more pigeon poop on my patio! The downside however is that, there is less sunlight that enters the patio = darker inside the house and it is still unsightly even if it is efficient. But I can live with that.

this is the answer

this is our answer to the invading pigeons

Funko pop collecting is on a standstill right now, since we have a lot of events lined up until Christmas all of our excesses goes straight to buying gifts/getting clothes/or becoming an angpao. Such is the life of a new auntie. Hahahaha! (I kind of feel old.) Will hopefully write soon.