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on to 2017

I have been very much busy over the holidays and decided to go off to Baguio (again) to getaway from the city stress in time for my birthday.

Radars on Mt. Cabuyao

Radars on Mt. Cabuyao

Finished all of my office duties and went to the top of Mt. Cabuyao with Kei and by best friend Jo to experience the mountain and went to the famed Cafe in the sky. The next few days were spent strolling Baguio city till my birthday.

The dreaded 31. The last number on the calendar. I feel so old!!!

Significant changes is that my metabolism has slowed down and I am pudgier (I am having trouble on clothes sizes now) and a bit more mellow. My skin is still rebellious though. I still get breakouts. I still do not want to diet. 

That is the start of my year. Be kind 2017.