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After the holy week, I have been staying at home to Netflix and chill. *I just finished 13 reasons why* Still waiting for the next episode of Riverdale though.

13 reasons why -photo from the internet

I have also been happily hoarding yet another batch of lippies. Colorpop has a sale going on and I just couldn’t resist! Eagerly asked my cousin from the US to get me some so that I can see what the liquid lipstick hype is all about. I got those ultra satin ones: Aquarius, Echo park, Chandelier, Alyssa, and Dopey.

yey for new lippies!

Also did some closet purging. I let go of my clothes that became too small for me, and found replacements for my favorites. –I am still on a lookout for a lace top, and a chambray one.  I also got new tops since its summer and I am constantly wearing shorts. Pinstripe seems to be the thing this summer, this blue one from Kamiseta fits comfortably and on trend too!

Feeza top in blue from Kamiseta

I also got this cute red one with prints on the sides from Plains and Prints.

KITH S/L from plains and prints

At home we have been trying to eat healthier. Swapping ice cream for yogurt, having salad for dinner at least once or twice a week.

shrimp pomelo salad for dinner at home

Sice it is “sweat season” it is always better to have more sheets (for the rotation). We got this exact set, at a discounted price too!

from H&M home

Leaving with a summery photo taken from a summer luau we attended last weekend. How about you?

wearing our multicolored leis for a summery vibe

how is your summer going? Till the next post!

Author: Pammy

I'm a graphic artist and a dreamer. I write to release my thoughts, just to tell about it. I love eating, shopping, my pet rabbits, making people laugh, and being with my family and friends.

2 thoughts on “summer stuff

  1. Hi! I read your old blog post about your battle to fight acne. I’m currently in a situation where I’m also being psychologically tortured by these pimples and pimple marks. I would like to know how you’ve overcome your battle. 🙂 I can relate so much from your entry 😭

    • Hello D!

      Thanks for reading my blog! I wrote that post as a open letter/encouragement for others who also have acne prone skin, and yes it was real psychological torture. A dwindling self esteem is never good.
      The only good thing is that we now have quite a lot of “better” products than before. Like kojic acid- it is mainstream now! *it worked for my scars, including pimple scars.
      While I already posted what medicines I used/currently using… what works for me might not work the same way for you. That being said, I suggest you go to a reputable Derma so that they can asses you skin condition and prescribe you medicines and track your progress. *I still go to the Derma for a facial at least once a month.
      **And if I may add, try not to cover your skin with daily makeup. -our skin needs to breathe. and covering the skin with makeup can cause buildup that could lead to blocked pores=pimples.
      Its going to get better.


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