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More than enough

I have a full plate right now.

Not food, but work. I have been slaving over my usual holiday duties and was given more workloads than I can manage that will be permanent. Sigh. This means by next year I really have to do all these stuff again in advance so as the workload will not clash with my wedding day. It will be safe to say that I will be one stressed out bride! Not only because of the wedding preps, but also because of my insane workload. I just felt sorry for myself.

That explains my silence for the past few days.

Good thing I had my Mum to talk to. She empathized with me and said, it will be over soon. Just be prepared for the next. Wise words bundled with good food (lasagna and chicken). That lifted up my spirit a bit.

Come weekend I brought myself an early Christmas present. I got myself a military grade 1 terabyte external hard drive. In my favorite color: purple!

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

Kei on the other hand, upgraded his mobile phone and gave me his barely used Alcatel one touch idol, Ironman edition.  I get to retire my old Sony xperia phone now.

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Work life sucks, but I got gadgetry going for me which is nice. That is all there is to my life right now.

Still have a lot of hustling to do… bye for now!