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summer stuff

After the holy week, I have been staying at home to Netflix and chill. *I just finished 13 reasons why* Still waiting for the next episode of Riverdale though.

13 reasons why -photo from the internet

I have also been happily hoarding yet another batch of lippies. Colorpop has a sale going on and I just couldn’t resist! Eagerly asked my cousin from the US to get me some so that I can see what the liquid lipstick hype is all about. I got those ultra satin ones: Aquarius, Echo park, Chandelier, Alyssa, and Dopey.

yey for new lippies!

Also did some closet purging. I let go of my clothes that became too small for me, and found replacements for my favorites. –I am still on a lookout for a lace top, and a chambray one.  I also got new tops since its summer and I am constantly wearing shorts. Pinstripe seems to be the thing this summer, this blue one from Kamiseta fits comfortably and on trend too!

Feeza top in blue from Kamiseta

I also got this cute red one with prints on the sides from Plains and Prints.

KITH S/L from plains and prints

At home we have been trying to eat healthier. Swapping ice cream for yogurt, having salad for dinner at least once or twice a week.

shrimp pomelo salad for dinner at home

Sice it is “sweat season” it is always better to have more sheets (for the rotation). We got this exact set, at a discounted price too!

from H&M home

Leaving with a summery photo taken from a summer luau we attended last weekend. How about you?

wearing our multicolored leis for a summery vibe

how is your summer going? Till the next post!

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born in january

While having breakfast, my office friends  and I shared a laugh over our different personalities and our office mates and linked them according to their birthdays. (ie. October born- likes to party)

I got curious about what my birth month says about me… my office friends say that January born are stubborn. I sort of agree, but not completely.

So, after breakfast, I googled it up. I am born January 23. Although here in the Philippines there is no winter, I am considered as winter born.

This is the first thing I got:

People born in January are ambitious and hardworking. They are smart, organized, and productive. Although they are serious, they are also funny and love to joke around. They love to teach people new things as much as they love learning new things. They are very cautious and careful when it comes to money. They are usually quiet and reserved unless they are excited. People born in January are not often sick but when they are it is most commonly with a cold. On the negative side, they are also stubborn and hard-headed. They are also jealous and like to criticize others. (After a few more googling, I found out that I share my birth month with Kate Middleton! I like her fashion style.)

interesting? look for yours:

Then, I tried to be specific. Typed in my birth date (January 23) and these are the results:

You are a practical idealist. While you have a strong need for security, you need to mix up your routines frequently or else you easily feel antsy. You are excellent at organizing, but others may not understand your system! Managing money is a skill. You are very resourceful and versatile, and a strong individualist. Following through on all of your ideas is something you have trouble doing, and you eventually learn that focusing on a few brings you more success. Famous people born today: Jeanne Moreau, Princess Caroline of Monaco, John Hancock. (Wow! I share a birthday with a princess! Maybe I am a princess too! hahahaha!)

 look for yours:

Aquarians born January 23 are hard-headed realists whose personas reflect a strong, silent type. They have a toughness about them that’s laudable and useful: They seem to handle anything. Inside, though, they’re tender souls. Often put in the position of role model, they do not generally regard their conduct as anything special. January 23 natives enjoy the social elements of friendship. They make gentle, caring lovers. They have an aversion to commitment, though it’s not uncommon for them to enter a long-term relationship or marriage when they find someone who shares their views. January 23 people have pride in their family background. Many of the ideals and traits they exhibit were absorbed from their family. When they become parents, they may feel pulled between providing discipline and endorsing a more liberated parenting style. People born on January 23 like to do things their way. They don’t take kindly to health or nutritional advice. An annual visit to a health-care professional should not invalidate their independence. Because of the sensitivity of their systems, they should shun smoking and drinking. Like many Aquarian people, January 23 natives are not the sort who can work at a job they find boring or uncreative. They have a potential to earn a good deal of money, though they usually spend it faster than they make it. Friends and relatives are often the beneficiaries of their generosity. Not having to pretend they are something they aren’t is a major goal sought by January 23 people. They are motivated to achieve career success and may not realize until late that they also want personal stability. They want to be the best at what they do. They take criticism well and are able to look at themselves objectively.

*this is sort of summarized from: (You can also find yours there, just click on your birth month.)

And a bit of clicking around lead me to this very detailed personality by birthday site: and found myself nodding to everything that was written. (you can look for yours too, look at the bottom right part of the site)

For entertainment, I found it fun to read.

What about you what does your birth month/birth date say about you?