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a relationship is an agreement

Are you familiar with the TV show The Big Bang Theory? If so, I think you find Sheldon and Amy’s relationship a bit weird that they have a relationship agreement. But I will let you in on a secret.

The Big Bang Theory's Amy and Sheldon. Photo from the internet

The Big Bang Theory’s Amy and Sheldon. Photo from the internet

Kei and I actually have a relationship agreement! (But not like Amy and Sheldon’s.) We made it a week after we decided to be a couple. It contains all our promises to each other and we still go back to it from time to time to see if we really do what we promised to each other. We add to it, we improve it and it kind of grows with us and our relationship.

Truth is it took us forever to get together. We have known each other since grade school. That was it. It was not till after college…that our paths crossed again. Kei asked me out 8 times, before I finally agreed to meet him. After seeing him, it took us 6 months or more to decide if we do make sense together. And also determine if we are really attracted to each other.

*Imagine what if Kei stopped asking me out after the third no. Our lives will be so different from what we have today.

In that span of time (is our courtship stage) we got to study each other. What makes each other tick, pet peeves, and rational/ emotional levels.

*At this time, I am still unsure about Kei but would like to know him better without the pressure of coupling up.

So, in my case: What I did was unusual. I insisted that when we go out, we always split the bill. In case the getting to know stage does not proceed to an actual relationship, I do not have any debt of gratitude or in Filipino “utang-na-loob”.  And he will not feel like I am taking advantage of the date (hello! free food). He does however fetch me from home to where we want to go and accompany me back home. From time to time he gives me flowers and chocolates.

At this time, I am shifting the focus from myself to listen to him then reveal and share opinions after. Basically, I am learning about him the same way as he learns about me, getting to know what our negotiable and non-negotiable/s as well as the compromises we agree upon.

*Obviously the dream girl or guy profile you created in your head is usually not the one you meet in real life, Maybe close but not exact.  There is bound to be differences. Kei scored 7 out of 10 in my dream guy checklist. But now I couldn’t imagine anyone better suited to me. If I remember correctly I got 8 on Kei’s dream girl checklist. Yet here we are. 

It is not only attraction; it is also a meeting of minds. This is analyzing people exactly as they are – the good, the bad and all the crazy in between/s. This is two different people trying to see if they can look at things in the same perspective, meld their ideas and complement each other. This is also the acceptance stage.

In example: his ideal girl is 5’4”, your height is sadly 4’11”. Would he be ok with that? Her ideal guy earns 50k a month, you earn 20k a month. Would it be ok? Would that matter? Is it a deal breaker? Do you really need that?

*And realistically, are your standards even possible? You got to ask yourself that. Example: You want a rich, athlete boyfriend with a hot body, are you yourself rich? Are you an athlete with a hot body to match? If not, you might want to rethink your standards. This also applies to those seeking to find a rich partner, Do that person even know you exist? Frequent the same places? Obviously its only in fairy tales that peasant girls marry the prince. Again are your standards realistic?

Because, imagination and real life will never be the same, it will always have differences and sometimes glaring differences.  *Saying this again as this is important.*

You learn from each other and show an effort to understand the likes, dislikes and favorite activities/food/interests of each other. Who knows you might just have a new hobby/skill/interest!

Next, Attitude. This is the make or break in all relationships. This is a deal breaker.

Basically this plays a huge role whether or not your relationship will make it or not. To place it no one wants to be in a relationship with someone conceited, selfish, bossy, fussy, vain… etc. There is no use being with someone who requires you to change yourself/ your friends or your life in order for them to fit into it. That person is a big NO. You need someone who appreciates you for being you.

*Being good looking is a surefire way to get lots of attention; but if that is coupled with an attitude problem, people will stay away from you. Sure, they will tolerate you for a while, but its only just a matter of time till they leave. 

Nobody has time to be with someone who makes them feel bad about themselves. If that person makes you feel more insecure about yourself, that one has to go. A relationship consists of two persons who support each other so there must be harmony between the two.

*Do not expect the other party to give out more, because while it may be fine for the first few times, it will soon be a cause of resentment and then may eventually lead to a huge row or a gradual separation. You get what you give. Learn to appreciate all the little things the other party does for you. He is lucky to get your time and attention yes, but you are lucky he gave you his time and attention also. When they could be with anybody else or go on with their normal lives they made an effort to be with you. Instead of looking at it as: the other party must be thankful, reverse it. You must be thankful.

Frankly, a one sided relationship won’t last honey.

Next, packaging. How do you present yourself? So, you want an executive? Do you dress like a executive yourself? If you do want an executive (obviously he is wearing button down polo and slacks) and then you dress up yourself in a tight t-shirt and skimpy shorts, would it look like a good match?  A tip: Men don’t really notice what you wear, unless it’s really colorful, too revealing, or he is gay. (Don’t dress revealingly as is known to attract those people with not so good intentions. Ok?) What men notice is if you are smiling or not. A smile is equivalent to being approachable. And approaching you is the first step yes?! So, smile on!

Dress your age, and dress for your body type. Remember the time when juicy couture tracksuits were all the rage and we see old aunties wearing sweatpants with the world lovely on the bum? Not cool.

If you want to be taken seriously, you have to dress seriously.


Got all that? Maybe you already caught someone’s eye.

*On the meantime that you are waiting for Mr/Ms right to come along improve yourself! Remember like attracts like. So while waiting for your ideal girlfriend, make yourself into the ideal boyfriend. And vice versa.


-Taken from our (Kei and Me) recent musings while on a bus ride home. With inputs from our friend Matti.  #tamanglandilang #atadcoquettish


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hello I’m better than you

Yesterday I took the LRT to visit my cousin who just recently give birth to a baby girl. While on the train, I saw a old grandma on the other segment  huddled together with the throng of commuters. Standing on the middle with no handrail to hold. I sort of felt sad that no one gave a seat to her or  helped her to a handrail at least.


Then while walking to the hospital, I encountered a car that angrily honked his loud car horn too many times behind my back, even when I hurried to step out of the way. ( I was really near the side walk, and the road is wide) I don’t know why the driver did that. Is he flaunting his Fortuner? Oh please. 


At times, I cannot really fathom how people think. I grew up in the time where being considerate and helpful to others to others is the norm but now, I think it is really rare to find people who are considerate to others. I suddenly think, why do you people do that? Didn’t your parents teach you values? Or for a person older than me. I think waaah, you are older than me yet still behave like that? What you better than everyone in the room? Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better?  You are the boss of (insert big-time company here), can treat others like dirt? Have the latest expensive car model, can act like you own the road? shame on you.


Hello! Everyone has problems. Its not only you who are pressed for time, who have duties to attend to, is important.

Let me stress the underlined words. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT.


You can be the prettiest, handsomest, smartest, richest and most educated person in the world, but without values. You are just an empty shell. And may I add Educated people know better so they behave better. Call yourself educated but treat others badly, how does that reflect on you?

Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better? sadly the youth this generation thinks like this. Being rich is not and will never be the most important thing. Bestowed riches is not a license to treat others like dirt. It is a privilege given to you, you have more than others have, cant you be more understanding on the plight of the less fortunate ones? Besides, the real rich people who earned their riches the hard way don’t act like they are the most important person. They are all very humble, thrifty and industrious.

You can be the boss of the big company, but without your workers, who can you be the boss of?! Treat your workers badly, expect them to like you, and motivate them to work better? Lead by example. Being a Boss and being a Leader are two very different things. Boss can get obedience, but never respect. Leaders get both respect and obedience plus earn his worker’s trust. (For a better explanation of the difference of a leader and a boss see this blog.)

Wow a nice shiny Porsche. Flaunt it all you want for all I care. It may be millions of dollars worth but that piece of metal is still subject to deteriorate in itself and value. Bottom line is its still a car. That shares the road with all the other inferior cars out there. Unless you go build yourself your own road because you are that filthy rich. Subject yourself to the same rules as everybody else.

Stop the I’m better than you attitude. 


“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ― J.K. Rowling


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Cynicism-is an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of others’ apparent motives or ambitions, or a general lack of faith or hope in the human race or in individuals with desires, hopes, opinions, or personal tastes that a cynic perceives as unrealistic or inappropriate, therefore deserving of ridicule or admonishment. It is a form of jaded negativity, and other times, realistic criticism or skepticism. The term originally derives from the ancient Greek philosophers called the Cynics who rejected all conventions, whether of religion, manners, housing, dress, or decency, advocating the pursuit of virtue in accordance with a simple and idealistic way of life. (meaning taken from wikipedia)

The thing that annoys me more then people who only call me when they need something…is the fake smile and conversation before they ask. I absolutely hate it.

See, today a lot of people are missing at work, not that its wrong but it is really a weird phenomenon that leaves the workplace in a difficult position. Usually I am asked/tasked/forced to cover for those who are absent/sick/on a vacation/insert whatever reason here, but I absolutely hate it due to the fact that they don’t even try to make things easier for you.

Game of Throne's Sansa Stark

Game of Throne’s Sansa Stark

I feel so helpless when the “higher” ups decides to pay me a visit on my desk with their cheery and commanding voice, that tells me “hey, insert-name-here is out so can you cover for him?” I have given up my Independence day ( and some other holidays) to cover for the absence of those people, on my regular days I skip/rush my afternoon break to help out,  and on my half day of work, you still want me to work whole day?

“Not today, I have somewhere to go.”   I answer.

Then I get half a minute of “because we lack people that is why we have to call on anyone who can fill in.” in a no more cheery/slightly annoyed/still commanding voice.  I fight the urge to talk back, and with dead malice, I just smile.


It pays to have willpower. That’s very important in this world, because if someone had talked/fought back they’d be dead.


“It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and I’m just a kitten.”-Jarod Kintzcism