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simply stopped

For this weekend, I will be on a pause.



I have to heal my badly abraded leg. Thank the heavens no broken bones, no bruising (thanks to traditional Chinese medicine), just wounds.  (I got hit by a speeding tricycle.Yesterday. Must have the best of luck.) So, no skirts for now. Hello skin-tight jeans.

Its also comforting to know that some people really do care enough to ask me if I am ok. And also grinds on my nerves that some so-called-friends even have the nerve to verbally irritate the hell out of me. I got into an accident, is it proper that you annoy me?

But not everything is bad, there are a few smattering of positives right now.

Its a freaking Friday! Which means I have the absolute license to go out and get cray.

After the whole mess (Kei and I got into a fight) I will leave my seat at the church for a indefinite amount of time.

I am still a believer, i still have my bible, and that is good enough. Also wrapped up all my projects at church and am positively sure they can manage. 


“You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath.” – Rihanna (The Monster)