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metal mouth no more

I waited patiently as the dentist plucked each bracket on my teeth. After what feels like 30 mins (its only 5 mins in real life) my braces are gone – for the second time around! I had a relapse so I got braces twice.

After three long years of being a metal mouth (the second time around braces)… ahhh this feels divine!

Can smile my Cheshire cat grin* now.

*smiling with all of my teeth showing.

I run my tongue over the smooth surface of my teeth. And again, and again.

Till it is time to get the cast* of my teeth.

*Those plaster replicas that are meant to be of help in creating the retainers.

So, because I am so proud and euphoric of my new found freedom… I am posting a before and after cast of my teeth.

spot the difference

spot the difference

The ochre is the before, the green is the after. The front tooth was chipped when the cast was given to me, must have been dropped or something… but looking at it gives you the idea of the improvement my teeth had.

Now that I am free from braces. Let the prenup shoot begin!

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good day friday

Hooray for the upcoming weekend! Its Friday again!


1.) My newly adjusted albeit painful braces, correcting my irregular bite.

2.) My growing owl collection. I love my owls.

all of these are gifts from friends

all of these are gifts from friends

3.) Having more time with my brother and sister.

4.) A text message from my friend Matti.

5.) Catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee.

photo from tumblr

photo from tumblr

I get to spend time with my favorite architect Kei. ❤



“Happiness is a color that you can never run out of. You can paint a picture or an illusion with happiness. It’s a color that you always pick, before actually choosing a color.” ― Lionel Suggs

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thankful friday

It is Friday again!


And today I am thankful for:

1.) The past year. 2013 is the year Kei and I did not quarrel.

2.) The random chat messages from my bestie. Be it about our early morning commute, lipstick shades, what we want to do, where to go etc… Those seemingly little chats makes my day brighter.

3.) Teeth alignment shows more improvement. Thank you braces! Thank you dentist!

4.) I was told that the store I designed did well last month. That really made my day! Hoping for more projects this year.

5.) My devotional last night. (Sharing this in case some one needs a little reminding like I do.)