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thankfully, finally

It is scorching hot in Manila. but thankfully, finally Saturday. Weekend is here.

I’m up early to go to work and then go buy buttons to repair some of the items in my closet that lost their buttons. I also have to pick up a skirt from the tailors.

Then I’m off to get my eyebrows done and maybe get nails done too. Its been a while since the last… 

Meiji Apollo Chocolate Bunny

One of my favorite chocolates-Meiji Apollo Chocolate in Strawberry *I also adore the little bunny!*

I feel ‘happy dancing’ like the bunny in the Meiji chocolate box I just finished off. (I really have a happy dance, that I do when I feel happy.)

This photo below reminds me of that my bunny rabbit Pepper who looks exactly like that! She also love strawberries as much as I do.

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

Then pick up some fresh fruits before I head back home to freeze for the rabbits to enjoy.

Happy Weekend Everyone!



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meet my new fur-babies!

These two takes up most of my spare time.


our bunnies trying to eat broccoli

I am a grand mum to two baby rabbits.  *They still have no names yet. And we still don’t know their gender…*

DSC04923 copy

the firstborn

This little one here, is the firstborn bunny. Also our first “patches” coloring. We usually get all white or all brown bunnies. So this is awesome for me! Did not know my rabbit can have a patterned offspring. *”Pepper” the mother rabbit is solid brown with black eyes, “Tokki” the father rabbit is solid white with red eyes*

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

And this is the little one with the bright eyes. Just sharing the cuteness!

Enjoy the weekend!


“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ― Paul McCartney