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pepper please

Pepper to me is the spice, a name of a friend and also a bunny.

See, Pepper is one of my pet rabbits at home. We have been with her since the day she was born. Her mom is Pudding (My first pet rabbit. A brown rabbit too, but with a lighter brown fur, also our pet.) Pepper has brown fur with black tips. Her color reminds us of peppercorn hence the name Pepper.

One of her unique markings is that she wears a single white “mitten” on her left paw and having long eyelashes.

Pepper is a month old in this photo

a younger me, with a month old pepper

She likes banana and fruit juice/shakes like our other rabbits, and can be greedy when pellets or yogurt is up for grabs. But unlike the other rabbits, she is always calm and demure even. Preferring to just plop down (lounge) near the kitchen while all the others go about running from room to room. Despite her calm demeanor, she always excitedly greets everyone who pass by her area/comes home with rabbit kisses. That gets her a lot of treats and hugs.

It is no surprise that she grew to a nice fluffball the size (or bigger) of a adult cat. Our neighbor’s cats and dogs are usually intimidated by the size of our rabbits. –Truth be told, our rabbits had a lot of love (and treats) from our friends who dote on them. They even get vegetable freebies when we go to the market with a rabbit on hand. Some even asks for selfies with the rabbits.

Pepper is our “diva” at home. She usually gets everything she likes, without you noticing that she get everything she likes. She has her way with humans. She can also be quite persuasive when she wants a treat. It is hard to say no when she stares at you with her big brown eyes.

photo taken on our last visit to the vet

photo taken on our last visit to the vet – she is lounging inside a laundry basket

Pepper lived to a old age (for rabbits) of 5 years. She crossed the rainbow bridge and is hopefully happy and contented there.

Thanks for being my rabbit and staying with us Pepper. You will be missed.


*Our pet Rabbits are the reason I chose a brown bunny as my blog logo and also the color palette for this page. 

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cheap update

There are times that I pride myself in being frugal and then there are times that I just buy without much thought because the item is on SALE. There are those I get that is a really good buy and there are those that I ask myself what was I thinking?!

I usually love sale clothing. This is the latest sale item I got.

I blame my sister for dragging me inside the shop

clementine top I got from the plains and prints purple sale

I hate you Plains and Prints (but in a good way) you always seem to have one item I like in your store. Why? Yellow is not really a favorite of mine, but I got it because it looks happy and blindingly bright, its on sale.

Anything below 500php that is on sale, will always draw me in. Even better if its below 300php.

With that thought, I also love checking out H&M’s sale items for the home. Again, I don’t buy full price.

The latest I got from them was a grey glass vase that I still don’t know why I got it and where to place it. I just kept it in the cabinet. 

the vase looks a lot like what I got, it set me back 200php. I did not get the mercury glass candle holder.

the vase looks a lot like what I got, it set me back 200php. Though pretty, I did not get the mercury glass candle holder.

While in their store I always check out their throw pillow covers. But I still haven’t bought any. I also had my eye on their mercury glass candle holders. But I know I can find something that looks alike for cheaper that their sale price. I’m a cheapskate. I know.

Table wares are also one of my favorite stuff. I recently paid a visit to Crate and Barrel and snapped up these sale items.  To pair with what I currently have.

I already had two botanica plates one in green and one in blue that we use daily. (we also got it on 50% off sale) Its about 109php each I think.

the more the many-er!

the more the many-er!

Since it is still on sale, I got two more botanica plates this time in red. To add to my red Corelle set that we are keeping for the holidays. Our Corelle set is a set of four and we have a 6 seater dining so we had to make two mismatched sets to go with it. Turns out the botanica plates are much darker than my Corelle, but its ok. It can work.

When we started decorating our home one of the first décor we had was a white ceramic ears up rabbit that we also got on sale from Crate and Barrel.

a pair at last

a pair at last

This time, we saw its ears down rabbit partner! On sale! So we got it too!

After all everything is better with a discount, am I right?!


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are our own and based on our own experience. This is not a sponsored post. 

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up the game

I’m on a roll today! I crossed of half of my to do list for the week. Feeling excited to channel all my pent up anger energy into training later.

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

Since summer is already upon us, I am making extra effort in concentrating on my core. I am far off from being thin or getting abs, I have a different goal in mind. 

I wanted to get better. Used to have dextroscoliosis on my thoracic spine (back in 2011), with the help of my friendly coaches. My patience paid off. My back is in a better shape normal right now. I can even deadlift half of my own weight. How’s that for improvement? *belts out Britney’s  stonger than yesterday….*

Time to step up. I’m gunning for a better stronger body figure.

I could use the extra confidence and endorphins, exercise brings.

Bring it Coach.


I’m addicted to a really tough workout. I like to be drenched in sweat when I’m done because I feel accomplished. -Alison Sweeney

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meet my new fur-babies!

These two takes up most of my spare time.


our bunnies trying to eat broccoli

I am a grand mum to two baby rabbits.  *They still have no names yet. And we still don’t know their gender…*

DSC04923 copy

the firstborn

This little one here, is the firstborn bunny. Also our first “patches” coloring. We usually get all white or all brown bunnies. So this is awesome for me! Did not know my rabbit can have a patterned offspring. *”Pepper” the mother rabbit is solid brown with black eyes, “Tokki” the father rabbit is solid white with red eyes*

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

And this is the little one with the bright eyes. Just sharing the cuteness!

Enjoy the weekend!


“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ― Paul McCartney


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almost weekend

Weekend! Weekend!

I am very much excited for the weekend!


photo from Pinterest

It’s Kei’s birthday this weekend! I want red velvet cake, chocolate cake and food  and stuff. Oh wait its not my birthday. 

I have been planning for his gift a month ago only for it to be a huge let down but I cannot let it end that way. I then came up with the plan B (or the half of plan A). So far everything is going according to plan which is good. I just hope the weather cooperates as I planned a card/scavenger game for his day. As for the gift, I hope I did get something he would appreciate.


I still want the cake though.



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why like this?

So, there, done with my deadline. I am trying so hard to draw something for my yearly calendar/datebook planner.

While I enjoy drawing my characters, I sometimes run out of ideas on what to draw next.  The next few minutes will be spent googling, then get sidetracked and end up reading blogs. Till I decide not to draw anymore and leave it to tomorrow. Then worry about finishing the said task (on top of my daily/weekly tasks) before November. *facepalm*

Ah, why am I like this?

I am just one restless/curious little bit.

curious bunny

curious bunny