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pure hazel love

I have been a contact lens user for more than a decade now. Normally, I wear the soft clear ones.

I am loyal to the Air Optix brand as their lens are breathable and non drying therefore their lenses are very comfy that I sometimes forget I am wearing contacts! They are also perfect for my sensitive eyes. No joke. 

So, when colored contact lenses (graded ones) came out in the  market, I was very much tempted to try them out… but due to my fear of eye infection/s (yes, I learned my lesson the hard way) and questionable (Korean contact lenses) brands, I opted not to and go on wearing my usual clear contact lenses.

But not today. Because the kind folks of Air Optix Philippines sent me this for trial!

over the moon

Over the moon! My favorite contact lenses now comes in colored versions!

I was going to keep this to use on my prenup shoot come September, But I got impatient and wanted to wear them. Right away. 

Or should I say right after I disposed last month’s contact lenses. 


Mine! =)

Unlike the usual reviews I see on the internet where bloggers wear colored lenses just because, I wear contact lenses because I need them (badly) and also because I am vain. hahahahaha! At least I am honest! 


graded+colored=perfect for me

The box contains two contact lenses that are individually wrapped.

inside the box

inside the box

They gave me Pure hazel to try.

I was told that it is a subtle color. How does it look like you say?

look at the color!

look at the color and pattern! (the lenses in my contact lens case)

It looks like this! Pretty right?! And that is my contact lens case look like that my friends. It is because I use hydrogen peroxide-based lens care solution to clean, disinfect and store my contact lenses. Rather that the usual contact lens solution. 

my contact lens solution does this

my contact lens solution cleans like this

I told you I have sensitive eyes and a history of eye infection. That is why I am wary of anything that concerns my eyes.

When worn the lenses tend to blend in. It is very natural looking.

can you see it?

Pardon my tiny eyes, can you see it?

Cloudy vision due to the colored lens? Nope. Comfort for a whole day of wear? yes! I wore my lenses by 10 in the morning and took them off by 9 in the evening. Noticeable color? Not really eye catching but its there.

Like what they said, it is subtle, I like the fact that it does not make me look artificial.

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

*Sings* I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

In this photo the color is much more noticeable. Kind of gives definition to the eyes.

It has that ooomph, I am not wearing any make up in these photos but you can see that my eyes brightened up my face!

Will definitely go get another pair of this one when September comes along.  My favorite lenses just got trendier! Yey!


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. The product was given to me for trial. For safety, consult with your optometrist/ophthalmologist before changing or trying out new eye products. 

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allergic to the solution

This happened to me. So, I thought I should post this to get other people to be aware.

This is by no means a replacement to getting a ophthalmologist to check your eyes. 


As a contact lens user, I have my share of eye irritations and infections promoting me to stop wearing them for a time.

I hated it. I don’t want to wear glasses. (I want to look pretty not nerdy!) But recently, the irritations are getting more and more suspicious. Every time I wear my contact lenses, my eyes would be irritated. I get itchy eyes, blurry vision/dry eyes. Wake up with more than normal eye mucus/weepy eyes. I will got to the ophthalmologist to get it checked, get medicated drops (I had used Vigadexa and later on 4 Quin-DX) to heal it, rest my eyes for week or so. And because I really hate wearing my glasses, I would wear my contacts again and the whole thing repeats itself.

This red eye irritation been going on and off for months now…

Till I read about contact lens solutions being the irritants.


I quickly looked at my lens solution. I was using Solocare Aqua but due to it being unavailable, my Mum switched it to Opti-Free RepleniSH. Stupid me. I never noticed. 

After a while I started having eye irritations/infections. Never thought that my solution was the culprit.

Hurriedly rushed over to our optometrist. She said that sometimes, people do get allergies to their solution.  Arrrgggghhhhh!

Once we got home, we then threw away the Optifree and got Solocare. I even gone as far as getting new contact lenses and case just to be sure.

Tomorrow, I am going to start using Solocare again, hopefully my eyes will accept the solution.


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product/s. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket.