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munching through the midweek

Its no secret that Kei and I love being a couch potato, and there is no better time to be one than now. Because holidays are the perfect excuse to sleep through the alarm and go about marathon watching my favorite series on Netflix, and just this week we got I-flix too.

We really enjoy watching Netflix’s Dynasty

But if you were to make me choose, I still prefer Netflix. Because I am pretty much hooked into Netflix’x Dynasty that is based from a 1980’s series of the same name. *I have never seen the 1980’s one.  We also still enjoy watching Riverdale and Designated Survivor.

Another thing we also do when watching our favorite series is we go all out! I cook tacos, pasta or any food that we both love for dinner. We also stock up on our favorite eats and even go as far as running off to the nearest coffee shop to buy a drink. *Peppermint everything! -More so that the holidays are just around the corner. I am fond of peppermint.  It is like having a cozy midweek date night at home.

Our favorites this holiday season.  From left: Yellow Tail Pink Moscato, Starbucks Christmas Tree Peppermint Mocha -or if we cannot go out we have Owl instant white coffee with peppermint, Lamb Weston Potato wedges that I pop in the airfryer for a “guilt free” version, and Tostitos that we dip into the creamy spinach dip! 

We look forward to it every Thursday (the day all the series I mentioned here have new episodes).  Kind of like a pick-me-up in the middle of the week and motivation to get it through (deadline) Friday, till the happy days of the weekend.



How we spent labor weekend: aka our Gay-bordate shopping weekend

So, most people we know are off to Boracay to spend the labor day weekend. Being true blue city-girl-mall-rats….my best friend and me have decided that labor day will be dedicated to hunting items from our Christmas wish list (last year 2014) but with the premise of getting the said stuff on sale or discount.

So, Joanna wanted a Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Watch, I was looking for Miss Dior EDP preferably the 100ml bottle. Those were the specific item we are hunting for. Since both items are pricey. We looked at every possible option to obtain them for cheaper. (That means we spent the past few months, going to Rustans, Cash and carry, Shangri-la and even looking for it online.) Till this weekend. It was do or die. We are going to wing it.

This is going to be a girly shopping day. Hence, Gay-bor date. 

With Kei in tow, off we go to Cash and Carry to look for the Miss Dior edp. I asked store after store to no avail.

close but not really the one. sorry.

close but not really the one. sorry.

Started with Bescost (they only have the old miss dior originale with the full houndstooth patterened bottle see top left photo), then to Criseldas’s (that only has the miss dior blooming bouquet variant see top right photo), Tia Loleng’s ( no miss dior here), till I saw it at Anselka’s! A 100ml bottle with the gold/amber liquid! Was grinning with excitement.

hollo lovely!

hello lovely!

I hurriedly dragged Jo to Anselka’s and showed her the bottle. Checked it for authenticity and went on to get the loot. Mad happy really.

Next, we went to meet Jo’s Dad and he drove us/treated us to a sumptuous lunch at Tim Ho Wan. That porkbun was melt in the mouth yums! Lunch was so awesome we finished lunch in less than an hour. I also learned a few Cantonese phrases over lunch. Also added a new food fave  – Lo mai gai. That my friends, is steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf.

eating out with the HK peeps!

eating out with my HK peeps!

So after lunch our group went to meet our childhood friend Geordan, plus his parents. Chatted up a bit and it was time for them to go. Jo’s dad also went home.  With only the three of us are walking around Glorietta, Kei and I went to introduce Adora to Joanna. She loved the place! She is familiar with the bags! And proceeded to give me a crash course on bag appreciation. Fancy stuff. After the bags, I got her to try Penhaligon’s scents. After a few sniffs on the testers, she ended up liking what I liked best – Empressa. We like patchouli. Hahaha! 

Then looked at the watches on display. Little did I know, the watch Jo likes was on display! And an added bonus, on sale.

finally found you.

finally found you.

She has been looking for it for a while now. Her initial pick was the rose gold version of the Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton watch, but seeing this lovely gold version made her change her mind. Few more minutes waiting for it to get adjusted, Joanna got her loot! With a gift with purchase sticky note pad! Score!

So we went to have a afternoon coffee to escape the summer heat.

escaping the summer heat

escaping the summer heat

Then proceeded to take outfit of the day pictures. Sun dresses are the in thing for the day!

our outfit of the day photos.  Much Thanks for the photo Kei!

our outfit of the day photos. Much Thanks for the photo Kei!

Come dinner, we get Joanna to try one of our fave food haunt Kitchitora. We both got Paitan ramen sets. So that she gets to sample the different appetizers. 

the Lupets at Kitchitora

Team Patchouli (the Lupets) at Kitchitora

Kei got tsukemen as expected. Here is our whole spread.

dinner is served

dinner is served

Joanna loved the place and the food! Good one Kitchitora!

After dinner we chatted a bit then its time to go home. To cap it all off here is our loot for the day.

our loot for the day

our loot for the day

*Much thanks to Kei for accompanying us, being the photographer for the day and helping us find our stuff! Our only regret is we did not take picture with Joanna’s dad and Geordan plus his parents. Next time… Overall it is a good day for shopping. 

Next day was Saturday. It was a normal work day for me. And also did all my grooming rounds. By that I mean going to the dermatologist and dentist. Kei prepared his presentation for church tomorrow. We spent the day at home watching big bang theory and eating chickenjoy,  heaps of palabok + Chinese take out dinner,  all of which are drowned with buko juice. We are cool like that. hahaha!

Sunday was a Yes and No day. YES that Kei pulled off the church activity he planned perfectly. All is well till Pacquiao lost. That was the NO. Bummer.

We ran off to the mall again, where else?! hahaha! the afternoon was spent on retail therapy. We tried Old Navy as we heard that they make good looking comfy-casual clothes and that their pant/s selection is good! Meaning they carry a wide range of pant sizes! So, Kei tried on pants and I tried on dresses.

Here are the ones I tried on. From left to right: White eyelet dress (no xs size so not for me), the middle and right are the same design, only the middle is a swiss dot design and the right one is in stripes. All my picks are 100% cotton fabric. I hate polyester. 

all pretty!

all pretty! photos taken from old navy

He got two pants one in denim and another in khaki. I got two dresses. The swiss dot and the stripe. After that we doused our hot temper in iced macchiato and went back to grab our new found fave porkbuns. Then ate a lot again for dinner.

this is

this helped us feel better. but our wallet does not feel better. lols. 

This sums up our weekend. We eat and shop.

How did you spend you labor weekend?

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feb 16 is our valentine date for 2014

A Sunday! Right after church and fellowship, Kei brought me to Buenisimo for a late lunch.

Buenisimo. Muy bien!

Buenisimo. Muy bien!

Kei really planned for this! I was ecstatic! We had the whole place to ourselves! We arrived at around 2pm. Really late for lunch and too early for merienda.

But its ok since the wait staff’s only focus was us. Nice! The staff are really helpful and friendly too! One of the wait staff even volunteered to take a photo of us.

 While waiting for the food, we sort of looked around their restaurant.

DSC04806buenisimo inside

we did not get to explore much… because the food is ready! That was fast! 

We are given complimentary bread with balsamic vinaigrette .

so good we asked for another

so good we asked for another

Followed by Caesar salad.

beautiful presentation!

Beautiful presentation! I was encouraged to eat veggies… even if I don’t really like veggies. 

And our all time favorite paella!


loving this paella! 

And lastly grilled salmon.

artful and tasteful at the same time

artful and tasteful at the same time

Washed everything down with fresh dalandan juice.

the photo taken by one of the wait staff

the photo taken by one of the wait staff (earlier while we were waiting for the food)

And done. Thank you buenisimo! We then headed out to the neighboring restaurant lola, to get desserts.

Yes, that is right. Lola same as the filipino/tagalog word for Grandma. 

really loving the look of the place

really loving the look of the place

Lola is actually a cafe and bar.

chalkboard menu

Lola’s chalkboard menu

The whole place is modern, and cozy. reminds me of all the stuff I see in pinterest! And back to dessert.

We had a banoffee pie to share.

banoffee pie

banoffee pie

We ended up finishing it in less than 10 mins. hahahaha! loved that it was not too sweet, perfect!

While on the topic of Valentine’s day. I would also like to share what Kei gave me as valentine gift this year.

strawberry basket!

a strawberry basket!

Which is unique as well as practical. Everything on the basket are stuff I like! Strawberries are my favorite fruit. I sort of collect owls, a anime drawing of me and my lovely pet rabbits, a magnet reminder for forgetful me, a fan, chocolate and three red roses. The best thing about it,he didn’t have to go to Dangwa (flower capital of manila) and jostle with the crowd for overpriced flowers that would wilt. No overspending for us! yey! *He said the whole gift costs exactly 1000 php.  Awesome and creative! 


For those interested in the restaurants, here are the details. 

Buenisimoby Café Ysabel is located at 24 Scout Tuazon St. corner Scout Lozano, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City

Telephone No.: 410-5050.


 Lola Cafe+Bar is located at 99 Sct. Lozano St., Quezon City, Philippines

Telephone No.: 501-2620 Closed on Mondays

*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience. (I am not a food expert or critic.) This is not a sponsored post, Kei paid for this (from) his own pocket.

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happy valentine’s day!

happy valentine’s day everyone!

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

I am off to celebrate the day with my lovely Grandma! Plus, the family…as always.

My valentine date with Kei will be moved to the weekend. Because I think it would be a bad idea to join the rush/splurge for valentine’s when we can get a better deal on a less “peak day for dates”.  Besides heavily packed/noisy restaurants are not exactly a romantic place. *Just being practical here.*

and lastly a friendly reminder,

Gifts of love need not be expensive, just heart-felt. 

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thankful saturday

*My thankful friday will temporarily be moved to saturday to give way to Filipino Friday. 


Woot! Weekend is here again! I am thankful for:

1.) A Uji Matcha Kitkat given to me today. Because I love KitKat/s.

uji matcha Kitkat photo from the internet

uji matcha Kitkat photo from the internet

2.)  A unplanned movie night date with Kei! We watched gravity.

Movie date at Greenhills Promenade

Movie date at Greenhills Promenade

3.) Meeting my cousins tomorrow for a late moon festival dice game.

4.) For my Dermatologist. I may hate visiting her because it (pricking)  is painful (both literally and in the wallet). But really, I am thankful that you are taking care of me.

5.) I am also happy that my Confirmation Class will resume tomorrow!


“I’ve started to look at life differently. When you’re thanking God for every little you – every meal, every time you wake up, every time you take a sip of water – you can’t help but be more thankful for life itself, for the unlikely and miraculous fact that you exist at all.” -A.J. Jacobs


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Time for my afternoon tea

While I love my coffee, I am also a tea drinker.

There are now a lot of TWG branches in the Philippines, and I have been to two of them Greenbelt and Newport City (Resorts World Manila).

*Not to be confused with Twinnings, another tea company. TWG  tea stands for The Wellness Group, and this luxury tea company “is a luxury concept that incorporates an international distribution network to professionals, unique and original retail outlets and exquisite tea rooms”. TWG originated from Singapore.

TWG Newport City branch

TWG Newport City branch (Resorts World Manila)

Fancy, lovely and very English! They have very luxurious uniformed look in all of their stores.

TWG branch in Greenbelt 5

TWG branch in Greenbelt 5 (the first TWG store in Philippines)

My first TWG visit was on Dec 2012 , and have been coming back once in a while.  I love their macaroons!

macaroon spread

Choose your macaroons!

They also serve cake.

TWG's Cake election

TWG’s Cake election

Their tea boutique is also quite a colorful eye candy!

twg tea boutique

twg tea boutique

Usually we go for the tea time set (Chic-Royal set), since it is a little bit of everything with the option to add more If you like. The one we chose consists of a pot of tea, sandwiches (- Prawn with Silver Moon Tea infused cream, Smoked salmon with Mascarpone and chives, Roma tomato and Moroccan Mint Tea infused sauce) and scones. *but we opted to add another tea pot.*

TWG -Tea Time (3pm-6pm) TEA TIME SET MENU-CHIC-Royal set


And added macaroons. (50php per piece) My favorite is the Napoleon tea & Caramel.

TWG macaroons

TWG macaroons

Their prices really reflect “couture” tea.

The extensive tea list

The tea list

But they make up for it with their luxurious  ambiance, the place is  good for dates, bonding moments with friends and family. Just don’t come here in a hungry mode as there is a waiting list (on peak hours), the service can be slow, staff is friendly and knowledgeable about tea.

My afternoon tea date Kei and me.

My afternoon tea date Kei and me.

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique
Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Village, Makati
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 11 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday – 11 am to 10 pm
Sunday – 10 am to 9 pm

*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with a TWG. This is not a sponsored post, we paid for this (from) our own pocket(s).


National Museum of the Philippines

Oh, a museum visit.

Paying a visit to the Philippine National Museum

Paying a visit to the Philippine National Museum

Wait, before you go and wave it off why not try to see it in a different light, other than a school field trip spot?

Have you ever been in a museum other than for the said reason? No? Then this can be the time to enjoy a trip to the museum and probably learn a thing or two.

All you have to do is express a slight interest in them.

Take a look, it will be worth your while.

Upon entry into the museum. This is the first painting that will greet you.

The Spoliarium

The Spoliarium

This is the Spoliarium (often misspelled Spolarium) is a painting by the Filipino artist Juan Luna. It took eight months to finish this award winning masterpiece on a greatly huge canvas depicting dying gladiators. This painting was submitted by Luna to the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in 1884 in Madrid, where it garnered the first gold medal (out of three).

a closer look at the Spoliarium

a closer look at the Spoliarium

Its metal inscription

Spoliarium's metal label

Spoliarium’s metal label

look up the Spoliarium it has a great deal of story and history. And that is just the first!

Walking along I came across a lot of paintings, I will share to you those that caught my eye.

The Progress of Medicine in the Philippines by Carlos Modesto Villaluz Francisco or Botong

The Progress of Medicine in the Philippines by Carlos Modesto Villaluz Francisco or “Botong Francisco”

This is a series of paintings  by Carlos V. Francisco  or also known as Botong Francisco. He is known for his murals. These were specially commissioned for the entrance hall of the Philippine General Hospital in 1953. Declared a National Cultural Treasure, these extraordinary works were displayed on loan to the National Museum by the University of the Philippines for restoration and preservation.

These are oil-on-canvas panels, depicting the history and development of medicine in the country. ( pre-colonial period, the Spanish colonial period, the American Occupation era, and the modern era of the 1950s.)

Then to the next room.

Fish Forms by Ang Kiukok

Fish Forms by Ang Kiukok

This Painting was done by Ang Kiukok (洪救國), his style is really distinct. He merges  cubismsurrealism and expressionism. What makes him very interesting to me is because He studied art at University of Santo Tomas. (which is also my school!) and he has Chinese roots just like me!

The Origins by Jose Joya

The Origins by Jose Joya

Here is a abstract, impasto (paint is applied thickly so as the brush strokes are visible, to add texture and create depth), triptych (three panels) by Jose Joya.

Are you familiar with Vicente S. Manansala?

Here is one of His works. He was a Filipino cubist painter and illustrator.

Calesa by Vicente S. Manansala

Calesa by Vicente S. Manansala

He developed transparent cubism, wherein the “delicate tones, shapes, and patterns of figure and environment are masterfully superimposed”. In this artwork Calesa, He used watercolors as his artistic media.

If you live in the Philippines, I am sure you know our national hero Jose P. Rizal.

Jose Rizal- Portrait done by Felix Gonzales

Jose Rizal- Portrait done by Felix Gonzales

Did you know he is also a skilled artist?

Ermitaño-Terra cotta sculpture made by Jose

Ermitaño – Terra cotta sculpture made by Jose Rizal

here is another sculpture by Rizal

mother's revenge - a clay sculpture

mother’s revenge – a clay sculpture

Here is a short story behind this sculpture: Rizal was inspired to create the sculpture by an incident that occurred while he was exiled in Dapitan and set up a school, in 1894. Some of his students secretly went to Dapitan in a boat from Talisay and a puppy of Rizal’s dog Syria tried to follow them and was eaten by a crocodile. Rizal scolded the boys, telling them that if they had not gone to town without his permission the puppy would not have died and its mother would have been spared the sorrow of losing an offspring. He further stressed the moral of the incident by making a statuette showing the mother dog killing the crocodile, to avenge her lost puppy. He called this “The Mother’s Revenge.”

(source of this story:’s_Revenge)

And here is a architectural drawing of our national hero.

View of Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

View of Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin

Multi-talented huh? Can write, draw, sculpt, be a doctor, teacher and hero! Amazing!

let us now move along…

Feeding the Chickens by Simon Flores

Feeding the Chickens by Simon Flores

Rustic and earthy. Feeding the Chickens By Simon Flores. I love the simplicity of the scene.

Located in the next room was the sculptures. While I am not really fond of sculptures, I find this impeccable.

Virgin and Child by Isabelo Tampinco

Virgin and Child by Isabelo Tampinco

Isabelo Tampinco is a sculptor known for his woodcarvings for churches.  He makes Art Nouveau style woodcarvings. He is also a Chinese mestizo!  His  works are admired by Jose Rizal. 

Paying a closer look to the National Museum’s door handles.

I found out that they are by Napoleón Abueva.  (My friends, He is the “Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture”.)

Commissioned door handles by Napoleón Abueva

Commissioned door handles by Napoleón Abueva

Then went on to see the zoology division of the museum. It was dark and filled with animal skeletons.

Skeleton of a Sperm Whale

Skeleton of a Sperm Whale

Their main exhibit was this skeleton of a sperm whale. I find it weird that they are named that way… but, it is actually because sperm whales contain about 3 tons of  “spermaceti” oil (waxy liquid) in its head. This whale is the largest of the toothed whales.

Before the museum was a museum, It was the Congress of the Philippines. Look.

An old photo of what it used to be.

An old photo of what it used to be.

This is what it looks like now.

The old senate hall

The old senate hall

The museum building is actually very ornamented.

beautiful stairwell

beautiful stairwell

I have never given much thought to this old building, but I must say it is very rich in history.

and so, I proceed with another painting that I find very eye catching.

This is Sabel by Ben Cab (Benedicto Cabrera).

Sabel. Dynamic and brightly hued.

Sabel. Dynamic and brightly hued.

Here is another piece by Vicente Manansala, this time his artistic medium is oil.

Bayanihan by Vicente Manansala

Bayanihan by Vicente Manansala

Upstairs I found this window. I had to take this photo. This is the pre-spanish language of the Philippines.

Definitely Filipino

Baybayin-Definitely Filipino

The Baybayin. I was thought that these characters are called the Alibata, but that tag was incorrect. It is Baybayin which means “to spell”.

Then I walked along a lot of preserved and bottled fish/taxidermy animals, that i thought looks creepy, so I will spare you the sight and not post them here.

After the museum visit, I went to grab coffee, and a bite of cake at the nearby mall.

All were going well till I saw two dresses that I really wanted to have. And it is on sale.

What is a girl to do?! You guessed right. I got them both. Luckily they still have it in my size, or for the lack of better term I managed to squeeze myself into the dresses! lols.

a Botong Francisco dress

a Botong Francisco dress

The other is a red number.

Vicente Manansala dress

Vicente Manansala dress

How apt right?  I have wearable souvenirs of my museum trip.

I enjoyed going to the museum, it was a refreshing change (against my usual tendencies to go malling).


Give it a try, who knows you might also find it enjoyable.



P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila. Tuesdays-Sundays, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


*I paid 150php for entrance. All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience. This is not a sponsored post, paid for this (from) my own pocket(s).