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Not Amused

photo from buzzfeed

photo from buzzfeed

Since my heart is golden,  I’ve got sense to hold in,

Tempted just to make an ugly scene. No, I’m not as proper.

-Carried Away-Passion Pit

This Day isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Basically, I am not amused with almost everything that is happening today.So, I am writing this post just to keep myself from doing more damage. And me being angry/spewing nasty words is not exactly a good example of being a good christian.

I have to get my dress which I an going to wear on the weekend refitted. Because the original dress was way too big around the armhole area, I had it refitted and altered, but the tailor did a measly job that resulted in me wasting money and the dress was still ill fitting and now stained with coffee. Que horror! 
I am going to another tailor to get it altered again.
Things are not exactly going as planned at work too. but yeah, I can manage. I am just disappointed.
So, the ear phones are out.  Will drown out everything else for now.