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two brides in the family

the actual message sent to me

the actual message sent to me

Yesterday (March 15, 2015), I got this text message from my cousin (that is also my bridesmaid) that she was proposed to within the week. And she will not be able to fulfill her duties as my bridesmaid-as she has her own wedding to plan.

Her date is Jan 24, 2016 (so close to our date-Dec 19 and it is also right after my birthday!) We would be on a Sukob- a (Filipino) belief that misfortunes will befall the couple if they decided to get married during the same year a sibling also got married. or a chiong xi-clash of luck a (Chinese) superstition that if a couple’s wedding falls within less than 30 days of the wedding day of one of their close relatives (cousins included), then the couples cannot attend each another’s wedding or there may be a ‘collision’ of good fortune. I was like are are you freaking kidding me?

You didn’t even have a decent Facebook post or announcement or anything??? What now?

Do not get me wrong. I love my cousin. For my whole existence, she was one of my Atchie/s (big sister) –one I look up to. One of the family. I love her dearly that is why I picked her to be by my side on my wedding day.

But then again. What guy proposes to a girl that already has picked out a wedding date that fast?! (Chinese usually gets a geomancer to pick out a good day.) I informed you guys, a year ago of my date! I was aghast. I mean yeah, I am happy for you. But the news also stirs up my thoughts….Why did you have to set the date so soon? Why so sudden? Why the rush?

I got engaged July 20, 2014. My wedding is at December 19, 2015. That December 19 date was picked by our geomancer!

A year in the making, We even sent out bridesmaid kits for the entourage (Feb 2015)! She even accepted! It was all planned, she knew! Just why?

Then I am blindsided with this. After knowing our story, our date, our colors and location of our wedding. I was like why? Why you do this? The only good thing right now is at least we still haven’t had her measurements taken for her dress.

So, yeah maybe that was out of her control. But looking again at her message, there is this 100 days before and after that she wrote down… that means she and her family cannot attend my wedding, Same goes for us.

So yeah whatever. If that makes them feel better so be it. What I hate about the situation is the awkwardness and the comparison it brings, let us also not forget the casting of entourage… kind of like a ugly power struggle. We are all supposed to be happy for one another! A family must be united on a happy occasion right? You guys know how I hate family drama. Sucks. All this because they set their date so close and so sudden.

Anyway, what is done is done. I’m just praying that everything goes well for everyone.

I may be bewildered now, but I am ok. I bear no ill or bitterness. All the best Atchie C.

I love you and is truly happy for you! Happy preps! Our family is truly blessed to have two happy occasions to look forward to! Double the bride, double the love! God bless!

xoxo, Pam

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Filipino Friday 2013 # 5: What Do Readers Want?

The schedule of the Readercon is moved. 

The 3rd Filipino ReaderCon is postponed to December 7, 2013because of supertyphoon Yolanda. Still the same time, same venue. But even with that change in schedule, we still have a Filipino Friday today. -taken from

Although I am not attending, I think I need to spread the word about the change of schedule. 

Photo of the typhoon haiyan/yolanda taken from the internet

Photo of the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda taken from the internet

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
I will be still, know You are God

“Still” from Hillsong United


The last typhoon had really hit hard. It breaks my heart to see the devastation and deaths it caused… Pray for the typhoon victims and extend help if you can.

For donations and relief operations here is a list of Relief Operation Centers compiled by Rappler.

This will be the last Filipino Friday for 2013. and here are the questions I have to answer. 

What do readers want?

What’s your favorite genre/reading material?

I read almost anything I can get my hands on. But I really prefer to read Young Adult books. I like to read to relax.

*Or opinion/comedy/chick lit books. Any will do. But please no tearjerkers. 
Who is your favorite author (local or foreign)?

On foreign Authors Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, Dr Seuss, Rick Riordan, Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Conrad

On Local Authors Lourd de Veyra, Bob Ong
What kinds of books would you like to see more of from local authors or publishers?

I like to see more Graphic novels like Budjette Tan & Kajo Baldisimo’s “Trese”.
What is your favorite book from a Filipino author?

The best of this is a crazy planets by Lourd Ernest H. de Veyra.  =)


“A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” ― C.S. Lewis

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Filipino Fridays: Hello Reader! What kind of reader are you?

This would be the first time I am going to participate in a weekly meme (leading to the Filipino ReaderCon-for the Filipino readers) .

Honestly, I am still clueless as to what I am going to do but since I was invited by my dear friend Matti of likereadingontrains, here I go.

Life of a Cuddlebit joins Filipino Fridays

Life of a Cuddlebit joins Filipino Friday

So, for my first Filipino Friday for 2013!


  • What kind of reader are you?

A little introduction: Hi! I am Pammy and I live in the busy city of Manila. A graphic artist by profession. read more about me here.

what kind of reader are you?

what kind of reader are you? Click on the photo for the full chart.

I am a mix of Book lover / compulsive reader/ Book Cherish-er (I love covering up books in plastic, even if the book is not mine. Eeek.) / Immersive reader (No breaks! Must find out what happens!) / Library lover (consistent winner of the best reader/most number of books read in my library way back school days) / Book borrower (I feel guilty buying and then reading a 300+php book in one sitting I prefer to borrow than buy. penny pinch-er moves! Guilty as charged!) / Situational /  Omni-reader (I read whatever is available.) / free range Eclectic and Cross under.

I am a cross-bred reader mutt. Basically a halo-halo.


Halo-halo photo from Chowking

Join the fun! Go see the others on the Filipino Reader Con Website.

Till the next post!


Malinta Tunnel Lateral Walk (Corregidor Trip 2.5)

So, This is what went on after the walk. We (Me, Kei and Matti) had to finish lunch for 15mins. (Yes, that rushed!)  And head back to the Malinta Tunnel to explore the laterals.

This is the map of the Tunnel.

Malinta Tunnel map

Malinta Tunnel Map

The Malinta Main Tunnel Walk (lights and sounds tour) is usually taken by the tourists, I already did that on my fist visit to Corregidor, this time around I am going for the walk that only a few has dared to go. The Lateral Walk. See those thin lines on the map? those are the ones we are going for. This is not the usually suggested tour, as it can be really eerie inside. This is usually done at night, sort of a ghost hunting tour. But this time for us alone, they are going to give this tour in the early afternoon. So, Yay for us!

We meet again Malinta Tunnel. Let's see the stories you keep.

We meet again Malinta Tunnel. Let’s see the stories you keep.

I braced myself for this part of the walk. As I am very much a scaredy cat when it comes to things that concerns ghosts, haunted places and the supernatural. We were each told to wear hard hats, to avoid bumping our heads inside the tunnel as some parts of it have really low headroom.  Then each was given a flashlight that would serve as our primary light source inside. By this time, my hands are clammy and there are some weird dancing butterflies in my stomach.

Vamos Tres musketeros! Let's Go exploring.

Vamos Tres Musketeros! Let’s Go exploring. (Left Matti’s, Middle Mine and Right Kei’s Flashlight)

This is it! We are off. With our hard hats and flashlights, let the walk begin. I have to warn you a lot of dark plus orb photos in this post, I am only relying on the camera’s flash and the flashlight, so don’t expect nice photos here.

Entrance to the laterals of the tunnel. Ready to go in?

Entrance to the laterals of the tunnel. Ready to go in?

We then walked through a part of the main tunnel and we are now at the entrance of the lateral part of the tunnel. Here we go. I want to back down!!! (but must show my companions that I am brave.) It is very dark inside! and just on the first test photo I took, there is an orb.

Really dark inside...

Really dark inside… see the orb? (bottom right)

Too late to go back now. We ventured to the dark.

walking in

walking in. (that’s me in the striped tee, my friend Matti is the one behind me)

Inside the tunnel the temperature is really cool, and on some parts dusty, others damp. The guide now explains how the tunnel was made.

The guide explaining how the tunnel was made.

The guide explaining how the tunnel was made.

The Army Corps of Engineers (USA) rented obsolete equipment from Baguio’s gold miners for a nominal fee and used explosives (tnt). The explosive used is in powder form, and had to be wrapped into makeshift cartridges using paper, which were placed into holes drilled into the rock. Labor was by the the (1,000) convicts from the Bilibid Prison in Manila. A company of engineers from the Philippine Scouts worked on the construction as foremen and clerks.

low headroom and slippery, uneven path. Yikes!

Low headroom and slippery, uneven path. Yikes!

We are now far inside the tunnel. Here is where the low headroom and slippery paths are, basically the crude areas of the tunnel. Our guide also told us that the brown stains on the rocks are actually gasoline that the US soldiers placed to smoke out the Japanese soldiers hiding inside the tunnel.


dented gate (That’s my friend Matti in the photo)

Passing by the area we came to a gate, rusty and dented. I believe this was also burned with gasoline. A few steps more, we were told to stop. To look at this.

a charred piece of human bone.

a charred piece of human bone.

That is one of the few remaining pieces of genuine human bones of those that perished inside the tunnel.

After seeing it, we are now crossing through the main tunnel to head towards the Fort Mills Lateral Hospital. (the 1000 bed hospital inside the Malinta Tunnel)

visiting the hospital

visiting the hospital

Going in. This part of the tunnel is lined with cement, the floors and ceiling are smooth and maybe light grey or white, but due to the low light, I can’t really tell. (We were told that the cement is Asada cement made in Japan.)

here is what it looks like inside.

here is what it looks like inside, every tunnel contains 100 beds.

See the gated tunnel? that is the female nurses’s quarters, they placed gates for the female staff’s safety. They also stock morphine and medicines inside. Since the medicines are a few and everything is rationed, there are some soldiers who walks to these gates and beg for morphine. According to accounts the experience of the medical staff here is described as maddening. They are to always wear a smile when attending to the patients to keep the morale of the soldiers up. At nights cries of pain and moans of those near death keeps them awake.

inside the nurses' quarters

inside the nurses’ quarters

Inside their quarters, the only stuff they have is a desk and a chair, and a couch. The basic minimum.

Then we are made to walk to the surgery/operating area/pharmacy tunnel. We only see the dark, but this is what the camera saw.

a lot of orbs.

a lot of orbs.

 A lot of orbs. And this part of the tunnel is also colder than the rest since there is water dripping from its ceiling and it is damp inside. I got goosebumps looking at the photos my camera has captured. 

Lastly, we are to visit the ward.

the lateral ward

the lateral ward

There are also orbs here, but not as many as those seen in the surgery area. this time we are made to turn off our flashlights and cameras and walk the tunnel in complete darkness, using the walls as our guide around the tunnel. To make us experience what the soldiers felt like before walking around these tunnels. (So no more pictures here) After a while we found ourselves back in the main tunnel and that was it. Its time to go.

I cant help but admire the courage and sacrifice those people (inside the tunnel) did. For love of country and fellow countrymen, for freedom and liberty.

I have much respect for them.

*There has been no ghost sightings reported in side the tunnel, only orbs. Caution to those that are claustrophobic, rethink if you really want to go for this tour. This is a spine chilling tour, not for the faint hearted. All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with Corregidor. This is not a sponsored post, we paid for this (from) our own pocket(s).

**My first Corregidor trip can be found here. Second trip here.