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pepper please

Pepper to me is the spice, a name of a friend and also a bunny.

See, Pepper is one of my pet rabbits at home. We have been with her since the day she was born. Her mom is Pudding (My first pet rabbit. A brown rabbit too, but with a lighter brown fur, also our pet.) Pepper has brown fur with black tips. Her color reminds us of peppercorn hence the name Pepper.

One of her unique markings is that she wears a single white “mitten” on her left paw and having long eyelashes.

Pepper is a month old in this photo

a younger me, with a month old pepper

She likes banana and fruit juice/shakes like our other rabbits, and can be greedy when pellets or yogurt is up for grabs. But unlike the other rabbits, she is always calm and demure even. Preferring to just plop down (lounge) near the kitchen while all the others go about running from room to room. Despite her calm demeanor, she always excitedly greets everyone who pass by her area/comes home with rabbit kisses. That gets her a lot of treats and hugs.

It is no surprise that she grew to a nice fluffball the size (or bigger) of a adult cat. Our neighbor’s cats and dogs are usually intimidated by the size of our rabbits. –Truth be told, our rabbits had a lot of love (and treats) from our friends who dote on them. They even get vegetable freebies when we go to the market with a rabbit on hand. Some even asks for selfies with the rabbits.

Pepper is our “diva” at home. She usually gets everything she likes, without you noticing that she get everything she likes. She has her way with humans. She can also be quite persuasive when she wants a treat. It is hard to say no when she stares at you with her big brown eyes.

photo taken on our last visit to the vet

photo taken on our last visit to the vet – she is lounging inside a laundry basket

Pepper lived to a old age (for rabbits) of 5 years. She crossed the rainbow bridge and is hopefully happy and contented there.

Thanks for being my rabbit and staying with us Pepper. You will be missed.


*Our pet Rabbits are the reason I chose a brown bunny as my blog logo and also the color palette for this page.