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thankful friday

Another week is done. Seems like the days are passing by quickly…

Art by Katie Daisy

Art by Katie Daisy



Let me count this  weeks joys:

1.) Kei and I met our friends/role models, Atchie Clarisse and Ahya Paul over halo halo! They gave us brownies and owls goodies! Plus life advice! Much thanks!

Brownies and Owls!

Brownies and Owls!

2.) Finally got new nail clippers for the rabbits my furbabies at home. We got this from Daiso at 88php! 

nail clippers for little pets

nail clippers for little pets

3.) Chatted with my cousin Jackie from the USA. She learned that I collect owls and sent me these two cuties to add to my growing owl family! I miss her and our random bonding moments + my super hyper little nephew. 

owls form atchie jack

Owls form Atchie Jackie

4.) Getting to and from work safely on the day the typhoon hit.

5.) Laughing every morning listening to The Morning Rush. Positivity to start the day.



Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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meet my new fur-babies!

These two takes up most of my spare time.


our bunnies trying to eat broccoli

I am a grand mum to two baby rabbits.  *They still have no names yet. And we still don’t know their gender…*

DSC04923 copy

the firstborn

This little one here, is the firstborn bunny. Also our first “patches” coloring. We usually get all white or all brown bunnies. So this is awesome for me! Did not know my rabbit can have a patterned offspring. *”Pepper” the mother rabbit is solid brown with black eyes, “Tokki” the father rabbit is solid white with red eyes*

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

And this is the little one with the bright eyes. Just sharing the cuteness!

Enjoy the weekend!


“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ― Paul McCartney