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embarrassing things I like

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

1.) Young Adult Novels – I like to read but I don’t really like reading heavy serious stuff. I want something light, imaginative and fun/funny. I like Y.A. novels. They are my breather from the serious mundane reality of life. Truth is, at times I think I am still a teen.

bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

the bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

2.) Rose champagne – While rose champagne is usually more expensive but tastes like the regular champagne or worse, I like it. Even if rose champagne has a reputation of being a drink for dbags and pretentious people. I still like it. Because I like the color and it makes me feel girly and fancy! Bourgeois, I know. But sorry, I love the pink bubbly. And one of my tea time fantasy is to pair it with French macaron.

photofrom the internet

photo from the internet

3.) French Macaron – here in the Philippines, these little round things can cost quite a bit. But biting into one makes me feel so luxurious. I cannot just eat one. I must have three or five…. again, bourgeois.

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

4.) Gossip girl – The show ended but I am still watching them over and over. Must be my dream of being the queen bee of a clique, I am always the loner growing up. I never had a barkada. I am a Jenny Humphrey/Nelly Yuki wanting to be Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen . Whatever you say about it, I love it. Plus Ed Westwick is just perfect!

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

5.) Cartoons – I am still a child at heart. I still smile and feel happy at the sight of colorful happy cartoons for kids. They make me believe that good will always triumph, and that everybody can be a friend, and a happily ever after.

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a slice of humble pie

Over the week I have been meticulously looking for pegs and location for a prenup shoot. As this was the norm for most couples that is going to tie the knot.

this humble buko pie serves as my companion while searching for possible prenup pegs.

Beacuse Kei is busy at work…this humble buko pie served as my companion while searching for possible prenup pegs.  

I wanted drama and glamour. Something unique. My artistic side is kicking in. I don’t want to fall for the usual outdoor/garden/vintage theme almost everyone is going for. I can’t imagine getting Kei to wear pastel polo with hat and suspenders…. I want him to look masculine and edgy. I can adapt. I think I can pull this off. I am an artist right?!

To be specific, I wanted something like that of a Gossip Girl scene. The locations where they are at school, at upscale restos, bars…etc. As I can sort of relate to (Chuck and Blair’s relationship) it, and really loved that show. *I can relate to their chaotic life/friendship/relationship. Not the riches part ok?! But hey, a girl can dream right?

how is this for drama? photo taken from the net.

How is this for drama?  A scene from Gossip Girl. photo taken from the internet.

I pinned my pegs and looked through my cabinet to see if I already have clothes that would fit the theme as I am going to be my own stylist and even help Kei pick out what he will wear. And realized I need to buy shoes, with heels! As most of my shoes as of the moment are my trusty, comfy Fitflops of different designs/colors that I wear with everything. As for clothes, some of the clothes I have will do. Like my old uniform. But I still have to get gowns made. To match the swanky theme/location I imagined. 

I realized I need a lot of stuff.  stuff=money. I need to be thrifty!

And off I go to Divisoria! The home of bargain shopping. To look for a seamstress to do my gowns according to my pegs. (I printed them out on bond paper.) On my mind I really thought they could do the pegs for a low price. But, upon arrival and asking around… my peg was deemed “haute fashion” that would cost 6k the least. Oh dear.

Ouch. That is my projected price for two gowns! Not one!  

Determined to find something more reasonable I looked for gowns for rent…and found one but was still disappointed with how it turned out. To rent one gown you pay 4.5k, upon return of the gown, they give you back half of the 4.5k. Not much savings. Max fail.

I went home not totally defeated as I scored a rather cute black skater skirt and two earrings. 



So, I’m back to looking for gown pegs and eating my humble pie.

I’m going to find a not so haute design for my prenup gown/s and sticking to my idea.

We will meet again Divisoria.