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hello I’m better than you

Yesterday I took the LRT to visit my cousin who just recently give birth to a baby girl. While on the train, I saw a old grandma on the other segment  huddled together with the throng of commuters. Standing on the middle with no handrail to hold. I sort of felt sad that no one gave a seat to her or  helped her to a handrail at least.


Then while walking to the hospital, I encountered a car that angrily honked his loud car horn too many times behind my back, even when I hurried to step out of the way. ( I was really near the side walk, and the road is wide) I don’t know why the driver did that. Is he flaunting his Fortuner? Oh please. 


At times, I cannot really fathom how people think. I grew up in the time where being considerate and helpful to others to others is the norm but now, I think it is really rare to find people who are considerate to others. I suddenly think, why do you people do that? Didn’t your parents teach you values? Or for a person older than me. I think waaah, you are older than me yet still behave like that? What you better than everyone in the room? Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better?  You are the boss of (insert big-time company here), can treat others like dirt? Have the latest expensive car model, can act like you own the road? shame on you.


Hello! Everyone has problems. Its not only you who are pressed for time, who have duties to attend to, is important.

Let me stress the underlined words. EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT.


You can be the prettiest, handsomest, smartest, richest and most educated person in the world, but without values. You are just an empty shell. And may I add Educated people know better so they behave better. Call yourself educated but treat others badly, how does that reflect on you?

Richer than everyone here, can act like a jerk? Son/daughter of a wealthy family, everyone should treat you better? sadly the youth this generation thinks like this. Being rich is not and will never be the most important thing. Bestowed riches is not a license to treat others like dirt. It is a privilege given to you, you have more than others have, cant you be more understanding on the plight of the less fortunate ones? Besides, the real rich people who earned their riches the hard way don’t act like they are the most important person. They are all very humble, thrifty and industrious.

You can be the boss of the big company, but without your workers, who can you be the boss of?! Treat your workers badly, expect them to like you, and motivate them to work better? Lead by example. Being a Boss and being a Leader are two very different things. Boss can get obedience, but never respect. Leaders get both respect and obedience plus earn his worker’s trust. (For a better explanation of the difference of a leader and a boss see this blog.)

Wow a nice shiny Porsche. Flaunt it all you want for all I care. It may be millions of dollars worth but that piece of metal is still subject to deteriorate in itself and value. Bottom line is its still a car. That shares the road with all the other inferior cars out there. Unless you go build yourself your own road because you are that filthy rich. Subject yourself to the same rules as everybody else.

Stop the I’m better than you attitude. 


“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” ― J.K. Rowling