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waiting for the fish to bite

Placed a bait and sat back. I am waiting for my fish to bite.

Then, I wait.

I got a small one. I cast out my line again to try for a bigger fish.

Then I wait again, and scan my eyes on the water trying to locate a fish worth the catch.

Bait was out, this time more lines are placed. I waited with batted breath for the “bite” only there is none.

Only ripples in the water. and for every tug in the line, my stomach lurches, bile rises up and I dread the next.

But again, there is none. Only a ripple.

This sums up how I feel these days.


Imagine how this guy does it daily for work. I really admire him so much. He is Jeremy Wade of River Monsters.

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters - Animal Planet

Jeremy Wade from River Monsters on Animal Planet

He patiently waits for the fish to bite, waiting for hours at times at late night hours and even for days just to get a fish. Hard work, hard to earn a living these days.

At times, I can almost feel his pain as the caught fish, breaks free and escapes. Or worse, the fish injures him.

Just how bad can his fishing injuries get?

Jeremy sustained a machete accident. (hacking his thumb to the bone, then had to perform surgery with super glue); in water he narrowly escaped from a sinking boat in the Amazon and in the air he survived a plane crash in the Amazon and escaped uninjured. He has also caught malaria in the Congo, where the locals thought he might die; was rammed in the chest by a 6-foot Arapaima, a South American fresh water fish in the Amazon; had a gun pulled on him in the Amazon interior; and also was detained and interrogated as a suspected spy while fishing at the Mekong River. – this is from River Monster Jeremy Wade Interview.  (see the full interview

Jaw dropping. Wow.

I have been watching River Monsters since its first season and still waiting for the next. I am actually guilty of watching the past episodes over and over again that I actually memorized Jeremy Wade’s mini-biography every opening of the show. I am awestruck by how patient and passionate he is in what he is doing. He is an inspiration to me.


*No, I don’t fish. Never even touched a fishing rod, or even hold a live, squirming fish for that matter. I am a city girl born and bred. I get jelly knees thinking about holding a live fish and having to gut it out. (I don’t even know how to gut a fish, I p[refer my fish in a can, shredded and boneless.)


The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. -John Buchan