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collected and comfy

One of my favorite pastimes is to look at other people’s houses (on blogs) at the internet, I look at them for fun and inspiration. I like looking at how others decorate their place and their lifestyle.

But my personal favorites are those quirky homes/apartments that have a lot of character that doesn’t look like it just brought a whole showcase from the store or grabbed everything from pinterest. Because who the hell does that?! Common people do not live like that.

Therefore it has been my mission to style my home with practicality, and without breaking the bank. I source items that are practical and useful and also adhere to the “style” I wanted to create. I still believe that style isn’t expensive, but it does take thought and time. *ie, in looking for items for home I really stick to my guns and look for blues, greens or anything that will complement the items I have at home if there is none then I don’t buy. I have an assortment of plastic items (I have my balde and tabo in green and blue of course!), metal shelf, bargain stuff (daiso items) and even some local/native and hand me down items.

So this time I am sharing my real life home style – including items that I use and can be found in my home.

ecclectic modern tropical

welcome to our eclectic modern tropical home 

Collected and comfy was my guiding principle in creating our home style. We worked around with the existing green bathroom on our home and build up around it. I used a calming analogous color scheme of blues and greens to create a cool and calm feel on our home. I got very much excited with creating the color palette as you can see above. I even added plants to make the home more inviting.

Every day has enough challenges, so it’s worth it to splurge on some of the items we use most, like a good smelling hand soap, or a cup of coffee…etc. Its about the little things that make everyday living less of a bore.

We usually have friends over so the most used area in our place is the dining and living. I made sure to get decent throw pillows, table ware, extra seating (in our color) some fun matching place mats and a picture frame that we personalized with a quote and our wifi passord! That simple frame got a lot of compliments. Because sometimes its the effort that counts. 

Not bad right? To think most of our stuff are brought on sale!


While our home style continues to evolve and change what I love most about my home is:

It is my comfy place, the place where I can be myself.

The one I share it with.  ❤


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why like this?

So, there, done with my deadline. I am trying so hard to draw something for my yearly calendar/datebook planner.

While I enjoy drawing my characters, I sometimes run out of ideas on what to draw next.  The next few minutes will be spent googling, then get sidetracked and end up reading blogs. Till I decide not to draw anymore and leave it to tomorrow. Then worry about finishing the said task (on top of my daily/weekly tasks) before November. *facepalm*

Ah, why am I like this?

I am just one restless/curious little bit.

curious bunny

curious bunny

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I maybe a rabbit

Is it possible for a human to be like a rabbit? I think I am a rabbit.

Despite my dislike for vegetables. I can safely say I share a lot of similarities with a rabbit. I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive when given treats. I rarely show my appreciation to my master. I do things just to get special treats. I rarely pay attention to anything my master says, to me its all a gibberish language I cannot understand. I am indifferent when my master walks by and I tend to hurt,  bite/scratch my master, lots of times. What can my master get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional hug, some licks when I feel like it. Other than that no more. Master has to give me food and water daily and clean my cage, protect me from possible predators, take me to the vet to keep me healthy.


You see my master is God.  Let’s change the perspective a bit:

Even with God, I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive to God  when given favors. I rarely show my appreciation to God. I do things just to get my prayers granted. I rarely pay attention to anything God says. I am indifferent when God makes His presence felt and I tend to complain,  underestimate, ignore God, lots of times. What can God get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional prayer, some praise when I feel like it. Other than that no more. God gives me food and water daily and give me life, protect me from possible danger, and keep me healthy.

Everything is for me, God gets nothing.  I am God’s useless pet.


last week, I got bitten by one of my pet rabbits. It drew blood and it was a pretty deep wound for something that looks totally harmless.

rabbit bite

rabbit bite

I would be lying if I say it doesn’t hurt. It did hurt. A lot if I may add.

Should I stop taking care of my rabbit? maybe. But that Rabbit is my responsibility, it is my pet, Even if it hurts me, I will still care for it. I will still love it no matter how many times it scratches and ignores me.

God feels the same way about me. But on that part I am the rabbit and He is the master.


But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. -Psalm 86:15




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waiting for the fish to bite

Placed a bait and sat back. I am waiting for my fish to bite.

Then, I wait.

I got a small one. I cast out my line again to try for a bigger fish.

Then I wait again, and scan my eyes on the water trying to locate a fish worth the catch.

Bait was out, this time more lines are placed. I waited with batted breath for the “bite” only there is none.

Only ripples in the water. and for every tug in the line, my stomach lurches, bile rises up and I dread the next.

But again, there is none. Only a ripple.

This sums up how I feel these days.


Imagine how this guy does it daily for work. I really admire him so much. He is Jeremy Wade of River Monsters.

Jeremy Wade of River Monsters - Animal Planet

Jeremy Wade from River Monsters on Animal Planet

He patiently waits for the fish to bite, waiting for hours at times at late night hours and even for days just to get a fish. Hard work, hard to earn a living these days.

At times, I can almost feel his pain as the caught fish, breaks free and escapes. Or worse, the fish injures him.

Just how bad can his fishing injuries get?

Jeremy sustained a machete accident. (hacking his thumb to the bone, then had to perform surgery with super glue); in water he narrowly escaped from a sinking boat in the Amazon and in the air he survived a plane crash in the Amazon and escaped uninjured. He has also caught malaria in the Congo, where the locals thought he might die; was rammed in the chest by a 6-foot Arapaima, a South American fresh water fish in the Amazon; had a gun pulled on him in the Amazon interior; and also was detained and interrogated as a suspected spy while fishing at the Mekong River. – this is from River Monster Jeremy Wade Interview.  (see the full interview

Jaw dropping. Wow.

I have been watching River Monsters since its first season and still waiting for the next. I am actually guilty of watching the past episodes over and over again that I actually memorized Jeremy Wade’s mini-biography every opening of the show. I am awestruck by how patient and passionate he is in what he is doing. He is an inspiration to me.


*No, I don’t fish. Never even touched a fishing rod, or even hold a live, squirming fish for that matter. I am a city girl born and bred. I get jelly knees thinking about holding a live fish and having to gut it out. (I don’t even know how to gut a fish, I p[refer my fish in a can, shredded and boneless.)


The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope. -John Buchan

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a candy crush life

I am on level 245, and has been stuck for a week. Once I get through this I need tickets to get me to the next level.

Yes, I am talking about Candy Crush.

candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

I love this game, my friends like it, even my mum plays it! It is simple and entertaining. I find it really helpful when I am passing time. I get excited and feel accomplished when I pass a level. I feel giddy when my friends send me lives and additional moves to help me get through the current level.

I never win straight. I win some then lose some. At times it takes a lot of tries to advance.

It also gets annoying when I have just one move left and I still need 2 moves to win. I shout a loud arrrrggghhh to show my frustration. But, I always get back and try again.

Funny that it resembles life. Persist till you win. Count on your friends to back you up.


A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success. -Elbert Hubbard



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painting the target

Hello! I am just dropping by, I still have a lot to do!!! (what’s new?!)

after my dermatologist cleaning/treatment session/work day, I feel like this.


A painted target for everyone. >_<

My skin is dotted with a few little scabs here and there, making me a bit conscious. Apparently I need to be exfoliating on summer season since sebaceous glands are more active (produces more oil, that produces breakouts) and the skin can take exfoliating on summer season since it has more oil. But no exfoliating on cold season because the skin doesn’t have enough oil, and stripping the oil away can lead to dryness/itchiness and irritation then lastly breakouts.  *I was like, woah! I did not know that* Then went off to spend most of my wallets’ contents on spf 60 to hide my moody-pasty-freckly skin out of the sun.


At work there is still more to be done.

I want a vacation. but sadly I have no time and extra money to spend.

Oh me, oh life.

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Of stress and breakouts

I am stressed. I think.

Office Bunny

Office Bunny

I have been on a roll with a lot of things to do, work, errands, and last minute work load changes for the past week and I am paying for it right now.  I am lacking sleep and the hot weather doesn’t help either.

Hello to panda eyes and breakouts. Just when I thought I have it under control here they are again.

Tomorrow is Labor day and I have work. *sigh* so before heading to work I plan to drop by my dermatologist to get the skin sorted out.

While I don’t exactly look forward to a visit to the dermatologist, I mean who wants the pricking and injections?! Not to mention the damage on my wallet. I need it.

Whew, just let me get over with this.

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Running hot and cold

And you over-think, Always speak cryptically, I should know, That you’re no good for me…

 ‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, You’re yes then you’re no, You’re in then you’re out.


Katy Perry knew it all too well.

katy Perry captured the feeling perfectly

katy Perry captured the feeling perfectly

So, here I am trying to figure out what happened?

I am a warm and caring person and usually go out of my way to greet/ask people about their lives when I am talking to them. I am cheery and friendly, I smile a lot.

No trouble connecting with people, I am always the one to understand and hear a friend out.


I  had a  friend who I used to talk to, text or email daily who suddenly cut off communication some months ago. The said friend has alternated between giving me the cold shoulder, giving me the silent treatment and avoiding me or being friendly and acting like nothing has ever happened. A few times The said friend has suddenly started communicating with me and I thought we were on our way to reconciling, then  suddenly turned cold again.

I’m tired of the whole situation, so I’m not going to make an effort anymore.


I thought and thought, but came up with nothing. I never did anything that would make the said friend feel bad in fact I always offer support and treated that friend nicely.

I don’t know why my friend is acting like this.  Everyone deserves friends who really care, not ones who enjoy your friendship for a reason or for a certain time.


I know the situation is so painful and embarrassing.

But as of the moment I need to stop thinking of what matters, and  doesn’t actually matter at all.



Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. -Richard Bach