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my go-to makeup this fall

Colder days are here! I am very much excited to play with makeup (without the sweat) because I can be lazy AF on hot, humid days. I was given a foundation to try on by a good friend of mine that led me to go ahead and update my makeup stash. Currently these are my go-to products.

These are the ones I reach out for. From left: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Lips Nude Allude (314), Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup in 2W0 Warm Vanilla, YSL Black Opium, Mac powder blush in mocha, L’Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick 232 Beige Couture, Becca Macaron Glow Kit, Hourglass ambient lighting powder blush in Diffused heat, Happy Skin X Love Marie Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Skinny dipping

On lipsticks I recently tend to go for the subtle warm color, as it less hassle to maintain thoughout the day. So its mostly MLBB shades with a bit of warm brown. As for the Estée Lauder foundation that was gifted to me, I love how lightweight it is on my skin! I blend it with a beautyblender and its good to go. For the blush, I now favor the classic Mac powder blush in mocha that lends a subtle color to the cheeks and I top it off with Hourglass diffused heat.

Since I am new to highlighters, and honestly a bit afraid to try it out. I worry that it might make my oily skin look greasy. So I decided to get the Becca macaron kit to try using a highlighter, thankfully it did not add to the oily-ness look. I usually go for the shade Opal, I apply this with a light hand and using a fan brush.. it leaves a soft glow on my skin. This makes me look rested and healthy.

For fragrance I am back to using Ysl Black Opium as it is a very cozy scent. Hopefully this weekend I get to sort out my fragrances, keep the summery ones in favor of the heavier, cold weather appropriate ones that I adore! 

I just need to add hunt for a few more things to my closet and I am ready for the holidays!


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my summer picks for 2018

Since it has been warmer, I noticed I get oily/greasier faster. (My scalp also gets greasy.) While this is not unusual given the warm weather.. It makes my skin breakout. I need to change something on my skincare/hair care routine.  So, after much research and contemplating…I recently swapped my daily moisturizer for a lighter one with a higher SPF.

So, have been using the Biore UV Aqua Rich Essence with spf 50 for a week now. It has proven to be a good switch since my skin has ‘stabilized’ for the time being. While I still have some acne from the breakout, my skin stayed normal without being too oily by the end of the day.

For my scalp, I switched to Head and Shoulders shampoo in cool menthol. So far, I like using it as it keeps the greasiness away and it does have the refreshing feel to the scalp as well.

all the products I am using this summer season

To avoid sunburns for the extended amount of time that I will be out in the sun, I still rely on Dermplus sunblock in the spf 130 as it has proven to work well for me last summer.

I also switched my perfume for the more summery ones that I have, these days I tend to use Versace Eros for women- it smells good indoors/in an air-conditioned room, and I still love my trusty old Ralph by Ralph Lauren for women –used when I go outdoors under the sun.  Both are fresh, fruity, floral scents.

For the lips and nail colors, I am going for that ‘natural’ looking but still a happy summer-y color so I am sticking with corals. For my nails I got them in the shade Coralium from Chanel that is a coral color with a tinge of pink. It sure is bright but not neon, that is just perfect for summer days! As for the lips I am using the Loreal x Balmain lipstick in the shade confession -a pigmented coral/nude that is perfect for summer.

So far these are the products that I am using this summer. Till I find something to add to it. 

What are your current summer staples?


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket, with the exception of the nail polish that I am using -it was available as a nail color option from the nail salon. 


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fall favorites

We just finished the prenup shoot! ❤ So, I am back to blogging.

I’m just sharing the products that make me feel happy, pretty, girly-girl awesome. Even if I am a frazzled mess. 

Nothing soothes my nerves quite like looking good.

Shallow, I know. But honey that is my therapy!

It sure is irrational that I go and get a lot of products and not use them everyday, I only use them on weekends. But I am still a girl and I’m just fascinated by makeup, dresses, and nail polish. Being pretty in general, like it would improve my quality of life?! 

So, these are rightfully my fall favorites.

taken with my mobile phone- pardon the picture quality.

Since it’s fall season I darkened up my lips a notch. Currently alternating L’Oreal Paris collection star by Freida Pinto in Pure Rouge and Mac Rebel. These colors make me look polished and mature even if I only have baby powder on my face. -Added bonus: they make my teeth and skin look a lot whiter.

On my eyes, I am still on a roll with smokey eyes as it makes my tiny eyes look bigger and more awake. So the Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye shadow palette my cousin Jackie sent me gets a lot of love. I even managed to use it to create light eyes. 

Depending on the color of the metal accessories I wear, I got metallic nail polish to match on my very short child like nails. I am using Zoya in Ziv (gold) and Trixy (silver). The nail polish is to add a bit of festive sparkle, after all it is only a few weeks to Christmas.


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for these (from) my own pocket, save for the eye shadows those were gifed to me by my cousin. 


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Keeping my strands: L’oreal Fall Resist 3x and Extraordinary Oil review

You can always find strands of hair in my comb.

Same goes for my towels, pillows, bags, scrunchie and many more on the floor. I shed hair like crazy. Even more so now, that I am growing my hair to below-the-shoulder-close-to-waist length.

I never paid much attention to it but I have decided to make a hair experiment. I collected my hair fall for a day. And actually counted each strand of hair!

Mine was a total of 75pcs of hair. (It’s normal to shed between 50 – 100 hairs a day.)

Here I am showing you a picture of my hair fall after combing my hair.

really sorry about the picture quality. I tried my darn best.

really sorry about the picture quality. I tried my darn best.

Take a look at my fallen hair. Yikes.

Intentionally took a picture of them against white background so that I can show you guys just how much hair fall I am talking about. Again I have long hair. And I wear my scrunchie daily-it is almost glued to my head.

So, I used this as my cue to go and try the new and improved L’oreal Fall Resist 3x anti hair fall shampoo & conditioner. Really loving the sleek packaging.

shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo smells yummy fruity! Lathers nicely and I love that the fragrance stays on the hair for a few hours and keeps my hair smelling fresh. –This is a huge plus for a city dweller dealing with the heat of tropical weather!

Along with the shampoo I also used L’oreal Fall Resist 3x Conditioner. It helps make my hair smooth and tangle free.

*If  you can remember I rarely use conditioner because of my skin (breakout)  issues, I used a very tiny amount of conditioner every other day.  So example I used shampoo and conditioner today, tomorrow, I will be using shampoo only. The next day it is back to shampoo and conditioner.

Also I believe that excessive conditioner would result in greasy/limp/heavy hair. So I take care to use the conditioner on the lower half of my hair and not from the roots. (That means from the middle of my hair to the ends.)

Both products promise to combat hair fall. Powered with Arginine, an amino-acid essential to hair growth, Fall resist 3x helps deliver triple action:

  1. Nourishes from the roots
  2. Strengthens the fiber to reduce breakage
  3. Hair grows stronger

So I gave it a try. After a week, let us check on my hair fall count after combing my hair again.

Look at the difference.


Again, I took a photo so that I can show you guys my hair fall clearly. I don’t even need to count. Photo is proof that it does work!

Reduction in hair-fall after using L’oreal Fall Resist 3x shampoo & conditioner! May I also add that my comb glides through smoothly on my hair now?! No tangles!

*I also tried not washing my hair. Yes I did. The effect on my hair lasts for 2 days! (shampoo today, tomorrow no shampoo?! No problem. No greasy hair!)

Did they live up to their promise? Yes! Noticeable reduction in hair fall after a few washes. I definitely recommend this shampoo to those dealing with hair fall and dry hair. The only con is it has silicone and SLS. 

Now that I got my falling strands covered. I also have to deal with my dry and frizzy ends.

frizzy ends

frizzy ends

Yep, the look of my dry brittle and usually tangled ends. Again I tried my best to photograph it in white to show the strands clearly.

just look at that. T_T

just look at that. =(

This time, it is L’oreal Extraordinary Oil sublime hair enhancer to step up to the challenge.

  1. For normal or dry hair
  2.  Has 6 precious extracts of flowers.  (namely lotus, tiare, rose, flax, chamomile and sunflower)
  3. 3in1 use- Apply 3 or four drops before shampoo, before drying or on dry hair as a finishing touch.

Six flower extracts, I bet this smells good. Hopefully it works on me… 

But what really got my attention is the bottle itself. (I am a sucker for packaging.) Just look at the classy gold glass pump bottle!

L’oreal Extraordinary Oil

love love love the packaging!

A pretty addition to any dresser. The pump on the bottle comes with a “lock” system that makes it easy for me to carry around on my bag without worry of product spillage. Real smart. 

I have colored hair but still never bothered to look for product/s to maintain and nourish my hair. *I use my Grandmum’s home made coconut oil as a hair mask since I tried coloring my hair eons ago. (slather the coconut oil on my hair, massage and wear shower cap, before going to sleep then wake up to wash it all off. While this works. It is messy. And you smell like coconut the next day. Lols)

I tried this hair oil thinking that this is just some fancy hair shine, but I am happy to report that it worked really well with my dry and damaged hair. It added nourishment/moisture, reduced the frizziness and as expected, added shine. It also has a very nice elegant scent!

The pump is really easy to use. I used 4 pumps and that’s it. I use it after I toweled dry my hair. 

it does seem to help the frizziness on the ends of my hair

it does wonders to help the frizziness on the ends of my hair!

Did the product work? A big fat YES! It tamed my “buhag-hag” hair (disheveled) caused by dryness.

the photo does not do it justice.

the photo does not do it justice.  But my hair definitely feels better. 

I’d say it works nicely for colored hair and also all types of hair. It gave my hair a naturally healthy look that did not look greasy! I also got compliments from people about my “new scent”, they thought I sprayed on perfume! Worth buying? YES! This product is holy grail status. I also love its scent very much.

side by side comparison.

side by side comparison both taken in a day.

On the Before photo: early morning I did my usual morning routine, towel dry my hair, wait for it to dry and use my scrunchie to tie it up into a ponytail (so, please disregard the bent caused by my scrunchie). My hair looks like that on a normal day.

On the After photo: Afternoon before going out I used the extraordinary oil on my hair and blow dried it. Result? looked like I had my hair rebonded. =)

A-akalain mo bang buhag-hag yan kanina?! (would you believe that just a while ago it looked disheveled?!

A really sleek and polished look! Hello Good hair day! 

Sleek and shiny!

loreal extraordinary oil+blow dry =  Sleek and shiny!

buhag-hag (disheveled) hair no more!

I am confident enough to let my hair down now.

pretty hair achieved!

pretty sleek hair achieved! I love this oil! =)

Good hair day guaranteed with these three products! Without going to the salon!


*Price? L’oreal Fall Resist 3x shampoo & conditioner goes for 219php.  L’oreal Extraordinary Oil is priced at 550php.

**All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. The product was given to me by L’OrealParisPhilippines for trial.


much, much darker than expected a review: L’oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Dye In 6.35 Intense Copper Brown

beforeI have half-half hair. I meant half brown, half black. My roots are on full show.

See photo on the right.  I don’t really like it, I mean who wants ugly roots showing?

Been dying my hair for years now and my goal is always a evenly toned medium to light brown hair. For most of the time, I dye myself using a box of hair dye. It is convenient that way.

Not to mention doing my hair at home is loads cheaper too!

So, I went out to look for a new hair color! And spotted the L’Oréal booth (in Sm department  store at Makati) that offers free application upon purchase of their boxed hair dyes! I hurriedly went to ask how to avail the free application. Then I go choose hair dyes. Sadly, there are not much to choose from, but eh… choosy pa ba ako?! Go na lang ng go!  

*my mum’s go to brand for hair dye is loreal.  So I decided to try it out too. 

And since I am a huge sucker for beautiful packaging, the new boxes got my attention. The time I arrived (lunch time), there are only two colors from their new collection. Intense copper brown and Violet brown. I picked the intense copper brown thinking that it will be lighter, thus showing up better on my dark hair.

I went to buy one box of Intense copper brown then went back to get another one.

I usually use one box of hair dye, but since I am trying to grow my hair longer I have to use two now. >_<

this photo was taken at home. after I got my hair done, I took home one of the box.

This photo was taken at home. After I got my hair done, I took home one of my two boxes. Of course the tube of color is now used up, so this is a slightly incomplete set. 

Opening the box you will get to see the standard set: tube of colorant, color developer, instruction leaflet with gloves, hair serum, and the after color conditioner.

Cutting to the chase, I waited in line for my hair color application, after I filled up a survey form.

There were a lot of ladies waiting in line!!!

Then it was my turn.

the process

looking like a egghead is part of the process of getting my hair done! lols!

Quickly hopped on the chair and let the Loreal trained staff do her magic on my hair. I used up two boxes of the product! They did a good job in sectioning my hair and applying the product thickly.

*Hindi nila tinipid, talagang sinimot ang two boxes! 

Of course the dye smelled a bit strong, but it did not sting at all! The product felt creamy. The light colored mixture of colorant + cream developer turned out darker and darker as the time progressed. Once my hair was covered with the hair dye, I have to wait for 45 mins for the color to develop before rinsing.

While rinsing, the staff asked me what color did I use. I told him that I got the new 6.35 Intense Copper Brown. He gasped and said out loud that he was worried. Honestly, I am worried too. Apparently the color I picked does not really show up on dark haired people, they got complaints about it.  Sad-ness. 

Looks like I made the wrong move. 

This was the result of the wait.

it was dark. real darker than what i expected.

It was dark. Real darker than what I expected. It looks like my natural hair color.

So, I went home to gauge the reaction of the family… My parents took one look at me and said: o, bumalik ka na sa tunay na buhok mo?! (You went back to your natural hair color?!)

Yeah, I look like I did not color my hair at all. The color only shows up on Intense light (pun intended). 

The next morning after I took a bath, I quickly checked my hair again.

the final color

the final color

Got the box and looked at my hair again, and again and tried to take a photo under the bright indoor light.

Real dark, way dark. I really wanted to like this product but I was let down. I might consider getting my hair dyed after resting it for a month or two. I personally felt more comfortable with lighter hair. 


Bottom line: I think Loreal hair dyes is made for those who wanted to cover grey/white hairs.  For the mature set. Or those looking for a dark hair dye after getting bleached blond hair. This would work really well. I also liked that after getting my hair dyed with Loreal it did not become dry, instead it appears to have improved the condition of my hair.


*The L’oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Dye booth can be found in SM Department Store in Makati. The free application service will be available till July 23, 2015. See their facebook page for more of their promos.

**All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket. *Price? I got one box for 495php. Since I got two boxes i paid 990php.