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extended weekend

Had a simple extended weekend due to the midterm election, and also celebrated mother’s day with my Mum.

I am actually happy with how mother’s day turned out. Kei (my other half) is really thoughtful and brought my mom a nice cake! We also got Mum a nice blue embroidered blouse, and gave her roses.

Red Ribbon's Special Mother's Day Cake

Red Ribbon’s Special Mother’s Day Cake

Then the next day, after going out to vote. Kei and I spent the day watching our favorite series Game of Thrones. I have my own set of favorite characters in the series, Kei has his too. We also have some characters we loathe to death! (that bratty joffrey baratheon tops the list)  Followed by a lengthy discussion of  who did what in the series.

I can’t wait for the next sequel to the book A dance with dragons. And of course I will watch and re-watch all the episodes of this series till the new season comes along.

Game of Thrones Date

Game of Thrones Date

By night there were partial results from the election.

Honestly it was disappointing that those that I voted for did not get the seat.


When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.

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Another day and it will be Mother’s Day. I still don’t have anything to give my Mum.

I haven’t been able to go out and buy her stuff since our house-help is on an indefinite vacation (again), and I go straight home after work to accompany my siblings. Our Mum is a working Mum and when she comes home at night, she will still be the one that cooks dinner for us. then we all go to sleep. This has become our daily routine for this week.

I will never know how my Mum does it. Its as if she has unlimited supply of energy. She goes to work, comes home and does housework. Chat us up over dinner and remind us to drink our medicines/water. She is the first up in the morning and the last to sleep at night.

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

I want something nice for my Mum.

I suppose I can go buy something for her tomorrow. Or better yet, get her to rest tomorrow by cooking dinner. While I am not exactly good in the kitchen, I could probably give it a try. If it fails, there is always take-out.



May God bless you always as you have blessed me with life, lessons and love. May your troubles be few and your joys be many.

The blessing of the Lord be upon you! -Psalm 129:8

Happy Mother’s Day!

Much Love,


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Red eye on the left

Over the weekend I noticed the little veins in my eyes turned red. Well, redder than the usual and maybe a bit inflamed.

Yesterday I went to the ophthalmologist to get it checked. As I suspected, there is an infection in my left eye.

I asked about the cause of the said infection, it could probably be from the contact lens, dirt and dust outside.

My doctor gave me Vigadexa drops to be used four times a day and absolutely no using of contact lenses for the whole week. (As of the moment I am on a “nerd mode”, I hate wearing glasses as it always slides/droops down my nose and its such a hassle when it fogs up.) I am already using it for a day now, and it really did help normalize the red veins.


A few days to go till Mother’s Day weekend. I am still freaking out on what to give my Mum and Grandma. I tried to buy my Grandma a cashmere wool  shawl, but turns out she is not exactly fond of  shawls. For my mum she doesn’t really dig those white polo shirts I picked out for her.  Either I think of something creative or it will be the default cake plus chocolates or flowers as their present. Any suggestions?