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pepper please

Pepper to me is the spice, a name of a friend and also a bunny.

See, Pepper is one of my pet rabbits at home. We have been with her since the day she was born. Her mom is Pudding (My first pet rabbit. A brown rabbit too, but with a lighter brown fur, also our pet.) Pepper has brown fur with black tips. Her color reminds us of peppercorn hence the name Pepper.

One of her unique markings is that she wears a single white “mitten” on her left paw and having long eyelashes.

Pepper is a month old in this photo

a younger me, with a month old pepper

She likes banana and fruit juice/shakes like our other rabbits, and can be greedy when pellets or yogurt is up for grabs. But unlike the other rabbits, she is always calm and demure even. Preferring to just plop down (lounge) near the kitchen while all the others go about running from room to room. Despite her calm demeanor, she always excitedly greets everyone who pass by her area/comes home with rabbit kisses. That gets her a lot of treats and hugs.

It is no surprise that she grew to a nice fluffball the size (or bigger) of a adult cat. Our neighbor’s cats and dogs are usually intimidated by the size of our rabbits. –Truth be told, our rabbits had a lot of love (and treats) from our friends who dote on them. They even get vegetable freebies when we go to the market with a rabbit on hand. Some even asks for selfies with the rabbits.

Pepper is our “diva” at home. She usually gets everything she likes, without you noticing that she get everything she likes. She has her way with humans. She can also be quite persuasive when she wants a treat. It is hard to say no when she stares at you with her big brown eyes.

photo taken on our last visit to the vet

photo taken on our last visit to the vet – she is lounging inside a laundry basket

Pepper lived to a old age (for rabbits) of 5 years. She crossed the rainbow bridge and is hopefully happy and contented there.

Thanks for being my rabbit and staying with us Pepper. You will be missed.


*Our pet Rabbits are the reason I chose a brown bunny as my blog logo and also the color palette for this page. 

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cheap update

There are times that I pride myself in being frugal and then there are times that I just buy without much thought because the item is on SALE. There are those I get that is a really good buy and there are those that I ask myself what was I thinking?!

I usually love sale clothing. This is the latest sale item I got.

I blame my sister for dragging me inside the shop

clementine top I got from the plains and prints purple sale

I hate you Plains and Prints (but in a good way) you always seem to have one item I like in your store. Why? Yellow is not really a favorite of mine, but I got it because it looks happy and blindingly bright, its on sale.

Anything below 500php that is on sale, will always draw me in. Even better if its below 300php.

With that thought, I also love checking out H&M’s sale items for the home. Again, I don’t buy full price.

The latest I got from them was a grey glass vase that I still don’t know why I got it and where to place it. I just kept it in the cabinet. 

the vase looks a lot like what I got, it set me back 200php. I did not get the mercury glass candle holder.

the vase looks a lot like what I got, it set me back 200php. Though pretty, I did not get the mercury glass candle holder.

While in their store I always check out their throw pillow covers. But I still haven’t bought any. I also had my eye on their mercury glass candle holders. But I know I can find something that looks alike for cheaper that their sale price. I’m a cheapskate. I know.

Table wares are also one of my favorite stuff. I recently paid a visit to Crate and Barrel and snapped up these sale items.  To pair with what I currently have.

I already had two botanica plates one in green and one in blue that we use daily. (we also got it on 50% off sale) Its about 109php each I think.

the more the many-er!

the more the many-er!

Since it is still on sale, I got two more botanica plates this time in red. To add to my red Corelle set that we are keeping for the holidays. Our Corelle set is a set of four and we have a 6 seater dining so we had to make two mismatched sets to go with it. Turns out the botanica plates are much darker than my Corelle, but its ok. It can work.

When we started decorating our home one of the first décor we had was a white ceramic ears up rabbit that we also got on sale from Crate and Barrel.

a pair at last

a pair at last

This time, we saw its ears down rabbit partner! On sale! So we got it too!

After all everything is better with a discount, am I right?!


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are our own and based on our own experience. This is not a sponsored post. 

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the long awaited retreat

So the retreat still pushed through (in a different venue), even if it is delayed we managed to learn a lot from our speaker Bro. Raymund Sanchez. Our main verse was Matthew 6:33.


Brother Raymund Sanchez

Brother Raymund Sanchez

He talked to us about the importance of placing God first, and even gave us a shining example in the person of Mr Samuel Truett Cathy of the Chick-fil-A fame.

If you have the time, read Samuel Truett Cathy’s story. It is very inspiring. 

I’m very thankful for the opportunity to attend a camp. I learned a new perspective in life, made new friends and get to know some of my friends better. Also, a refreshing break from city life.

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

We only stayed overnight at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay. A nice cozy place that also has a mini farm with cute animals!

I kept on going back to look at the owl. Also marveling at how amazing God’s creations are.

hotel kimberly farm animals

Hotel Kimberly’s Farm Animals From top left Hotel Kimberly farm signage, left bottom a brown owl, top right a herd of sheep or ram, bottom middle rabbit, bottom right a family of ducks

The Hotel also sells their plants. So before going back to Manila, I brought two plants.

herbs for sale

herbs for sale

A mint plant and a bird eye chili/cayenne plant (locally known as siling labuyo). I plan to grow them for future use. A potted herb garden is also something want to have so, I have to start somewhere.

The mint was brought for 60php as a replacement for my chocolate mint plant given to me by my sister that was destroyed by the last typhoon. Hopefully this would grow big enough to supply mint leaves for our tea. On the other hand I have the chili that we got for 150php a bit pricier, but it already has tiny green chilies. A bit of time they would turn red and will be ready to harvest.

I plan to use it for creating the ubiquitous soysauce-chili dimsum dip.


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience. My retreat is kindly sponsored by Sis Aileen.

Hotel Kimberly is at Amadeo Road, Barangay Kaybagal North, Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Ave, Tagaytay, 4120 Kabite


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33

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thankful friday

Another week is done. Seems like the days are passing by quickly…

Art by Katie Daisy

Art by Katie Daisy



Let me count this  weeks joys:

1.) Kei and I met our friends/role models, Atchie Clarisse and Ahya Paul over halo halo! They gave us brownies and owls goodies! Plus life advice! Much thanks!

Brownies and Owls!

Brownies and Owls!

2.) Finally got new nail clippers for the rabbits my furbabies at home. We got this from Daiso at 88php! 

nail clippers for little pets

nail clippers for little pets

3.) Chatted with my cousin Jackie from the USA. She learned that I collect owls and sent me these two cuties to add to my growing owl family! I miss her and our random bonding moments + my super hyper little nephew. 

owls form atchie jack

Owls form Atchie Jackie

4.) Getting to and from work safely on the day the typhoon hit.

5.) Laughing every morning listening to The Morning Rush. Positivity to start the day.



Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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meet my new fur-babies!

These two takes up most of my spare time.


our bunnies trying to eat broccoli

I am a grand mum to two baby rabbits.  *They still have no names yet. And we still don’t know their gender…*

DSC04923 copy

the firstborn

This little one here, is the firstborn bunny. Also our first “patches” coloring. We usually get all white or all brown bunnies. So this is awesome for me! Did not know my rabbit can have a patterned offspring. *”Pepper” the mother rabbit is solid brown with black eyes, “Tokki” the father rabbit is solid white with red eyes*

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

This little fella looks like a small version of its mum.

And this is the little one with the bright eyes. Just sharing the cuteness!

Enjoy the weekend!


“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” ― Paul McCartney


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I maybe a rabbit

Is it possible for a human to be like a rabbit? I think I am a rabbit.

Despite my dislike for vegetables. I can safely say I share a lot of similarities with a rabbit. I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive when given treats. I rarely show my appreciation to my master. I do things just to get special treats. I rarely pay attention to anything my master says, to me its all a gibberish language I cannot understand. I am indifferent when my master walks by and I tend to hurt,  bite/scratch my master, lots of times. What can my master get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional hug, some licks when I feel like it. Other than that no more. Master has to give me food and water daily and clean my cage, protect me from possible predators, take me to the vet to keep me healthy.


You see my master is God.  Let’s change the perspective a bit:

Even with God, I am panicky. Scared of anything and everything unknown. I run instead of confront possible predators. I am docile and affectionate to those I know. I am only responsive to God  when given favors. I rarely show my appreciation to God. I do things just to get my prayers granted. I rarely pay attention to anything God says. I am indifferent when God makes His presence felt and I tend to complain,  underestimate, ignore God, lots of times. What can God get by being with me? Nothing. Just the occasional prayer, some praise when I feel like it. Other than that no more. God gives me food and water daily and give me life, protect me from possible danger, and keep me healthy.

Everything is for me, God gets nothing.  I am God’s useless pet.


last week, I got bitten by one of my pet rabbits. It drew blood and it was a pretty deep wound for something that looks totally harmless.

rabbit bite

rabbit bite

I would be lying if I say it doesn’t hurt. It did hurt. A lot if I may add.

Should I stop taking care of my rabbit? maybe. But that Rabbit is my responsibility, it is my pet, Even if it hurts me, I will still care for it. I will still love it no matter how many times it scratches and ignores me.

God feels the same way about me. But on that part I am the rabbit and He is the master.


But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness. -Psalm 86:15





breaking a habit

I have an annoying habit of talking about my problems. I think we all do.

I just realized that even if we do have  a lot of problems, we also have countless blessings. Maybe at times, we fail to see those blessings and end up complaining loudly to each and every problem we encounter. If we could change our outlook in life, maybe our world will be a bit lighter and happier too.

Rainy day rabbit

Rainy day rabbit

I am not exactly sure if I can not talk about my problems, but I can start by counting my blessings.


Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit talk about your joys. -Rita Schiano