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weekend recap

This is how we spent valentines season. Because 1 day ain’t enough, and because we celebrate the day later longer than most people do. 

our valentines 2017 in a photo

our valentines 2017 in a photo

I started by being a bit early (Feb 8) and delivered chocolates and a single rose (made of soap) to surprise my best friend Jo, that ended with a fast food dinner.

On the day itself (Feb 14) Kei surprised me by giving me a small strawberry cake from the Breadery -I have no photo of the cake as I ate it all. Plus a dress from Zalora. In turn I gave Kei a cute Altec Lansing speaker to replace his old mini speaker that lost its cable.

Saturday (Feb 18) I took Kei out to go see John Wick 2, since he mentioned it too many times. But before going back home Kei gave me 3 sampaguita plants to add to my potted plant collection. -I will have flowers all year round, he says. I am looking forward to the day the buds bloom. Hopefully I can keep them alive. Ended the day with a dimsum dinner at a place near home and called it a day. 

Sunday is for both our families, we dropped by their place to give them cakes. Then capped off the weekend with a hearty dinner at Torch.

So that was our valentine 2017. How did you spend yours?


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extended weekend

Had a simple extended weekend due to the midterm election, and also celebrated mother’s day with my Mum.

I am actually happy with how mother’s day turned out. Kei (my other half) is really thoughtful and brought my mom a nice cake! We also got Mum a nice blue embroidered blouse, and gave her roses.

Red Ribbon's Special Mother's Day Cake

Red Ribbon’s Special Mother’s Day Cake

Then the next day, after going out to vote. Kei and I spent the day watching our favorite series Game of Thrones. I have my own set of favorite characters in the series, Kei has his too. We also have some characters we loathe to death! (that bratty joffrey baratheon tops the list)  Followed by a lengthy discussion of  who did what in the series.

I can’t wait for the next sequel to the book A dance with dragons. And of course I will watch and re-watch all the episodes of this series till the new season comes along.

Game of Thrones Date

Game of Thrones Date

By night there were partial results from the election.

Honestly it was disappointing that those that I voted for did not get the seat.


When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.