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kind of a DIY bracelet

I am so late to the party but better late than never right? In my case, I am quite late and slow on curating my Pandora charm bracelet! 

As children my best friend and I admired bracelets be it chains, bangles, half chain but we had a soft spot specially for charm bracelets –those chunky and dangly ones that has some round bells on it always catches our eyes. We got ours right before college. We wore it for quite a while and then, it got lost and that was that.

By 2014 (I think) Joanna showed me her new charm bracelet acquisition. A Pandora bracelet was on her arm and she already had some charms on it. I wanted one of course! But I controlled myself by saying I cannot spend money for a new bracelet since my wedding is eating up all my funds.

Pandora collier bracelet 

Come late 2015, Joanna surprised me with a Pandora bracelet on my bridal shower. It also has a language of love charm on it too!

to the left: Language of love charm that came with the bracelet Jo gave me. Right: A two tone Bearhugs charm -the first charm given to me by Kei

Then after the wedding Kei got me the Bearhugs and family heritage charm. All of my Pandora stuff are treasured gifts!

two tone Family heritage charm from Kei

I left it at that.

I did buy a charm to give though! (this was early 2016) I got Jo a Elsa Crown charm.

Elsa’s crown- from the Disney movie frozen

It reminds me of her (high school) uniform color that is blue, and fits with her being a December baby, and that it is a crown! So she got that added to her collection. Her bracelet has a blue/green theme to it that the Elsa crown fits in nicely.

So back to my collection. I wanted my bracelet to have a mix metal look. No glass. No color. Just all metals.

There was a charm that I really wanted though I cannot seem to find it. The Disney frozen snowflake charm. – It was exclusively sold in Disney parks, and we don’t have it here in the Philippines. I loved the geometric lines of the charm and I appreciate that it was kind of like a “special snowflake”, plus being born in winter also makes it a nice charm to have for me. So, thought I could find it from online sellers (this was on 2016), but I never did.

Last year (around the end of 2017) I really wanted to add something  to it and started looking for a safety chain. I have been indecisive as to get it or not since the charm was a bit pricey, so I went about looking for a pre-loved one –with a good “history” of course. The owner of the chain has her bracelet full of charms and wanted to free up some space to fit in one more charm. I mulled it over and went about my usual “window shopping” and still did not get any…It was Kei that got impatient and ended up getting the chain for me as part of my Christmas gift.

Love connection safety chain

Upon looking a lot at the net I discovered that I can get a online shopper to find that elusive Disney frozen snowflake! But I have to wait for a month for it to arrive. I excitedly told Kei and Jo and they teamed up to get it for me. I am lucky, I know. I am going to have that snowflake by the end of January.

Disney Frozen Snowflakes Charm

I just got the charm yesterday! -On the Blue blood moon day! And It was beautiful!

My bracelet is now most predominantly silver. So I am setting my sights to add a new metal to my bracelet to add variety. I wanted to get rose gold-because it is cheaper than the ridiculously priced gold charms. And I really, really like the color. I have set my sights on the shining path clip in rose gold. I wanted to get a pair, so my charms doesn’t slide around. (It is annoying when they do that.) And maybe a spacer or two? Any suggestions?

Update: I bit the gold bullet. I went to ask for a pair of custom made 14k gold spacers from my jeweler. I chose the design below as the inspiration. While mine won’t be legit Pandora, it is still 14k gold,  just more affordable for me – I can get it melted and re made into another trinket if I do get tired of it. *Will update once I get my hands on it. 

the 14 k twist gold spacer from Pandora


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product. This is not a sponsored post, we paid for this (from) our own pocket. 



embarrassing things I like

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

Y.A. Section of a bookstore (photo from the internet)

1.) Young Adult Novels – I like to read but I don’t really like reading heavy serious stuff. I want something light, imaginative and fun/funny. I like Y.A. novels. They are my breather from the serious mundane reality of life. Truth is, at times I think I am still a teen.

bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

the bubbly of choice (photo from the internet)

2.) Rose champagne – While rose champagne is usually more expensive but tastes like the regular champagne or worse, I like it. Even if rose champagne has a reputation of being a drink for dbags and pretentious people. I still like it. Because I like the color and it makes me feel girly and fancy! Bourgeois, I know. But sorry, I love the pink bubbly. And one of my tea time fantasy is to pair it with French macaron.

photofrom the internet

photo from the internet

3.) French Macaron – here in the Philippines, these little round things can cost quite a bit. But biting into one makes me feel so luxurious. I cannot just eat one. I must have three or five…. again, bourgeois.

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

4.) Gossip girl – The show ended but I am still watching them over and over. Must be my dream of being the queen bee of a clique, I am always the loner growing up. I never had a barkada. I am a Jenny Humphrey/Nelly Yuki wanting to be Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen . Whatever you say about it, I love it. Plus Ed Westwick is just perfect!

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

5.) Cartoons – I am still a child at heart. I still smile and feel happy at the sight of colorful happy cartoons for kids. They make me believe that good will always triumph, and that everybody can be a friend, and a happily ever after.