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ultimate tearjerker movie: Grave of the fireflies 火垂るの墓

Last night, I was happily compiling the movies I plan to watch on the onset of holy week when my mum suddenly said: “Hey, can you look for the movie with the war and the little sister? That cartoon movie. I would like to share it to your aunts.” She was talking about Grave of the fireflies by studio Ghibli.

grave of the fireflies poster

grave of the fireflies poster

At home they always joke that I have a heart of stone, because I rarely cry watching dramas or movies.  I was okay with that, I hate it when I have waterworks gushing from my eyes and nose. It is bothersome to me.

But this one. I could never watch this movie without having to push pause and run to get more tissues. *I have watched this movie more than 5 times already.* 

Set in the city of Kobe, Japan. Showing the life of Seita and Setsuko, siblings struggling to survive the second world war. I would not spoil the story for you by telling it here, just go look for it and see the movie. You wouldn’t regret it.

And I promise you can never look at those canned Sakuma drops candies the same way again.



Why must fireflies die so young? -Setsuko