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sixpence in my shoe

Kei and I were out for our usual weekend stroll at Greenhills when we found ourselves in a rather odd and very much interesting booth. This certain booth at the furniture area sells coins of different values and origin.

tito jun

That gave us the idea…we could get our wedding arrhae (las arras/unity coins) here!

It would be cool to have coins from different countries we like to visit as our set! 

We quickly looked/picked up the coins placed in the huge wooden bowl (seen on top of the for sale signage on the photo above) and after a while Kei chose these coins. We then paid for them.


while placing our coins in a plastic bag the shopkeeper told us one of the coins we got is a unique find.

It is the Susan B Anthony dollar. (bottom right)

Apparently Kei knows that the certain coin in question is a unique find, that started a fifteen minute conversation about coins that I know nothing about. (Extremely proud of Kei and I am a maximum fail on this one.) The shopkeeper even asked us is we were coin collectors too. (not really)

I then asked the shopkeeper for a sixpence (for my shoe). He said he doesn’t really sell them as those were his personal collection. (bummer) We learned that he is named Jun, is a coin collector and only keeps the shop to meet fellow collectors and further his hobby, he really doesn’t gain much from selling the said coins.

He then asked if we were planning to get married and those coins we got from him will be our arrhae, we said yes. (are we that obvious?) And he looked around from the albums of his own collection and said he indeed has the sixpence, and will sell one to us. (hooray!)  In British or Australian currency. We really wanted the British sixpence but it looks really old and dull. So, Tito Jun* suggested we get the Australian sixpence. -*we call him tito/uncle, as respect to an elder.

our sixpence

our shiny sixpence with a kangaroo and emu

And Tito Jun even taught us how to attach it to the shoe!

Currently we have 5 coins from Tito Jun’s shop, one Japanese coin from Kei’s brother in Japan. My best friend Joanna offered to give us one from Hong Kong. That makes it 7 coins in our collection.

We need to get 13 coins though. So, 6 more coins to go!

Now where to find my Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?…

Luckily I now have a sixpence in my shoe!


 Tito Jun’s Coin Booth is located at Greenhills Shopping Center, second floor in the furniture area.  If you managed to drop by the area take a look at his coin collection, you might find something you like. 


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are our own and based on our own experience. This is not a sponsored post, We paid for this (from) our own pocket.