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the free double up-size is much appreciated

Last Tuesday (March 18), for a work day morning, I went on my usual morning routine of reading my emails.

I usually clear out all my e-mail under the promotions tab, but this made me look at it twice and proceed to save it.

For me? Thank you!

For me? Thank you!

I redeemed this last Saturday. (March 22) Because we usually hang out at Starbucks when we get tired of walking aimlessly at the mall. We go there for a snack, or when looking for something sweet.

This time for the price of a tall coffee, we got a venti. not bad. We chose to go with hazelnut macchiato. We liked it for the “smokey flavor” better than the common caramel macchiato. Sort of unusual, since most people take the caramel version. 

I am actually loving my ‘Starbys’ (that is our term of endearment for Starbucks)  card more now.

my abused starbucks card

my abused Starbucks card

So, Thanks again Starbys and till the next time.