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So, I thought our invites are all sorted out. A sudden call revealed otherwise. 

The culprit: binding. Grommets look really rough against the dainty invite.

So, I am back to fixing the layout for our invites.

Sometimes resources makes it hard for creatives to be creative. sigh. 

But I am on it. I can manage.

I am also having a lot of issues with my dress and the dresses of my entourage.

photo from the internet

photo from the internet

While I love love love my own wedding dress, it forces me to be poised. Too poised that it is a bit constricting on my movements. 

Dancing on it would be out of the question. I need another dress or no more dancing.

Getting another dress made will be more of a mission impossible right now that it is only a few days till Christmas.

*My dad does not want to do the father daughter dance (too shy and says he will be sure to cry and he doesn’t want that to happen). So the only dance we are doing is the couple’s first dance.

Seems like even that would be in peril. Can I cry now?

On the entourage dresses, only the flower girls’ dresses are the ones already available for second fitting, the bridesmaids dresses are still not ready and out time is running out!

Oh, what to do?! what to do?!!

*Maybe this “never-ending-stress” is why most brides snap and go on “bridezilla” mode, they now have my sympathy. 

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red alert

I decided to go with red. The red gown I mean.

Beautiful, eye catching, statement color.

photo from pinterest

photo from pinterest

Paid for it in half and will pay for the other half once the gown is done. Excited to see/wear it since they promised to add some beading detail to its shoulder area. I just love shiny stuff!

And December, we have to talk, you can’t just sneak up on me like this. I am not yet ready.

I cannot stress that enough!

See, I haven’t even started shopping, I cant seem to wrap my head on how I will go about the get together with the family, the yearly meet up with the childhood friends, eating up a riot with my favorite foodie/s, my sister’s birthday, at least get something seriously done for our big day. Calling up the venue to ask for permits for a prenup shoot…. I am rambling. Sorry.

I am not prepared at all.

How did planning go from my forte to my weakness?



More than enough

I have a full plate right now.

Not food, but work. I have been slaving over my usual holiday duties and was given more workloads than I can manage that will be permanent. Sigh. This means by next year I really have to do all these stuff again in advance so as the workload will not clash with my wedding day. It will be safe to say that I will be one stressed out bride! Not only because of the wedding preps, but also because of my insane workload. I just felt sorry for myself.

That explains my silence for the past few days.

Good thing I had my Mum to talk to. She empathized with me and said, it will be over soon. Just be prepared for the next. Wise words bundled with good food (lasagna and chicken). That lifted up my spirit a bit.

Come weekend I brought myself an early Christmas present. I got myself a military grade 1 terabyte external hard drive. In my favorite color: purple!

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

Kei on the other hand, upgraded his mobile phone and gave me his barely used Alcatel one touch idol, Ironman edition.  I get to retire my old Sony xperia phone now.

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Work life sucks, but I got gadgetry going for me which is nice. That is all there is to my life right now.

Still have a lot of hustling to do… bye for now!

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little red dots

No, I am not talking about polka dot patterns. I am talking about my skin.

From how my skin looks like, it definitely needs help. Like immediately please.


I need a visit to the Derma as soon as possible. Endure the pain to get better. *sighs*

I don’t want to look like my skin is inspired by dots of snow/polka dots or in my case dots of pimples.

As soon as the dermatologist saw me she says I am breaking out due to an allergic reaction. I was like, I thought this was stress… She said yes, and that too.

Stress + Allergic reaction = current breakout. 

And no pricking for this time. Which is good and bad at the  same time. Good because no pain, Bad because I have to deal with the bumps/redness. And Christmas is only a few days away! 

I was asked to switch soap, shampoo, toothpaste and prescribed oral and topical medications. No sunblock on the face for the meantime.

These are the products I am currently using.  The classic Colgate, Dove bar for sensitive skin, and Pantene shampoo.


I am happy to say they seem to be working fine!

My skin is still far from being acne free, but it is improving.

Hopefully by the next Derma visit, she can give me a sunblock which I can use because I am scared that my freckles will multiply. . .


*All my reviews, opinions, and other stuff expressed here are my own and based on my own experience with the product/s. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this (from) my own pocket. 

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christmas came early


And just like that it is already Christmas. I am already feeling all the “Christmas associated feelings” like running out to complete my Christmas shopping list, getting cups of hot coffee, searching for my sister’s birthday present, running off to get my friends some nice stuff,  calling up a bakeshop to get the neighbors some warm brownies, buying inappropriate amounts of wrapping paper and ribbons because I like the color, it is shiny and find the pattern pretty, assembling my makeshift gift wrapping station at home, looking at window displays for clothes that might be this year’s Christmas outfit/ new year’s outfit getting them and then buying again because the new one looked better, suppressing the need to light up all the twinkle lights strung at home because the electric bill will spike up, and the panic buying of generic gifts en masse. (or my so called Christmas biscuits/chocolate for those whose name I forgot to place on the list) Walking around the mall feeling like I am on a shopping spree and going home with only a hundred on my pocket. I really look forward and get all excited about this!


*And because it is a good thing to get everyone’s presents in their size/color…etc. I am sharing with you my Christmas wishlist survey which I send to all my friends come yuletide season so I can pick out the right stuff for my friends.



“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ” ― Mary Ellen Chase


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I don’t feel like celebrating Christmas this year

Bah Hambug. I might as well be the scrooge or the grinch.


I have always loved Christmas. But as I grow up I sort of hate it.

I mean, before as a kid Christmas is a time of great joy! Opening presents, vacation, good food and playing with other kids.  I look forward to it every year.

But now, I have this fear of Christmas. Really. 

I fear seeing my cousins/aunts/uncles.  (Because of all the comparisons and side comments that I will have to endure on that day and after. And that I have to put up a front with them. )

I  get paranoid looking for presents. (I might not have enough, or the recipient would not like/fit what I got. )

I dread the stress that comes with planning the holidays. (Every time I am part of the planning for the holiday festivities, I tend to be too obsessive compulsive.)

Might as well  go to a far flung cave and hibernate.

And with the recent Yolanda/Haiyan tragedy. I don’t feel comfortable celebrating Christmas right now.


But, don’t get me wrong. I still love Christmas for the fact that God sent us our Savior Jesus Christ. Its just that at this time, It doesn’t seem to be the focal point anymore. Christmas has become about commercialism. (With all the santa, reindeer, elves, penguins and presents decked on all the store window display…) Sigh. 


“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” ― Bob Hope


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Whose time is it anyway?

I often times encounter a lot of time management issues. Working the eight to five at the office, we are given a grace period of 15 mins everyday for a total of “no strings attached” free late of 60 mins or an hour every month. I can say, the company that I am working for is understanding! Understanding of the fact that traffic jams in Metro Manila is a real drag. Even though I am aware of the time I am needed to be at work, I still usually come up late.

Blame it on the never ending digging of Maynilad water/drainage pipes, the stop at every corner-passenger hogging-overloading  Jeepney drivers, plus a sprinkle of some road mishaps and there you have it Philippine streets. The leading cause of my tardiness. And I am not blaming it all on the traffic, at times I am the culprit. I simply woke up late.

Then there is also this interesting concept of your time vs my time. As a graphic artist, I am usually at the beck and call of clients/editors/ad agencies etc. While I am ready to comply with their needs, they almost always have a hard time with time itself, that gets both parties in trouble. To be clear here are a few examples:

Ex 1. TRANSFERRED TARDINESS: Me and Editor at a deadline day at the office.

Me to editor: So, I will be expecting the edited materials by 1:30 so I can revise the layout by 2:00 and you can final proof it at around 2-3:30, give me the go signal to print,  then we send it to the printers by 4:00

Editor: Sure.

Me: Okay. ( in my mind everything is under control.)

fast forward to 2:30 I haven’t head a peep from my editor. So, I call him. 

Me: Hello is Editor there?

Office mate (who happens to pick up the phone): He just arrived in the office, maybe he is out for coffee.

Me: okay. (patiently waits.)

It is now 3:00 and I follow up on my editor again. 

Me: Hello Editor! can I have the revisions now? because we are lagging behind schedule.

Editor: I am looking at it now, will call you back once its done.

It is now 4:00 and I follow up again. 

Me: Hello Editor! Is it done? we need to send it to the printers about now.

Office mate (who happens to pick up the phone): Oh sorry pal, He is not in the table.

Me: where is the editor?

Office mate: the editor has some guests, sorry.

It is now 4:30 and I am fuming. 

Me: blankly staring at the email. Then at about 4:40 I get the first part of the revisions, I still have to input it into the layout and get it to be proofread for the final time. (My office hours ends at 5:00.) Go figure, how am I going to do that much in a impossible time frame?

by 5:30 I send in the corrected layout.  By 6:00 the editor is out for another cup of coffee.

6:30- the editor reads the revised layout. edits and asks for changes in the design.

7:00- I send the latest revised layout and wait for the proof reading to give me the go signal.

8:00- still nothing.

8:30- A writer gives the go signal. Guess where the editor is?! The Editor is out of the office.

9:00- I go home.

The next morning I fill up an overtime form.  Results in 4 hours of overtime. 

Me: places the form on my Supervisor’s desk.

Supervisor: why took so long to accomplish the task?

Me: I have to wait for that slug, lazy ass of an editor.

Supervisor: you should follow up on him.

Me: I did. Maybe you could tell him.

Supervisor: okay. because we are not wasting company money on unnecessary overtime. I am sure this can be done faster.

Supervisor then talks to editor, editor straightens up a bit, editor get resentful at me for ratting editor out. 

In the end I lose. and the editor goes back to what he does best. Delays.

Why editor does it? just because editor can, and editor is much higher than Graphic artist. Editor gets Better pay.

Oh, there is also this issue of errors in the work. Typos/grammars that are wrong get blamed on graphic artist. Just because the graphic artist is the last to hold the material. They didn’t think it was because the work was rushed. Editor gets away scoot free. Graphic artist get a memo. I get sad, vent out by eating out and get fat, rant about my problems to my friends resulting in late sleep, wake up late, go to work late. get memo for being late.

So tardiness is sometimes transferred tardiness.  

Ex 2. DISAPPEARING GHOST/DIFFICULT PEOPLE : Me and Ad agency representative.

Time is: 9:30am

Ad agency representative: We need a layout for this product, conceptualize fresh and young feel in the layout. We need this before lunch.

Me: okay, will work on it. will send two drafts before lunch.

around 10:30, I send the drafts. 

Ad agency representative: Merge the two layouts in one, and make it mush more chaotic to look fresh and fun.

Me: okay.

sends in the revised draft at 11:00

Ad agency representative: Why did you move the photos, it looks messy. make it straight.

Me: okay.

sends in the draft with straightened pictures 11:15

Ad agency representative: Give the layout more play! (irritated voice) crop some photos and tilt some!

Me: okay.

sends in the draft with straightened/cropped and tilted pictures 11:25

Ad agency representative: (irritated voice) It looks messy. Give it a orderly feel!!!

Me: okay. But you said make the layout conceptualize fresh and young feel. I made it tilted to look more dynamic and fresh.

Ad agency representative: (irritated voice) Just do what I said. send it now, we are so late!

Me: okay.

sends in the draft with all stick straight pictures. 11:30. by this time I have done 3 revisions to the layout already! and each is drastically different!

Ad agency representative: (irritated voice) you just don’t get it! I said fresh and young! this looks so rigid!

Me: you said to make it look orderly.

Ad agency representative: (irritated voice) orderly but not this! make it fun!

Me: how do i make it look fun? place a huge FUN word on it?! gimme  a break! ….

sends in the draft with straightened/cropped and tilted pictures the one I sent  last 11:25. 

how about that?

Ad agency representative: (irritated voice) this will probably have to do. Wait for my call after lunch.

The Ad agency representative didn’t call back the whole day and the day after that.  Till three days after. 

Ad agency representative: (cheery voice) remember the layout? we have a few corrections and it will be okay.

Me: okay. (while trying damn hard to recall where I saved the files)

Ad agency representative: (cheery voice) will send in the revisions in a while.

Me: okay. Will wait for it.

The Ad agency representative emails a minor revision at 6:30 way past my office hours (8-5). 

The next morning;

I sent the layout with revisions.

The Ad agency representative didn’t email/call back the whole day and the days after that.  Till a week after. 

Ad agency representative: (cheery voice) we have another project do a elegant/feminine layout for us.

Me: okay. But may I ask about the last project we are working on?

Ad agency representative: (fake surprised voice) Oh dear! are you not informed? it was canceled.

Me: … cancel my ass! I just wasted my time listening to your crap and doing all those revisions for nothing! 

Oh, what a pity.

Ad agency representative: (cheery voice) So, I will explain this new project….. yada yada….

The what?! that’s it? no apology or anything? you caused me to be delayed in my other projects or I could have just have a more relaxed pace of time those days but I did cater to your call, and now you need me again to do your bidding? So that you can make another ever-changing concept revisions again? Damn.

So Graphic artist being late  for the ever-changing layout not acceptable, while ad agency representative cancels without a warning is okay?!

So you just wasted my time, and made my life harder than it is.  Can I kill you now?

I have a lot more stories of this nature, I have only shared the most bloody two.  The Mañana Habit- or the concept of Filipino time.

Here in the Philippines, 20 minutes late is considered early. Being late is acceptable at times fashionable, more so if you hold a place of position. In my opinion it is some sort of power tripping.  I am always frustrated whenever I would attempt to schedule my work flow, people would mangle it up/ never show up and other people who could help simply did nothing/or close to nothing to assist/help me in getting our work done. It’s annoying, frustrating, and very difficult to understand, but for many people here in the Philippines, the concept of time and their own concept of time will never match up.  Still, I remain hopeful that one day Filipino people, especially in the workforce will understand that having business/workflow run on time is key to success. Being on time also makes you look professional and that is always good right?!

To remedy this problem I always set my schedule an hour early when dealing with pesky editors/ad agency representatives/etc. So, I don’t get too worked up when they are late for lets say 45 mins. But even with this an hour earlier schedule, Guess what? They are still late.