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short and sweet

I really don’t have friends who come over to visit me at work. I usually see them on weekends.

Imagine my surprise when I was told that one of my friends is dropping by to meet up/eat lunch together!

affogato photo from

affogato photo from

She is really the wife of Kei’s friend, who is my friend too!

I was really skeptical as to whether I am going to answer her text message. Since B. did not include her name, and this is the first time I got a text message from her… But, I am glad she did.

We had a simple lunch at my office canteen, and went on back to work after.

Such a sweet pick me up on the middle of the day.


I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy. -Paula Cole 

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A little surprise

In the middle of this dreary week, I got something a little unexpected.

A lavender tulip  Photo by Sherry White

A lavender tulip Photo by Sherry White

This week I am buried in a long list of workloads, and it keeps growing everyday. Also feeling down the dumps due to all the negative stuff in the office, I really cant wait for the weekend to come… I feel awful and it is still the early days of the week.

But somebody thought I could use a little pick me upper.

Last night, Kei surprised me and got me a purple tulip (for our 20th month)! Plus a pink Starbucks cup and a banoffee pie. I did not expect him to show up at home, since he is a really busy with all the projects he is doing, and as of this writing I believe he still has a ton of projects to do. Comes with being a big-shot architect!

I thought last weekend we celebrated our 20th in advance but he surprised me this time.

Thank you Kei. I thank God for you everyday.