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dust in my eye

I always wipe my glasses clean before heading out to work. By afternoon, when I take them out to wipe them again I notice a lot of dust has accumulated on the lenses and I am happily unaware of it. I can only see them when I take my glasses and inspect it on a different view.

I am unaware of stuff clouding up my vision.  But I notice the dirt on my desk, monitor…etc. That is, further to me than my own glasses that rest on my nose.

photo taken from the internet

photo taken from the internet

There are certain friends/people in my environment that are quick to notice the dust in my lenses. And hate me for it. At times, I get terribly affected, sometimes I just don’t care but honestly, it hurts. That I start seeing/looking at the dust that clouds up their lenses too and resenting them.

I don’t even think of them as friends anymore.

Getting to a point that I can feel hate. The mere sound of their voice makes me want to hurl.  

I am walking on a thin thread with this. I swing back and forth from hate and tolerance. I pray for patience and wisdom in dealing with them that at times I prayed that they get the feeling that they make me feel. Sad, I know.

This is partly why I am an introvert from the start. I am afraid of people.

Ignoring my “triggers” seems to help. But that can also grow thin. I just remind myself this:

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. –Matthew 7:1-5

Dear God, please help me with the dust in my eyes. Give me a heart of compassion.

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A breather

Halfway done with the initial wave of workload. Thank God.  Have a bit of time right now. Expecting the next wave as soon as the last week of November maybe? Anyway, I am thankful.

photo taken from pinterest

photo taken from pinterest

That brings me to planning my yearly Christmas tradition…planning my list. This is the time I usually send the wishlist to those who are in the list. Yes. I am O.C. like that. I wanted to get the people who matter to me a present they would use/like. So, far I have ideas for a few, for the others, I still need to find stuff they would love.

Speaking of Christmas presents… Mason Jars are apparently “it thing” right now. First saw them popping out on Pinterest then a visit to a cute cupcake bakery got me looking for those mason jars in the Philippines. (I got mine shipped, from a college friend.)

This could be a really cute Christmas gift paired with some marshmallows and hot chocolate (this will be my staple holiday gift for 2014)!

These are our mason jars! *brought our mugs to Starbucks to get better mug photos.

These are our mason jars/mugs! *brought our mugs to Starbucks to get better mug photos.

So once I have finished dealing with my nefarious workload… it is off to Christmas shopping! Think happy thoughts!  


More than enough

I have a full plate right now.

Not food, but work. I have been slaving over my usual holiday duties and was given more workloads than I can manage that will be permanent. Sigh. This means by next year I really have to do all these stuff again in advance so as the workload will not clash with my wedding day. It will be safe to say that I will be one stressed out bride! Not only because of the wedding preps, but also because of my insane workload. I just felt sorry for myself.

That explains my silence for the past few days.

Good thing I had my Mum to talk to. She empathized with me and said, it will be over soon. Just be prepared for the next. Wise words bundled with good food (lasagna and chicken). That lifted up my spirit a bit.

Come weekend I brought myself an early Christmas present. I got myself a military grade 1 terabyte external hard drive. In my favorite color: purple!

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

transcend 1 terabyte external hard drive

Kei on the other hand, upgraded his mobile phone and gave me his barely used Alcatel one touch idol, Ironman edition.  I get to retire my old Sony xperia phone now.

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Alcatel one touch idol, ironman edition

Work life sucks, but I got gadgetry going for me which is nice. That is all there is to my life right now.

Still have a lot of hustling to do… bye for now!

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thankful friday

Another week is done. Seems like the days are passing by quickly…

Art by Katie Daisy

Art by Katie Daisy



Let me count this  weeks joys:

1.) Kei and I met our friends/role models, Atchie Clarisse and Ahya Paul over halo halo! They gave us brownies and owls goodies! Plus life advice! Much thanks!

Brownies and Owls!

Brownies and Owls!

2.) Finally got new nail clippers for the rabbits my furbabies at home. We got this from Daiso at 88php! 

nail clippers for little pets

nail clippers for little pets

3.) Chatted with my cousin Jackie from the USA. She learned that I collect owls and sent me these two cuties to add to my growing owl family! I miss her and our random bonding moments + my super hyper little nephew. 

owls form atchie jack

Owls form Atchie Jackie

4.) Getting to and from work safely on the day the typhoon hit.

5.) Laughing every morning listening to The Morning Rush. Positivity to start the day.



Enjoy the weekend everyone!


life lessons in selling fruit shakes

I had a short stint on my aunt’s fruit shake shop, while she was away on a vacation. 
This is what I learned from my experience:
  • People can be plain rude. (You cant do anything about it. Grin and bear it.)
  • Rich people doesn’t necessarily equate to bigger tip. There are rich people who leave the saddest tip, in pocket change. You’ll get a lot of orders, shouted at and they would usually leave without a tip. And then you sometimes get a senior citizen who who doesn’t know what to order and when you help them, you get a smile and a sincere thank you that brightens your day and could take up more than 5 mins of your time.
fruit shakes

fruit shakes

  • You don’t know “tired”.  On your feet for hours, running back and forth, carrying drinks and constantly getting yelled at from every direction. -whole day straight. (With a half hour lunch break and another half hour for afternoon break) And repeat.
  • You try your hand in selling. On some occasions…  in one instance I was forced to improve my Mandarin Chinese speaking skills. I sold avocado shakes to a Chinese tourist who apparently wants a buko pandan (coconut) shake. (Lesson learned. I drank the offending shake, and placed it on my tab.) Selling is an art! Learning it in action is invaluable. Instant assessment of your sales skill is awesome.
  • Teamwork. I serve you mop, I wash, you do the cash register…  If you slack, people will know. 
  • Patience. With people. Make that disrespectful strangers or co-crew members. Its one of the useful skills anyone can learn. Being able to do this takes a lot of effort, but having someone who treats you like the source of all their problems, and having to pretend to love listening to them complain, it does take a huge effort not to bash them in the head with the spatula. So, along the way you also learn self-control! hooray!
  • Cleanliness is a way of life. Organized work station, and  a mess-free floor are of utmost importance. Washing your hands will also be a habit. 
  • You learn to accept dropping all your standards of cool, by being degraded by your boss, being seen moping floors or wiping counters (so not glam), being forced to say awkward greetings.  (“Hi, I’m insert-name-here, welcome to name-of-establishment-here, where everything is awesome all the time! Can I get you anything?”)
No glamour and pretensions, just plain work. Honestly, its good. 
“…talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.” ― Patrick Süskind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

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the closet problem

My sister and I have the a problem. The closet problem.

Its not going to be resolved anytime soon. We wear almost the same sizes, we share clothes and accessories. Pretty neat really.

We love buying clothes, the more the better! We also have a steady supply of stuff from our loving/doting aunts. Fab.

In shopping bags, plastic bags, boxes we love them. As each weekend passes the clothes accumulate. We are happy with it.

messy closet

We are actually pleased with our loot. And bond over shopping for more. I believe we love to hoard.

Managed to fill the closets to their maximum capacity. We resulted to keeping them in their shopping bags and hanging them on our rack, till we spilled over to keeping a mini mountain of bags full of clothes in the corner of our living room. Along the way managed to fill in a huge plastic box with bags and more clothes.

Also experienced losing some of our clothes that we never worn before. Proceeded to rummage the closet and the missing item is still lost. Sad. But, all is well.

Since we are petite we easily fit in tweens/teens/women’s wear/s that added to our growing pile. Our closet is really bursting at the seams. 

Much to the dismay of my Mum. And recently Dad. 

They tell us that we need not buy more clothes because we don’t really use them save for weekends. I am usually in a plain cheap cotton shirts and denim pants on work days… and my sister is in uniforms on school days.

They now ordered us to do a closet “purge”.

We absolutely hate it. We love our messy closet.

Even if we always find ourselves standing in front of our closet/s and declaring “I have nothing to wear”. 


Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing. -Alexander Wang


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being an artist

Comes with pros and cons. (I’m a graphic artist/designer.)

I love being able to help out businesses/people regarding branding, advertisements, packaging, layouts, photo editing, drawing, creating ideas, creating unique personalized gifts, helping you when you have a fashion crisis, flyers, illustration, doing my little sister’s school project/assignments, making designs for the church..etc. which is pretty neat!

But there are also times that I hate being one.

Like when people expect you to work for free. *No, I don’t work for free. I have bills to pay too, just like you. Do you work for free?* Or when they ask you to create a design and end up bossing you around to do what they want and create a ridiculous design then blame you for the awful design. *Have you forgotten that I just created what you want?!* Or when people think that artwork is not work. Or when people expect you to churn out the artwork right after giving you the details to the last minute because it is already needed. *I need time to create!*  Or when people say, Woah you charge that much?! It looks so damn easy! *Yeah right, save yourself the trouble and do it yourself then!* Can you do my (event) invitations for free? I can get you in for free! *seriously, I am not interested in your event* My son/daughter is just insert age here 10 and below and is a really good artist just like you. *facepalm* Design for us for free and it will be good word of mouth advertising for you. *WTF?!* Create a poster for me then gives me a lot of crappy, small sized photos and tells me to Photoshop it, then when told that those photos cannot be used, they get angry at you and tells you that you cant do Photoshop. *tableflip*

Exactly how I feel. People who does graphic design for a living will find this funny.

Exactly how I feel. People who does graphic design for a living will find this funny. (form the internet)

And usually all I can say/do to those people described above is just to politely smile and shrug of whatever they just said. *But in my mind, I just high fived their face while shouting aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh! like a Spartan*

I also found a list of why you should and should not date a graphic designer from the internet and found it hilarious! I tweaked it and made my version. 

graphic designers


The real lists can be found here:  Do not date a graphic designer & Date a graphic designer.

*We can still add more to the list. Let me know what you would like to add.

But, with great power comes great responsibility. It is awesome being an Artist.



An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision. – James Whistler