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a stupid thing I believed in when I was a kid

I always spend my summer vacations in an indoor pool near our home (Manila Downtown YMCA Binondo). Me and my best friend (also my childhood/neighbor) have a year round membership that we abuse every summer, we swim daily after having lunch. Come school days we swim on Saturdays.

The pool of my childhood summers. Photo taken from

The pool of my childhood summers. Photo taken from

Summer Days we will swim from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm everyday. Looking like a prune was something we found cool, smelling like chlorine is something we also love. (eww, I know) I also have my default swimming fashion, for some reason I always feel more grown-up when I wear black. Hence the all black swim gear. 

swim gear

Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly sometimes even a medley of those are pretty much the norm in a day. We even play our own pool games like tag or the “surfing”- the surfing is actually something we made up. We try to stand on a kickboard and hold on to the gutter for dear life. The kickboard tries to float, making standing up wobbly as hell your body should keep it stable or else the kickboard will slip and float to the surface and send you toppling over. Whoever stays standing on the kickboard wins. We also have another version of this sitting on the kickboard. 

A kickboard

A kickboard

But that is not all that there is to our pool adventures.

We usually spot this “certain cool teen-aged girl” just because she always wears a bunch of silver charm bracelet to the pool.  the bracelet caught our attention. Being 9-year olds back then, we thought the charm bracelets (metal) would “sink” in the water and fall to the pool floor, and we (my best friend and I ) will have the liberty of getting one (for each of us) silver charm bracelet too. Back then our motto was ‘finders keepers’.

This looks like our glittery "dream" bracelet Photo from

oooohhhh shiny! This looks like the charm bracelet we covet.
Photo from

We earnestly searched every summer.

We found a lot of other stuff like: band aids, goggle straps, swim caps, a bra strap, hair pins, earplugs, shampoo etc. But we never did find anything of value in the pool floor.

But its okay. We developed strong lungs diving to the bottom of the pool. We had pretty awesome memories.


And we did get our happy ending: By the time we finished high school and our Mums got us our own charm bracelet.