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About Me


My name is Pammy, and I live in the busy city of Manila in the Philippines.

I am usually perceived as quiet, but once you get to know me I will be one of the most talkative people you would know.

Born eldest to a traditional Chinese family, I have a little brother and a sister, a lot of uncles and aunts and a lot of cousins which are scattered all over the globe.

I live a simple life, I rarely watch TV, and this is why I am usually the last to know the latest news and stuff, call me old fashioned but I enjoy reading books, and maybe that is why my eyesight is really bad. (Either that or i just got bad genes). Don’t get me wrong…I am not a snob, I am just a bit blind. You see, people around me often mistake me for a snob, but the fact of the matter is I really just didn’t see/notice the person!  My eyesight is that bad!

I dislike eating vegetables. I am a carnivore by taste, I stick to poultry, meats and all the foods deemed unhealthy to eat!  Therefore shortening my lifespan but it’s OK since i get to eat what i want and i will die happy. All my veggies I pass on to my pets,  I have four rabbits at home: Cotton, Pepper, Tokki and Trixy. They all eat a lot, and poop a lot.

I am a graphic artist, and I am vain, I take lots of pictures and not using any or just choosing a few is normal to me as I am very picky with photos, and this is seen more especially if i am choosing a photo with myself in it.

This blog serves as my outlet.

Anyway, thanks for visiting!

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Pammy can i be your friend

  2. hello Pammy!
    I’m Jenny and I like your blog. I like the way you effortlessly express your thoughts about things and what’s happening around you.
    Looking forward of reading more posts from you. Keep blogging and God bless you! ^^*

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  4. Hi, you have a lovely blog! 🙂 Keep up your good work.

    ~Girl in Pink Dress

  5. Hello! I nominated you in the Real Neat Blog Award. 🙂 I hope you can participate and give back to your fellow wordpress bloggers as well.

    Please click on this link:

    Have a great day!

  6. Thanks for following The Monching’s Guide! 🙂

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